10 Scientifically Proven Ways to Lose Weight

By Drishti Kumar

Hello girlies,

We all know that every girl’s heartiest wish is to eat without getting fat, but life is not easy like that. So, today I’ll be giving you girls scientifically approved top 10 tips which will help you stay fit. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get started.

10 Scientifically Proven Ways to Lose Weight

Get up and move

workout routine to lose weight

This one is a no brainer! The more you work out and fidget during the day, the more active calories your body will burn. Also, a light workout is known to suppress appetite which is an additional bonus to burning calories. As per science, our body should get 90 minutes of rigorous workout per week to maintain the body weight and 150 minutes if the aim is to lose excess weight. Even if you do not have the strength or dedication to hit the treadmill for continuous 20 minutes, staring at the wall at first, spice things up. Watch your favourite soap on the idiot box or listen to music while you are at it and time will surely fly by.

Add more calcium to your diet

Scientific researches have shown that increasing calcium in diet aids weight loss by increasing the metabolism by 70 percent and also decreases the chances of developing dreadful conditions like osteoporosis. So, add some low-fat yoghurt to your diet if you wish to shed off those last pounds.

Count your calories

Google up the calories in your favorite sweet dishes and sandwiches and try to find a low-calorie substitutes for them. For example, a pastry will take you down with 200 calories while a toast will be a better filling option and will cost you only half the calories than pastry.

Take protein in every meal

protein rich diet for weight loss

Scientists propagate the fact that adding up the protein in the diet can help in gaining muscle mass which, in return, increases the metabolism in the body. This results in faster calorie burn rate! However, don’t go overboard with fish and eggs either. Too much protein can strain your kidneys and leech calcium from your bones. Someone has truly said that excess of anything is bad.

Reduce serving size

I remember reading somewhere that it takes at least 20 minutes for our brain to figure out after each meal that we are full. Now, what we do wrong here is that we usually eat more than what is required before our brain figures that out. To correct this folly, try getting small servings of food or better eat from a small plate.

Don’t skip any meal

Skipping meals may work wonders for you in the short run but, once your body gets habituated to surviving on less food, it slows down your overall metabolism and your body starts cutting down the supply of nutrition to less important biological functions of your body as a part of compensation. Hence, you start getting fat again. Results can be as harmless as brittle nails and as harmful as a bald head – the choice is yours.

Souping is in

soup for weight loss

You feel full for as long as it takes for your stomach to empty and digests the contents. And it is a well-known fact that water and water dishes help us feeling full for a longer time. So a nutritious vegetable soup will not only provide your body with all the needed nutrients but also keep you full for a longer period of time.

Keep the cravings out of your house

There are more chances that you will eat junk when it is easily in reach. So keep the distractions out, ladies.

Cut down on dairy products

Instead of drinking full cream milk and fatty paneer, eat a variety of low-fat milk and cheese, yoghurt and use fresh cream in sandwiches etc. with your meals for the fat binding qualities of dairy calcium.

Cut out carbs and sugar

low carb diet for quick weight loss

The logic behind this is that carbs and sugar promote insulin secretion in the body which, in return, aids fat storage. And when the insulin levels go down, your body starts shedding off those extra pounds in no time

This is all for today, girlies. Hope you guys found this helpful.

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