3 Step Skin Care for Summers – Lotus Herbals

As I write this here in pune, it’s raining outside and there are some temple chimes I can hear in the distance. It’s a perfect evening for tea and pakodas on my 6th floor flat’s terrace. I am alone I had to share this beauty with all of you. 🙂 Nevertheless I opt to write on “summer” skin care routine I am following for the past 15 days. After falling in love with lotus berry scrub (review here) I have ventured out and invested in a lot of lotus products including many face packs apart from these products. I have oily skin prone to acne but I still feel these products will fare well for all skin types. We all know the rule of the thumb for skin that is cleansing, toning and moisturising morning and evening before bed. I am lazy too and some times miss the toning or the moisturizing step and it should be considered sinful. So I have now stored these three products in my bathroom cabinet together in a row. My clean hands after using the face wash do the job of toning and moisturising too.

Lotus Herbals - Cleanser Toner Moisturiser

Step 1: Lotus herbals neem wash: Neem and clove ultra purifying face wash with active neem slices for all skin types. 1 minute to pure skin (Rs 110 for 80 gram)

This sounds so good for summers and believe you me, it is really good for all skin types as this does not have any drying properties, the clove is negligible. There are small dark green slices in the gel inside which have slight shimmer in it which need to be crushed before you lather it up. I don’t know why. Its supposed to be neem. 😕 this leaves my face squeaky clean and I love the fact that it has neem extract and slices and clove extract. Makes me not wanna go back to any chemically composed face wash ever again.

What the tube says: neem wash is an innovative face wash which uses the goodness of neem and clove and removes surface oils, dirt and pollutants. It contains active neem extract and neem slices which provide excellent anti bacterial protection to skin. The only down side is that it had a grass like herbal smell probably cause of neem. Lotus Herbals Basiltone Toner Step 2: Lotus Herbals Basiltone: Cucumber and basil clarifying and balancing toner for combination to oily skin.1 minute to toned skin. (Rs 185 for 100 ml)

This may sound ideal only for oily skin types but the fact is that it gives me slightly moisturised feel as well making it suitable for dry skin as well, it does not in any way dry out my skin. I spray it on my face directly from a distance of 15 cm.(it comes in a spray jar) it is actually supposed to be used on a cotton pad but you can even pat it on your face with your clean hands. This is obviously an alcohol free toner and I value it equal to gulab jal, only that basil tone provides some extra moisture layer on my skin as well. Perfect to use it after any lotus herbals face wash. It smells of cucumber, as if you have stored extracted cucumber juice in a jar. I totally recommend this product for summers.

What the bottle says: basiltone is a dynamic blend of basil leaf extract and cucumber extract which restores natural ph balance of oily and combination skin. Helps tighten pores and remove any residue of make up, pollution, or excess oils. As a result skin is clear, clean and fresh. The instructions also mention following it up with alpha moist.

Step 3: Lotus herbals alphamoist: Alpha hydroxyl skin renewal, oil free moisturiser for all skin types.2 minutes to skin renewal (Rs 165 for 80 ml) Lotus Herbals ALpha Moist I can blindly buy any moisturiser that says oil free as I feel that in spite of having oily skin I need to mildly moisturise my skin twice a day with moisture and not oil. There are not many moisturisers available that are really oil free. And I heard a lot about this one so had to pick it up. It comes in a pump form jar which I adore as that means less mess and less contamination and the right amount of product dispensed on to my hand. Just one pump is enough for oily skin but I can’t say whether dry skin types will actually use this oil free moisturiser. Even though the alpha hydroxy factor is really good for all skin types and aging skin and the product also mentions suitability for all skin types. It leaves my skin soft with no greasy after feel. So I feel tempted to use it throughout the day as it is really light and great for summers. IT SMELLS OF SUPARI AND PAN. No comments on that.

What the tube says: plant derived alpha hydroxyl extracts present in this oil free replenish moisture, provide a vibrant smooth complexion and reveal fresh newer skin. The complexion is rejuvenated into looking and feeling younger.

Lastly I have started loving lotus herbals. It portrays itself as a confident brand and has a variety for all to pick up from. Even the price range makes it an established brand and not to forget the herbal factor. Pune Central has a counter of lotus herbals with testers for all of their products which makes it so easy to choose. Hope fully I should review my other lotus herbals products too fruitfully.

Rating :-*:-*:-*:-* for all products. 1 point with held for the smell factor.

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28 thoughts on “3 Step Skin Care for Summers – Lotus Herbals

  1. Hey Neha…..lovely post…..I too love Lotus products…infact I think my collection is dominated by lotus…..

    I dont use a toner on a regular basis….only after I get my waxing done and recently I had visited a dermatologist at Kaya and she said that since I dont have large pores it is fine if I skip the toning part….but I surely wanna try the facewash….I think I will skip this moisturizer because of the fragrance …Paan n supari…ewww………..

  2. Thanks Neha.. i don’t moisturize my skin because almost every moisturizer gives me this heavy feeling that i hate also im lazy.. but now i have started looking after my skin and i will definitely get the moisturizer..!!

    Thank you..!!!

    1. i am a fan of oil free moisturisers
      just try one pump of the product….wont make you feel caked!
      i used to get the same feeling earlier with stupid products!

  3. Hi Neha, I like Lotus pdts too, and if not for the smell I wld probably pick these up immediately, i too have oily skin and so a oil free miosturiser sounds great..anyways will still consider..thx for ur review… and we are still waiting fr the rain 😐

  4. Hey Neha….really glad that you too have oily skin. Me, you, Priyanka, Ki…can use the same products…..I have started looking towards Lotus Herbals after Rati recommended them and they do work really well 🙂 . Surely, I am was just waiting for this kind of range targeted only at oily skin. BTW, I want to ask you one question regarding the toner….actually, I have used Dabur gulbari face freshner with a spray pump and it gave a stinging sensation….i thought it burnt my skin……how does the toner feel on skin??? I want to ask you just this one question before I buy this…. 🙂

    1. nope Jomol it does not sting…..i believe alcohol or spirit content in products stings
      but when i shake this bottle…..there is no bubble formation…..like it does not have alcoholic content….its just like cucumber juice i feel :-))

      the VLCC toner stings and bubbles like crazy as if you have put alcohol on your face…like some deos do on the underarm

  5. it smells of supari and pan? now that’s something! :laugh:
    as far as i can remember, apart from the shea moisturiser, i don’t think i’ve used any lotus skin care products. i have a couple of products lying around and after they all get over, i’m going to switch to a three step from lotus and see how it works out. i usually use fabindia and when i run out of something i have to make a trip to the mall. lotus can be purchased locally.

    1. ha ha ya believe me its like supari or some mitha pan…but i have made friends with it now
      but the moisturizer is very light

  6. HI NEHA…. :-))
    wel descriptive post.. :yes: even i have oily skin.. so gotto to buy this for sure…
    1 questive neha does these skin care regime comes in a single kit or have to buy them individually// ?:-)

    1. individual! :-))
      actually picked them up separately but i felt all are great for oily skin and the contents great for sumer so….
      neem and cucumber sound so good for skin…

  7. I am super tempted by lotus products now ! I need to do a huge haul..But I need to wait for my next trip to India..
    Btw , Neha..Pakodas , tea and rain..a match made in heaven , no ? 🙂

  8. Hello Dear..First of all, i would like to thank you for taking the initiative to jot down ur valuable feedback for all available beauty & cosmetic products over the counter. I really like the above mentioned Lotus Herbal Products..The neem facewash, the basil toner & the oil-free moisturizer. I have used all of them personally and have been greatly benefitted. I used to be a staunch follower of Himalaya but Lotus has clearly sweeped me of my feet. :chic: :handshake:

  9. Hi Neha,

    First of all I would like to appreciate the work done by IMBB group.Have been following this site for quite sometime now.

    I had a query regarding an old post by you posted on June 2nd “3 Step Skin Care for Summers – Lotus Herbals”. Even I am having a very oily and sensitive skin. I have lots of acne, acne scars and rashes on my face.Most of the products does not suit my skin.After reading your review, I very confidently went and bought all these 3 products from lotus herbal. Its been almost 2 weeks that I am using them. I am not sure, if these products have reduced my skin issues or have they still remained the same. ?:-) So I would like to ask you if you observed breakouts on your face in the initial two weeks of your usage.Please let me know, it will be really helpful for me to decide further.

    Thanks in advance. 🙂

  10. I have used lotus tea tree face wash and heena boyra shampoo. The products are excellent and too mild. I am very much satisfied with lotus and want to know about the product which can recover my sun burn area into a new look

  11. Hi Neha,nice post!! I have read lots of posts about lotus herbals in IMBB and really tempted to try these asap..specially the makeup products..Can you please tell which one of the pune central has lotus counters(with makeup prods,lipsticks specially)? the yerwada one or Ganeshkhind road? I’m having tough time finding lotus herbals products in pune :waaa: ..Please reply asap!!!!

  12. Hi Neha,

    Im 26 yr old, im basically from delhi n just shifted to mumbai, and the weather here is suiting me at all im facing skin problems like pimples and their marks, pigmentation, skin darkening n all..I have just started Using Lotus Herbal Products.. My Skin is Very oily.. I have started using tea tree face wash N then i apply lotus safe sun (daily multifunction sunblock SPF 70).. n before going to bed i again wash my face wid tea tree face wash and apply lotus fairgel (liquorice and green tea fairness gel).. is it a complete skin care or do i need to add something like a basil toner..? N Is Orange Peel N alpine salt Polisher followed by clay white facepack would help in skin whitening if i use once a week..

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