5 Nourishing Coconut Milk Recipes for Better Health, Skin and Hair

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I love to use natural ingredients in my skincare and haircare regimen. As the weather has changed a lot and it’s getting colder with every passing day, it becomes necessary to provide body with extra moisture. Coconut milk is one of my favorite ingredients; it works like magic. Let’s get into 5 amazing uses of coconut milk, which can change your life within few minutes.

Coconut Milk Recipe

1. Coconut Milk for Health

Think creamy milk is not good for weight loss? That’s not true! As coconut milk contains low fat, it helps to burn the excess body fat and helps to reduce weight. It is rich in protein, which prevents hunger. It even provides more energy for workout.

Make a smoothie using 1 cup of pure coconut milk with 5-6 strawberries. You can add 1 banana too. Make a smooth paste and you are done. Yummy and healthy!

2. Coconut Milk for Skin Care

Coconut milk comes in a thick and creamy consistency which provides deep nourishment to skin. It works as a great moisturizer. It is rich in Vitamin A and C, and contains a lot of proteins. These factors provide a smooth and radiant skin. Coconut milk is a nice alternative to your regular moisturizers. You can use this as a face pack, or only as a skin moisturizer. Just apply some coconut milk to your skin and massage gently in circular motion. It will cure all the signs of dry patches and will make skin super smooth instantly. Coconut milk can even treat sun damage, and provide great relief from sunburn. You can use coconut milk as a face mask too.

You will need some coconut milk mixed with some saffron and turmeric powder. It will give a super smooth skin and a radiant glow in this cold season.

3. Coconut Milk for Hair Care

Like coconut oil, coconut milk is also a great product for dry and rough hair. It is rich in protein, which gives healthy and strong hair. It also promotes hair growth and prevents hair fall. You can use coconut milk as a natural hair conditioner. It gives an instant relief from dry hair and keeps hair tangle free all day long.

Mix some coconut milk with 1 egg and ½ banana. Apply all over your scalp and on the length of your hair. Keep the mask on for 1 hour. Then, rinse with normal water.

4. Manicure and Pedicure

Coconut milk is a super moisturizing component. It instantly and deeply heals the dry area of our skin. If you want to see how it can beautify your hands and feet, try this recipe:

Step 1: Add some coconut milk to warm water with sea salt. Soak your feet in that water for 15 minutes.
Step 2: Then scrub your dry feet and heels with a mixture of coconut milk and sugar. Rinse with warm water and apply your moisturizer.

5. Coconut Milk as a Lip Balm

Coconut milk can be used as a super hydrating lip balm. It works best to provide softness to your lips, and it heals cracked lips deeply.

Add some beeswax and 1 tablespoon of coconut milk in a bowl. Ratio should be 1:1. Put the bowl in microwave and heat until it melts. Put this mixture in the refrigerator to set it properly.

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