Colorbar Nail Lacquer is all Joy and Smiles

french_manicureI guess I am liking Colobar more and more with every passing day. From lipsticks to blushes to eyeliners, mascaras, eye shadows and and now nail enamels. They are fun. They are cheap. And they are good! Next in my colorbar wish list is their makeup brushes. 😉

My only complaint with them is that they don’t update their website as much as I would want them to.

So far I have three shades from Colorbar and here’s the review.

Price range of Colorbar Nail Enamels: Rs 75- Rs 250

Why should you buy Colorbar Nail Enamels?

  • Wide range of fun colors to choose from. I don’t have a number but their coleour selection is huge.
  • I haven’t had any chipping problem, so far. Even on the days when my maid doesn’t come and I have to wash the utensils. 😛
  • The colors don’t streak.
  • Dry quickly
  • They last long for 5-6 days on your nails.
  • The brush quality is good and the medium handle gives a good control of the brush.
  • Reasonably Priced.

Why should you buy NOT Colorbar Nail Enamels?

Honestly, I have had no issues with the product yet. And I truly love them. It’s been long that I purchased any new colour from Colorbar. Any recommendations?

Will I buy Colorbar Nail Enamels again?

I guess I am going to make my entire collection with this range. 😛 So, yes.

IMBB Rating : 4

I have three colours from Colorbar enamel range- Two from their exclusive range and one from their metallic range.

Colorbar Nail Enamel Jade
Colorbar Nail Enamel Jade

Exclusive 15 (Mint)- It’s the same colour that Cynthia talked about in her post.

May neighbour, Tanvi modeling for this shade. :P
My neighbour, Tanvi ,modeling for the dark blue shade. 😛

Exclusive 14(Dark Blue)- Love love it!

Colorbar Nail Enamel
Colorbar Nail Enamel (Metallic)

What shades are your favourite this season?

Mine are jade, hot pink, and dark blue. I love my french manicured nails as well. 🙂 Apart from that I am hunting for Matt nail polishes this season. Any recommendations for brands where I could find one?


13 thoughts on “Colorbar Nail Lacquer is all Joy and Smiles

  1. I know. We would make such good colorbar ambassadors. 😀 If you like black nail paints, you would love this dark blue one more.

    Colorbar is a good brand. They get a pat on back from me. 🙂

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