5 Bollywood Couples Who Found Love in Second Marriage


“Hum ek baar jeete hain,

Ek baar marte hain.

Shaadi bhi ek hi baar hoti hai,

Aur pyaar….”

5 Bollywood Couples Who Found Love in Second Marriage

Tell me, how many of you remember this iconic dialogue from the evergreen romance saga, “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai”. The movie is one of my favorites, and though Karan Jauhar might say that he made mistakes with that movie, it will always be my favorite, along with DDLJ.

5 Bollywood Couples Who

So, you might want to know why I started my article with this dialogue. Well, because today’s article is about those bollywood personalities, who found true love, but, the second time around. Mind you, here I am talking of second marriages. No matter what people said at that time, they stood together, took the test of time, and are still going strong for a long time now. Let us have a look at some of these celebrities, who walked down the aisle for the second time, and found true love.

Javed Akhtar – Shabana Azmi

5 Bollywood Couples Who

5 Bollywood Couples Who

Javed Akhtar met Shabana Azmi, when the former was still married to Honey Irani, and had two children, Farhan and Zoya Akhtar. Later on, this was the reason, alleged by the paparazzi, and many others, that led to their divorce and Javed Akhtar’s subsequent marriage to Shabana Azmi. Apparently, that was the first and the last time Javed Akhtar ever went astray in his relationship. Having found true love in Shabana Azmi, the two, after 30 years of marriage, are still going strong.

Dharmendra – Hema Malini

5 Bollywood Couples Who

5 Bollywood Couples Who

Dharmendra had been married to Prakash Kaur when he had entered the film industry. He had four children from his first marriage, Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol, both famous film actors, and two daughters, Vijeeta and Ajeeta Deol. It is said that Dharmendra fell hard for his co-star Hema Malini, during the filming of Sholay. Since Hindu Marriage Act expressly forbade polygamy, and he did not divorce his first wife, Dharmendra was said to have converted to Islam to marry Hema. The two have been together for 34 years now, and have two daughters, Isha and Ahana Deol. Their marriage was a very controversial one at the time, and was looked upon with contempt, but with time, this pair of the then “He man – Dream Girl” of Indian Cinema, has won hearts.

Pankaj Kapur – Supriya Pathak

5 Bollywood Couples Who

5 Bollywood Couples Who

Pankaj Kapur met Supriya Pathak in 1986, 4 years after his divorce from actress Neelima Azeem, with whom he had son, Shahid. As Supriya Pathak says, that Pankaj Kapur brought stability in her life, not only professionally as an actor, but also in her personal life. They both are, till to date, two people who are very much in love with each other. They have two children together, Sanah and Ruhan, and Supriya shares a very special bond with her stepson Shahid too.

Naseeruddin Shah – Ratna Pathak

5 Bollywood Couples Who

Like her elder sister, seems Ratna Pathak Shah too had healing powers in her love, which drew the then divorced and mature Naseeruddin Shah to fall head over heels for her. The duo met on the sets of a play, and Naseer sir saw the most beautiful women he had ever set his eyes upon. Cupid played its part, and the duo got married. They are very much in love, even after more than 30 years of married life, is evident whenever we see this cute couple together. They have two children together, Imaad and Vivaan, and Heeba Shah, Naseeruddin Shah’s daughter from his previous marriage with Late Manara Sikri (Parveen Murad).

Boney Kapoor – Sridevi

5 Bollywood Couples Who

Boney Kapoor received much flak from the media and general public, when he left his wife, Mona Shaurie Kapoor, with whom he had two children then, Arjun and Anshula, for the much younger Sridevi. Also, his past with the actress had also been quite a controversial one, so much so, that it itself can be made into a movie! It is said that Boney was attracted to Sridevi for a long time, while the latter was allegedly involved with Mithun Chakraborty (who, by the way, was married to Yogeeta Bali 😛 ), who eventually made her tie a rakhi to Boney Kapoor! Also, rumoured is the fact, that Boney married his first wife Mona, who was his very good friend, simply because Sridevi was not interested in him at the time.

Sridevi’s perception for Boney changed, eventually, when her mother fell ill, and she was low, both emotionally and financially. It was Boney who came to her support, thereby destroying his own family life. Mona, Boney’s then wife, was devastated, as for her, respect came before love, and Boney had lost both, in her eyes. To put ice on the cake, Sridevi was “pregnant” with Boney’s child, and media got the fodder from Mona herself! Boney apparently went on to marry Sridevi, and lost all support from even his own brothers and family, as everyone took the stand of his ex-wife.

In this dramatic love story, time settled the wounds, but something did run deep, and that can be seen from the strained relationship that Arjun shares with his step mom. This was one affair, which had the paparazzi running for juice. However, after 18 years of married life and two beautiful daughters together, rumours seem to have died down, and the couple and their love for each other still goes strong.

5 Bollywood Couples Who

Scandals, media, the rumours of heartbreak, the tag of home breaker, most of these couples have seen them all. More so, when the previously broken marriages involved kids, who had the misfortune of witnessing the separation of their parents. But in the end, love won all odds, and time healed the wounds. As they say, it is better to be alone, than be in a loveless marriage, which just drags. Maybe, the same happened with these couples, who were subsequently fortunate enough to find that true love again, and this time, for a lifetime.

Kareena and Saif Ali Khan: Last but not the least, Kareena found love in Saif Ali Khan who had been previously married to Amrita Singh and had two kids as well. But Kareena found her Mr. Right in Saif, and both got married and are now living a happily-ever-after life together with their two sons, Taimur and Jeh.

And we wish these awesome celebrities find love again and find their Mr. Right the second time around.

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    1. Yeah, you can say that. Though I do feel that indeed all these couples were meant to be with each other, and are perfect examples of love through difficulties of life, there were many lives put to stake in the process.

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