15 Different Types of Tea for Weight Loss

Hello friends, how are you all? I am doing good and hope you guys are enjoying the Garba nights. Festive season is here and there is no chance of weight loss. But still, if you want to ensure that you don’t grow fat, we introduce you different type of teas for weight loss. These teas can speed up the digestion, reduce bad cholesterol in the body and also help to shrink fat cells. Here are some of the best teas for weight loss


1. Bilberry tea:


Bilberry tea can help to balance the level of sugar in the body and also help to break down the fat cells in the body. Drinking Bilberry tea can help to reduce craving thus aiding weight loss.

2. Oolong tea:


According to experts, it is said that Oolong tea can help to reduce cholesterol level in a person. It helps to treat obesity in a person and also help to curb hunger in a person.

3. Green tea:


Due to anti-oxidants present in green tea, it helps to promote weight loss and burn fat cells in the body. This caffeine free alternative drink can help to flush out the toxins from the body thus aiding weight loss.

4. Peppermint tea:


Peppermint tea helps to increase immunity to infection and also curb hunger in a person. Drinking one cup of peppermint tea helps to speed up digestion in a person and also burns extra calories in a person.

5. Rose tea:


Rose tea is a caffeine free alternative, that helps to flush out the toxins and also prevent constipation in a person. Rose tea contains wide array of vitamins which helps to beautify skin and also give you smooth and soft hair.

6. White tea:


Drinking white tea prevents formation of new cells in the body and also enhance body’s ability to break down the fat cells in the body. Drinking white tea helps to utilize existing fat for energy.

7. Ashwgandha tea:

Ashwagandha tea helps to reduce stress hormones in a person and improves resistance of a person towards stress. Drinking Ashwagandha tea helps to treat inflammation, obesity and diabetes in a person. For people who fight from obesity, you should drink cup of Ashwagandha tea every day.

8. Red tea:

Rooibos tea is made from the leaves of the “red bush” plant and hence it is also known as red tea. The chemicals present in the red tea helps to aid fat metabolism and also fight against infection. It’s also not technically a tea it’s an herbal infusion.

9. Mate tea:

Mate tea proves beneficial in treating fats in the human body. Consuming mate tea helps to improve immunity in a person promoting weight loss. Mate contains plenty of chromium, a cache of Vitamin B and also helps to stabilise blood sugar levels in the body. Drinking one cup every alternate day can help to promote weight loss.

10. Mint tea:

There are certain tea that can trigger hunger, but others are there to suppress hunger. Mint tea is one among those effective drinks that help to suppress hunger in a person. Mint tea is low in caffeine which helps to promote sleep and also aid weight loss.

11. Lavender Tea:


Lavender Tea helps to deal with depression and fatigue in a person. It directly deals with weight and sugar present in the blood. Other study found that Lavender Tea helps to treat insomnia and also promote weight loss in a person.

12. Ginger tea:


Not only ginger is one among the healthiest spice, but it also helps to promote weight loss in a person. If you prefer the taste of chai tea, infuse some ginger with regular tea as it helps to cut off the fat cells in the body. According to studies, ginger is known to ease stomach pain and aid weight loss in a person.

13. Barberry:

Barberry tea is a weight loss Ninja and it can help to curb occurring of fat cells in the body. According to Chinese research and studies, Barberry tea prevents weight gain in a person. It is said that Barberry tea can boost energy and help to decrease the number of fat cells.


This Chinese tea is known to shrink the size of fat cells in the body. According to studies, it is said that PU-ERH TEA reduced the belly fats along with lowering the triglyceride concentrations in the body. Although sipping in tea might have different outcome in different person, so you can try it once.

15. Hops Tea:


Hops Tea is a remedy to soothe nervous system. Hops Tea helps to control anxiety in a person and also curbs the feeling of hunger in body. Hops Tea is a good remedy to treat all weight loss issues.

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