5 Grooming Tools You Must Carry While Travelling


Hi Everyone, 🙂
Keeping yourself groomed while travelling is very important but it is also very challenging. Especially I find that making a visit to the salon while travelling is quite time consuming. So these are the 5 tools I feel are life saviours when it comes to travelling.

  1. Plucker/ Tweezer : All the stray hairs begone. Especially when you are doing long trips you cannot do without this little buddy. 🙂
  2. Razor : I absolutely love the Venus Gilette Razor. I also carry an extra blade or a two just in case.
  3. Scissors : I am someone who always forgets to cut tags from her clothes. No big deal with me. 😛 This always come in handy. Plus you can also fix your eyebrows when in need.
  4. Filer : Nails are a huge issue with me so I can never travel without a filer. And if I forget to carry one, I always end up buying one from the pharmacy.
  5. Epistick : Jomol got me addicted to this and I have never looked back since then. The best facial hair removal tool ever. It’s a must have! 🙂

What are your grooming must haves while travelling! Would love to know. 🙂

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7 thoughts on “5 Grooming Tools You Must Carry While Travelling

  1. Does the epistick hurt more than threading? For me it’ll be tweezers, wax strips, razor and nail clippers.

  2. SO agree with you on this, Rati! I always carry my scissors, razor (and extra blades, don’t forget the blades), tweezers, a roll of thread (to do my brows) and my trusty glass nail file when I travel. Oh, and also a teeny tube of hair removal cream (for when I do not have the patience to use the razor).
    Also, I saw the pics of your trip to Australia on faux pas – beautiful pics, and I’m glad you’re having a great time! 🙂

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