Breaking Fashion Rules In Style

Breaking fashion rules in style
There are certain rules of fashion that we take for granted. Since time immemorial we have been told that good girls don’t wear two bright colours together in one outfit, there always has to be one nude or pastel. Reality check: colour blocking is a major trend today! Similarly following are 3 fashion rules that I believe are the most fun to break:

Mixing prints

We usually pair our printed tops with solid colour pants or jeans. Take a break from this rule and go ahead and mix your printed separates! Depending on your body shape pick up two contrasting colours prints and pair them with solid colour shoes. If you want to play it safe then, pick up two different prints from the same colour family. There is no right way of doing this, so just try on different outfits and find what suits you.



Mixing metals



For 2010 Grammy Awards Party, Taylor Swift wore this stunning silver dress with golden shoes. Metallics are neutrals today. You can layer on gold and silver accessories or even dare to wear something that has both gold and silver in it. Mixing metals is now ‘allowed’. Think of all the cute pieces of jewellery there is in this world! Kim Kardashian here is wearing big gold earrings and a silver cuff. If you have just begun to explore this trend, you can take a cue from Jennifer Aniston by keeping the outfit really simple and dark and pairing it with two delicate long necklaces mixing gold and silver.


Mixing accessories

(A model wearing brown belt, grey bag and maroon shoes)
If you are still following the golden rule of fashion (of 1950s) – a good girl always matches her shoes with her bag and belt- then you need to wake up and join us all in the 21st century. It is so boring to match all your accessories. The fun lies in mixing different colours accessories. You can even do this with your work outfits.


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14 thoughts on “Breaking Fashion Rules In Style

  1. this article remind me my one teacher who always wore diff saree with diff color blouse even her makeup/ bag/ shoe never match with eachother and we always noticed her when she came………..we thought she waked up in early morning and search dress for the day with sleepy eyes………and don’t mind what she picked up…….. jo aaya haath mein wahi blouse phen liyaaaaaaaa………. :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: but ab tho wahi fashion mein hai :waiting: :waiting: :waiting: :headbang: :haanji:

  2. I remember my teacher who used to wear all matching colors accessories even hairband and hair pins and sandals…. Sometimes she lloks so funny… But mostly we used to wonder how she get the time in the morning to match all the stuffs.

    But yeah mixing metals is IN now. I saw many traditional indian attires also mixing gold, silver and metallics. It does looks classy…. Nice article. I want to do it with prints now. 🙂

  3. I never mix anything. But that’s sheer lazy. Lol
    But I guess its fashion now so i,m stylish. LMAo
    Blair waldorff is getting on my head hhese days LOL

  4. It does take efforts in mixing also… :haanji: but the last part of not coordinating….its a big turn off…makes a person look real lousy :yuck: :yikes: …instead one can go in for accessories in different shades of same color…. :waytogo:

  5. Mixing prints is I think the most difficult one . You can so easily go wrong with it
    It would definitely look amazing if the prints compliment each other but very very risky stuff 😀

  6. yup..even in ma school ..dere was a teacher who had a crush over a male teacher..on valentines day she came in red saree,red footwear,red lippie,bindi…she was all lal chari maidan khadi types…horrible memories… :chewnails :chewnails

  7. Interesting post. However, I believe that those “golden rules” of fashion are actually style rules than fashion rules. Fashion is fleeting while a style rule such as matching shoes with belt/bag is more of an eternal guideline when we are indecisive. Besides, not everyone can carry new fad – the colour blocking one is just a major tribute to our beloved Govinda’s style :tongue: (and I personally find it too loud) while matching prints is really tricky. Not everyone is Leighton Meister. :-/ I do like mixing metals though and accessories need not match the clothes either but there has to be a proper “pop” of contrast. Otherwise, you may look like one of the many teachers mentioned in this comments section. :stars:

    1. yeah…agree with you…style is timeless and never goes wrong if certain basic guidelines are followed…not everyone can pull off the fashion

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