6 Things You Must Do a Month Before Your Big Day!

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Is your wedding around the corner? Don’t know what you should be doing to prepare for the day? Or are you confused about what you need to do, to get that beautiful bridal glow?
Yeah, life becomes a huge roller coaster ride when your big day is around the corner. There are tons of things pending, you have outfit trials to do, shopping that’s never ending, and your schedule is tightly packed!! While you may enjoy every bit of it, you need to take care of yourself as well. If you still have a month before your wedding, here are some things that you need to do for your skin and health!

Things you must do a month before your BIG DAY1

Let me take you through a few things that are a must-do pre-wedding!

1. Prettify yourself:
Yes, you got it right! Head to the salon to get other basics done apart from your pre-bridal body scrubbing and facials. Get yourself waxed, so you do not have red bumps over your body, which would just look so unattractive. Work on your eyebrows now, so you can get the shape you want. Get at least two sessions of manicures and pedicures done, to have lovely looking hands and feet! 😉

Things you must do a month before your BIG DAY-food

2. Eat right:
It is a fact that all of us start watching what we are eating before our wedding. We want our body to be in the best shape possible, and also you’re skin will behave, if good things go inside you! So consult a dietician a month before your wedding, so your skin and hair shine with all their glory and your body looks PERRRFECT!

3. Prep your hair:
Some of us like getting hair colored, streaked or get hair extensions; if this is something you want to be doing, the right time to start is NOW! If you want to leave your hair untouched and just want to make it look good, opt for hair spas! In case of hair issues, consult your dermatologist immediately, so that your hair looks silky, shiny and strong.

Things you must do a month before your BIG DAY-hair

4. See your gynaecologist:
This is something that you should never ignore, especially when it’s going to be your first time. Get a basic check-up done, just to be on the safe side. Also, when you visit the doc, you will be able to clear out a lot of things that you may shy away from asking your mother or sisters, which include contraception, pregnancy, birth control, etc. If you want to go for birth control pills you need to ask your doctor about the right medication and the dosage that is appropriate for your body.

5. Spa sessions are your way to go:
Every bride-to-be needs a good spa session in her life. One can choose from ayurvedic treatments to hot oil treatments that are really soothing and relaxing. It is a great way to refresh yourself and give your skin that beautiful glow. Bridal spa packages are designed for brides to give them that princess-like feeling and prepare their bodies and mind for that sparkling performance on the D-day.

Things you must do a month before your BIG DAY-spa

6. Work out to relax yourself:
Yes, you can release all the stress of your face and body by exercising. Take some time out of your schedule to go for a walk either in the morning or evening, or just do ca little exercise; give yourself that quick fitness fix, without working too hard!

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