14 Makeup-Application Myths Busted

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There are countless myths attached to makeup application. Let’s bust some of these myths in today’s post.

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1. Your under-eye concealer should match your foundation

No, that is simply untrue. An under eye concealer could be completely different colour from the foundation that you use on your face. Most of us have blue undertones around our eye area and a concealer with peach undertones will work well to brighten the under eye area.

2. Highlighting your nose will slim it

Yes if you highlight correctly then your nose will look slimmer after application. Add highlighter to the areas where the light naturally hits it and don’t highlight the entire length of your nose.

3. Kohl on the waterline makes eyes look smaller

If you are applying black kohl then it may make your eyes appear smaller. You can use a nude beige eye pencil in the waterline, which will open up your eyes and make your lashes look longer and more vibrant.

4. Layering-up your foundation

It is not a great idea to get the required heavy coverage in one go. Applying foundation in very thin layers and blending them well makes the look more natural and it also stays for long.

5. Thinking your fingers are your best tools

makeup with fingers

Brushes and sponges are there for a reason! When you apply the products with your fingers, you won’t get a flawless finish and required coverage. You will also need more product if you are using your fingers which will lead to wastage.

6. Pumping your mascara will give you more product

When you pump mascara you are inviting unwanted air into the tube, which means the product will ultimately dry. Pumping the mascara will only lead to clumpy look for your lashes.

7. Moisturizer will make your face and makeup oily

If you are using a hydrating moisturizer that is apt for your skin type then your makeup products will glide on smoothly on your face without looking cakey. Your moisturizer can make your face oily if it is too heavy for your skin type or it is pore clogging.

8. Primers are not required if you’ve moisturized your skin and applied your foundation evenly

apply primer.jpg

Primers are multi-purpose products; they minimize the appearance of pores, help foundation stay in place longer and prevent the skin from absorbing pigment. So a primer is a must for flawless application of makeup.

9. Powders will prevent oily skin

If you want a mattifying look on your face then try primers with matte effect. This will keep your face remain shine free and oil free for long. You can always finish off your makeup with powder on top.

10. Expensive makeup products are better than drugstore brands

Just because something costs more, do not assume that the product is of better quality. A product might cost you bomb but does nothing for your face while on the other hand a drugstore brand’s product cost a fraction of that price but works wonders for you. So in the end, it is all about what suits you!

11. You can’t wear eye shadow that matches your eye color

eye makeup look

You wear whatever you want, don’t let any rules dictate the way you apply your makeup.

12. Concealer should be lighter than foundation

You should match your concealer as close as possible with your foundation. Lighter concealers will just make your flaws stand out and will do nothing to conceal them.

13. It is perfectly fine if your makeup products tingle skin

Products that produce sensation and tingle your skin can actually damage your skin’s healing process and cause collagen to break down. So if you feel that any product tingles your skin, then discontinue using them right away.

14. Foundation should be used to correct the colour and tone of your complexion

Foundation should be used to achieve an even toned complexion and also to hide minor imperfections on the face. It is not supposed to be used to change the appearance of your skin colour, make it lighter or darker!

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  1. Pretty much answers all queries for makeup beginners or enthusiasts Vandana. 🙂 Totally agree to all the points, thanx to IMBB learnt a lot from mistakes and consequences in these years!!

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