6 Anti-Ageing Secrets You Should Definitely Know in your Late 20s

As your body ages, it’s mandatory that you take proper care of your delicate skin to reduce signs of ageing. Ageing like fine wine should be the ultimate motto. Here are some very important tips which beauty editors, celebs and dermatologists swear by for firm and supple skin. Read on to know what these secrets are.

6 Anti-Ageing Secrets You Should Definitely Know in your Late 20s

1.  Technique of application matters:

As much as it is mandatory to invest in potent anti-ageing creams, the way you apply it matters a lot. The best is to use your weakest finger, in most cases the ring finger, to apply night cream. Apply any leftover cream specifically on your laugh lines. Tap your face a couple of times after moisturization to stimulate blood flow.

6 Anti-Ageing Secrets You Should Definitely Know in your Late 20s applying cream

2.  Make it a habit of using hats:

Most of us love our sunglasses, but the coverage they provide is too less to prevent phyto-damage. During hot, scorching days, the best thing is to apply a broad-spectrum sunblock and put on a hat with a wide or at least decent-size brim. Not only does it look cute, it is multi-functional. It can effectively camouflage a bad hair day and provide necessary protection against damaging sun rays.

3.  Tap your eye cream gently:

The best and most effective method of applying eye cream is by tapping a little bit around the eyes. Your finger should exert the least force as the skin surrounding the eyes is extremely delicate and sensitive. Plus, you should store your eye cream or any other potent cream in the refrigerator to lock in its goodness and to reduce signs of fatigue and puffiness whenever you use it.

6 Anti-Ageing Secrets You Should Definitely Know

4.  Choose your sunglasses and spectacles with care:

Always buy sunglasses from trusted brands that offer guaranteed UV protection. If you are sensitive to light, it’s extremely essential that you use protective sunglasses. If you have power in your eyes, do use glasses or lenses. It is to prevent squinting, which can cause sagginess, crow’s feet and fine lines.

5.  Don’t ignore your neck and décolletage:

Most women make the grave mistake of applying their heavy-weight and active serums and moisturizing treatments only on face, but little do they realize that the neck and the décolletage are also exposed to sun and environmental stresses. As a result, they show signs of ageing much earlier. Don’t forget to massage your neck and décolletage with a hydrating cream and apply a face mask once in a while to keep them supple and toned.

How to get Smooth neck

6.  Get your basics right:

The CTM routine is the Bible of skin care and you should follow it religiously. Choose products which suit your skin type. Even drugstore brands have hidden gems which can work miraculously on ageing skin. So, before you splurge on expensive skincare products, tweak your beauty routine and update your lifestyle.

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