5 Best Exercises for Your Body Type

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We have multiple articles in IMBB about the different body shapes and the dresses that look flattering on them. But did you know that even the exercise regimen of different body shapes needs to be different? No body shape is perfect or wrong, and you can do nothing to alter your genetic buildup and change your body shape. So, it is more important to maintain a fit and healthy body irrespective of your body shape. This article will tell you about the 5 exercises that are perfect for your body shape so that you get fast, effective results.

Best Exercises for Your Body Type

A few things for every body type:
• Maintain a healthy diet
• Go for cardio exercises at least 5 days a week, 30-40 minutes every day
• Go for strength training at least 2-3 days a week
• Never give up exercising completely, except the times when you are severely ill or weak; even when you are on your periods, go for jogging, walking, yoga or aerobics
• Consult your trainer before doing severe weight training or cardio exercise; once you know how much your body can tolerate, you can practice on your own

Pear shaped body

pear shape body

You have a pear shaped body if you have a heavier bottom. Generally the hips, thighs and calves are heavier in this case.

Problems to work on- Butts need lifting, thighs and calves need toning, and cellulite needs to go. Overall, the body demands more toning in the lower portion. Aim at losing weight from the lower body part while creating a strong, defined upper body. The plan is a combination of cardio and strength exercises, and helps burn the extra calories and build lean muscle mass.

Exercises to be practiced-
superior cross squat

Squats- Stand straight with feet wider than the shoulder width. Next, bend the knees slowly and move your buttocks down in a sitting position. Stop at a position which looks like you are sitting on a chair, i.e. the thigh should be parallel to the ground. Keep your chest straight and weight on heels. You can hold weights to add some challenge.

V-Pull Plié- Stand like you did for the squats; just make sure that the toes are 45 degrees turned out. Hold dumbbells in both hands and raise arms up to form a V. Now bend your knees over the toe and bend elbows to bring the palm of hand parallel to the shoulder. Reverse the motion to go back to the standing position.

Criss-cross squat jacks- Do the squat and spread your hands outside the knees with palms facing forward. Now, jump up crossing one leg before the other and stand on the balls of feet. The hands should be stretched above the head. Go back to squat position and repeat, alternating the legs each time.

Plank leg sweep- Start with the plank position with feet together and braced core. Now, without bending the knee, move one leg out to the side of the hip, forming a 90 degree angle with the other leg. Bring it back to the plank position and repeat with other leg.

Walking lunges and skipping lunge- Stand straight. Then step a foot forward and bend at the knees. Keep the feet aligned and body straight. Go back to the starting position and repeat with the other leg.

Apple shaped body

Apple shaped body

Girls with apple shaped body have a heavier centre part. Their waist is wider compared to the shoulder and hips.

Problems to work on- Fat needs to be burnt out from the belly and waistline. The main focus of exercise for this type of body is the cardio and aerobics which helps burn the fat around the waist. However, strength exercises are also important to make the muscle around the tummy tighter.

Exercises to be practiced-
bird dog exercise

Crunches and variations- This is the most basic yet effective form of exercise to lose belly fat. Lie on your back on the floor with hands crossed on the chest or folded behind the head. Now bend your knees, keeping the feet on the ground to form an inverted V. Then lift the shoulder from the ground and try lifting the upper part of the body, keeping the waist and lower part on the ground. As you reach the peak, hold for some time. Finally, release and go back to the starting position. You may hold weight in the hands or twist the upper part of the body to sides while crunching to bring variations.

Pushup climber- Start with a plank position with hands wider than the shoulder width and feet together. Next, go to the pushup position. Now, with the back up and arms extended on the floor, bend the knees alternately to the chest as quickly as possible for 8 times. Go back to basic plank position.

Weighted bird dog- This is another common exercise for weight loss around the tummy. Get down on your palms and knees with a dumbbell in the left hand. Extend the left hand in front of the shoulder. With the dumbbell slightly touching the ground, extend the right leg out behind the hips with toes, slightly touching the ground. Now, lift both the left hand and right leg above, keeping parallel with the floor. Hold this position for some time and go back to the starting position. Repeat with right hand and left leg.

Tricep extension- Hold a dumbbell with both hands and stand with feet positioned wide. Now, hold the dumbbell above your head and slowly lower it behind the head, folding the arms at the elbow. Make sure not to bend the back.

Pulldown extension- Lie with chest on the floor with feet wide apart and hands extended to the front. Hold a dumbbell in right hand. Now slowly lift the chest off the floor, bend the right arm and pull the elbow back to the sides of the body. Hold this position for some time and release. Repeat with a dumbbell in the other hand.

Straight body shape

straight body type

This is also called the banana body shape. It is a boyish shape that lacks curves. The width of shoulder, waist and hips are almost the same in this case.

Problems to work on- This type of body needs curves and also needs to get rid of skinny fat without losing extra kilos. The strength building exercises are important to improve the body structure and to add some definition. Although much weight loss is not required for women with this body type, few cardio exercises are important to develop stamina and strength.

Exercises to be practiced-
shoulder press

Shoulder press- Sit on a chair and hold dumbbells in both hands. Bend the hands at the elbows and hold the dumbbells in the shoulder level. Lift the hands up together and hold them close together straight, above the head. Return to the starting position.

Lunge extension- Stand straight with one dumbbell in each hand. Keep right foot forward and lunge down. The right knee should bend over the ankle and the leg should hinge at the hip. The left feet should be straight and should not bend at the knee. Extend arms overhead in a position so that the left leg and the hands form a diagonal line. Now bend the hands at the elbows and hold the dumbbell behind the ear. Go back to the starting position and repeat while changing the legs.

V-raise- Stand straight with feet wide apart and hold two dumbbells in both the hands. Now, raise the arms at shoulder height and at the same time move them apart from the body to form a V-like position. The shoulder blade should not get lifted and back should be straight.

Deadlift overhead press- Stand with feet wide apart and knees soft, holding dumbbells in hand. Now, use your abs and hip muscle to lower the torso, nearly parallel to the floor. Stop when the dumbbells reach the shin level. Now quickly use the glute muscle to stand straight and at the same time extend the hands above the head.

Dumbbell fly- Lay down on an exercise bench with the feet on the ground and entire back on the bench. Hold two dumbbells in hand and lift them above the body level. Now, bend the arms at the elbow slightly and lower the arms down (outwards). Lower them as far as possible and go back to the starting level.

Hourglass body

best hourglass shape

This is considered to be the most perfect and flawless body shape. The waist is slimmer than the hip and shoulder region.

Problems to work on- Getting rid of fat from thighs, belly and upper arms. As the body is naturally curvy, fat accumulation is very common. And, it is important to get rid of that fat without disturbing the curves. The exercises aim at losing fat, maximizing the curves and increasing total strength of the body.

Exercises to be practiced-
basic plank

Basic plank- Lie down on your stomach. Now lift the elbows and balls of your feet up, keeping the body straight. Hold for 15-20 seconds and release. This is a very effective exercise to lose excess fat from all your trouble areas.

Triceps extension squats- Hold dumbbells in your hand and stand with your feet wide apart. Now perform a squat and at the same time lower the dumbbell behind your head by bending the arms at the elbow level. Keep your back straight and maintain the body weight on the heels.

Decline push up- Get a low bench or exercising-step to perform this exercise. Start in the plank position with feet together on the step and hands on the floor, slightly wider than the shoulder width. Tighten the abs and perform a pushup.

Lateral step-up squat press- This again involves a low bench or exercise-step. Stand by the side of the step or bench and rest one foot on it. Hold dumbbells in both the hands. Now, lower down to squat and bend the arms at the elbow, holding the weight at the shoulder level. Now stand straight, putting the other foot on the step too and hands held up above the head. Repeat with the other foot on the step during the squat.

Rear lunge row taps- Stand behind a step with dumbbells in hand. Place right foot flat at the center of the step and lower down to lunge, holding weights in front of shoulders. Now bring the left foot on the step too and bring up the arms to the waist level, bending them at the elbow and squeezing the shoulders back. Return to starting position, and repeat.

These exercises will help you get the maximum benefits. Along with these exercises, maintain a healthy and stress-free lifestyle to look fabulous, no matter what your body shape is.

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