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Hi Everyone, 🙂
We are back from our Australia trip so I have a lot of small posts lined up for you guys. First of all it is sooo good to be back. I mean nothing like home. And i love my India no matter where I travel. 😀

Anyway, I clicked this very last moment pic to show you guys what I carry in my handbag for long flights. All the cosmetics go in a makeup pouch and the makeup pouch goes in my hand bag. 😀 Oh! I pretty much end up using all these things. 🙂 I would love to know what you guys pack in your handbags? 🙂

  • Eye Mask. I picked up this silk mask from one of the travel shops. And it’s the softest thing ever.
  • Socks. I just keep an extra pair because sometimes it gets really cold in the flights.
  • Eye drops. Have dry eyes issues.
  • Aesop InFlight Therapy roll on. It is such a saviour. It is basically a roll on oil that you rub between your wrists and then you smell it while taking off or landing and it opens up your ears and calms you down. I think I’d review this one. Really did not think it would turn out to be sooo good.
  • Bandaids.
  • Pen and Diary
  • Wet wipes. Always come in handy.
  • Hand Cream. I don’t know why I was travelling with two. The pink one is the one by Aesop and the other one is just a random pick from a pharmacy in Australia.
  • Face Mist : Pretty much finished using this Forest Essentials bela Face Mist during this trip.
  • A lip balm. Smooch Operator by Soap and Glory. 😀 Review coming soon!
  • Under Eye Cream. Almost through the one by Kiehl’s. Really loved this one.
  • A perfume sample
  • Headphones
  • A sheet mask. Always a good idea to pop on!

PS : Sorry for not-so-good photo,took it the last minute but really wanted to share. 🙂

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15 thoughts on “My Inflight Handbag Essentials

    1. I don’t know if you can get them where you live, but the Systane gel eye drops are my favorite. I have almost chronic dry eyes after a crosslinking surgery, and they are my lifesaver. They lock in moisture longer than normal eye drops because of the gel formula. If you cannot find Systane, try looking for other gel formula drops!

  1. Hello Rati Mam,

    Hope you are having a great vacation. I love the look of ur headphones, it’s good to have ur own set, rather then the ones they provide in flights and also the Aesop landing and take off Theraphy oil, might give it a try. I too get blocked ears.

    1. yes totally give it a try. I was not sure of how it was going to help but it turned out to be fantastic. I never fly without it now. 🙂

  2. Ms Singh, welcome the backs, lobs you :* I have heard so much about the facial mist, I gotta try that one, bella one. Ms. Singh, what’s the eye drop brand? I have been having dry eye issues, I use Ikul to soothe the inflammation 🙂

    1. hihih i love that diary! 😀 😀 lobe you too. thankooo. :)) it’s called revital eyes . But i totally love itone. Forgot to take it with me so picked this instead. 🙂

  3. Hi rati☺i am a regular reader of your posts. since I got to know about IMBB I started following your advice about beauty products. Your reviews about various products helped me change my skin care regime and the results are superb. so thank u so much rati and keep posting more and more helpful stuff☺

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