5 Colorbar Nude Nail Paints Review and Swatches

5 Colorbar Nude Nail Paints

Hue, Mirage, Night Fall, Nude Lustre, and Rose Bud.

5 Colorbar nude nail paints

Colorbar is one brand that is up to some kind of a face uplift with all copycat bottles like OPI now in the market for Rs. 300 and strange coffee names :silly:

My love for Colorbar dates back to 2005 when it was a relatively new brand in India (its indigenous in my opinion) and and when Lakme had a monopoly. Honestly, back then, I never ever knew Maybelline and never purchased L’oreal ๐Ÿ™„ and Colorbar too was a little heavy on the pocket with 65 rupees for a nail paint and 90 rupees for a lipstick. Now, they have nail paints for Rs. 125 and new launches for Rs. 300 and very up-to-date neons with pretty mint, green apple and neon orange colors.

Nail paints

I don’t own any of those, but what I did find lying in my cupboard were these beautiful nudes, basically cream finishes except one nude lustre, which is a soft shimmer. Mirage is my favourite. It’s a very very unique color, which is almost white with grey undertones. Sadly, I have never seen these beautiful shades around in the new packaging and I need to throw some of these now because they are close to expiry.



This being my favourite out of the five, itโ€™s a very very unique color of a greyish white, like some dirty white. Itโ€™s a flat color with almost no gloss and no shimmer at all. It is very thick and creamy and goes opaque in one coat. I love this color for nail art as well as the blacks and the blues from Konad show up very well on this shade. It may make your nails look a little awkward white, but trust me, it looks very decent and classy and very pretty with a crisp white shirt :haanji: Lasting power is three days without index finger chipping since itโ€™s a thick color.

Night Fall:

Night Fall

Its the same creamy finish without shimmer and gloss and is a very pretty light lavender cream color. I love how opaque it goes in one coat and then again lasting power is 3 to 4 days with two coats.



It’s a very pretty dirty creamy color with a khaki mix (I don’t know how else to define). It looks a little yellow, but again very formal and crisp and has a cream thick finish with little gloss and no shimmer. Itโ€™s a very unique color again.

Rose Bud:

Rose Bud

This color too is a very unique nude. I donโ€™t own any of these five dupes in my collection and each one is unique. This one is a duochrome you can say. It has a pink tint on a brownish cream base. It has very soft shimmer and is a very nude shade with just some pink sheen on the nails, totally love it. Very formal and decent, its lighter in thickness and not cream finish.

Nude Lustre:

Nude Lustre

This one you may have seen some dupes, but itโ€™s a pretty beige shimmer nude color and almost like you are wearing some pretty light shimmer top coat on nails. It looks gorgeous on longer nails of some of my friends and my mom, very formal and office wearable in my opinion. Its light and not creamy and has a mild soft shimmer finish.

Colorbar nail paints

Last Word:

I always wear about three coats on nails and remove it in four days as the index finger would chip soon due to all the kitchen work and opening dabbas. I would rather keep my nails free of color than wearing a chipped nail paint ๐Ÿ˜€ So, lasting power is not my concern honestly, three days in a perfect condition to the max. ย All the above are very pretty and unique nude nail colors. If I were to pick one, it would be Mirage as itโ€™s a very wearable creamy white grey combo, but a word of caution, I find the life of thicker creamy nail paints to be very short as they become gooey sooner than we would know!


3.5 on5 (for unique shades and thick creamy consistency).

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