Fashion Myths and Rules We All Must Break!

Hi ladies!

Is there a fashion book where it is written what you can or cannot do? Who makes these rules? I don’t know. Do you? Fashion is all about being comfortable in your own skin and that is it. Nothing else should matter. In today’s post, I will tell you about some fashion rules that you need to break,  right now!

Fashion Myths and Rules We All Must Break!11

Some Color Combinations Do Not Work

Fashion Myths and Rules We All Must Break!1

I am talking about red-pink and navy blue-black color combination. Any color can look good with all the other colors, if worn correctly. Do not be afraid of matching these colors together as they will make you look modern, chic and effortlessly stylish. Have any qualms, look at the pic!

Sneakers Are for Workouts Only

Fashion Myths and Rules We All Must Break!10

Well, not anymore! Sneakers are very comfortable and you can conquer the world in them even if you want pair them up with whatever you want. Do not wear them with anarkalis, though! 😛

Denim on Denim Is A Fashion Faux Pas

Fashion Myths and Rules We All Must Break!12

If you are wearing 2 pieces of varying washes together, you will be good to go. Denim on denim is in fact a great fashion trend and not all the combos look awkward.

Menswear Are for Men Only

Fashion Myths and Rules We All Must Break!9

No, it isn’t! Poor guys can’t wear our clothes, but we girls can wear whatever we want in the whole wide world. You can get a classy red check shirt from men’s section and see for yourself how that shirt transforms you. You will look better than your partner, your friend or your brother for that matter in that shirt. I promise!

Prints Should Not Be Mixed Together

Fashion Myths and Rules We All Must Break!7

Want to achieve a street smart and playful look? Do it by mixing prints together! There is a little thumb rule, though. Mix prints according to their colors and textures and not the prints themselves. And yes, animal prints can be mixed and matched too.

Do Not Mix Metals Together

Fashion Myths and Rules We All Must Break!

If you have aesthetically blended your bling together, it is bound to look good. Silver and gold can look great together if mixed properly as both of these metals complement each other really well.

Bling Is for Nights Only

Fashion Myths and Rules We All Must Break!3

I am not talking about a head to toe dress in bling here. But, you can incorporate one to two small elements of bling to the otherwise casual outfit. The bling and sparkle will take your outfit to another fashion level, for sure.

Tall Women Shouldn’t Wear Heels

Fashion Myths and Rules We All Must Break!2

Is this because men will get intimidated by towering women? Whatever may be the reason, a tall girl CAN wear even 5 inches of heels if she wants too. A typical social stereotype must not stop you from having all the fun in the world.

Short Women Shouldn’t Wear Long Dresses

Fashion Myths and Rules We All Must Break!6

Well, I am very short and I wore a maxi dress to a party and I actually got so many compliments. Short girls can wear long dresses if they are not too bulky and their dresses are well cut and structured.

Shorts Are Only for Summers

Fashion Myths and Rules We All Must Break!4

No, they aren’t. You can wear them with knee high boots when it’s slightly chilly outside. Shorts can also be paired with opaque tights in all colors in winters to keep you warm and looking stylish all year around.

Only One Bold Color at A Time

Fashion Myths and Rules We All Must Break!8

This is, again, a myth! Two bold colors can look so eye catching and pleasant if worn the right way. Color blocking can look so good if the blocks are simple and defined. Do not go for a dramatic look as blending bold colors together itself is a dramatic look. If you think it isn’t your cup of tea, try to coordinate colors of the similar tones for the same effect.

Horizontal Stripes Are Unflattering

Fashion Myths and Rules We All Must Break!5

If you are choosing the right kind according to your body, you are going to rock these stripes. The key is to choose the right ones. Petite girls should go for bolder stripes  while the curvier should opt for thinner stripes  and a solid colored lowers.

And lastly, do not let ever changing fashion trends dictate your style or you. Wear whatever you want with confidence and be awesome!

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16 thoughts on “Fashion Myths and Rules We All Must Break!

  1. Menswear is only for men – he he, that’s totally wrong! Good points vandna, enjoyed reading the article 🙂

  2. My sister is 5 ft 2″ tall and she totally rocks maxi dresses with flats. I don’t like following strict rules when it comes to fashion. I find horizontal stripes more elagant than vertical ones anyday. Good post Vandana. 🙂

  3. Nice post Vandana…I recently got a denim shirt and was confused if I cud wear it with my denim jeans but now I wud confidently wear it. Thanks for the post 🙂

  4. Awesome post!!! I’ve heard of the red-pink combo as a supposedly big fashion crime, but never knew that navy-blue and black come in this category too. And I agree with absolutely all of these statements!!
    When it comes to not mixing prints together, I think that there are some prints that just look plain odd when paired, but that’s not to say that you can never mix prints. For example, the outfit of the second model in the picture above (for mixing prints) looks a bit odd to my eyes, but then that’s just from one person’s perspective! 🙂
    Good job, Vandana!

    1. you are so right, i completely agree.
      sometimes we find comfort in something we wear but it may not match with other people’s fashion sensibilities.
      it’s like “to each his own”
      and thank you 🙂

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