Ways To Slim Down Before Your Wedding

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So you want to fit into a sexy cocktail dress or that dreamy lehenga-choli but unable to lose those extra pounds? Fret not, try these tips and tricks before your marriage and make your fiance awestruck by your appearance. After all you are worth it, aren’t you?

Ways To Slim Down Before Your Wedding

Don’t Sit Idle

Ways To Slim Down Before Your Wedding

A month prior to your wedding, stay active and do not sit idle. When you are watching TV or doing nothing, just jog between the commercials, take a little walk or do jumping jacks. It will really help in the long run.

Do Not Miss Your Workout Sessions

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Ways To Slim Down Before Your Wedding

I know you must be tired from your shopping sprees and probably you slept till late, but that is absolutely no excuse for you to not workout. All that shopping and all that roadside food during shopping is not gonna help you to lose weight. So no matter how tired you are, make your workout your priority and not an option.

Have Filling Foods

Ways To Slim Down Before Your Wedding

Try to stay away from foods like rice or white breads, instead opt for whole grains. They make you feel full, so your cravings get reduced and you eat much lesser. Oats, brown rice and brown bread are good options for you to try.

Concentrate On Your Problem Areas

You have a flat tummy and flabby arms but your reception dress requires your arms to be toned. So what do you do in that case? You concentrate more on toning your arm muscles concentrating most of your exercises on your problem areas only.

Stop Carbonated Beverages And Alcohol

Ways To Slim Down Before Your Wedding

All those market brought beverages are going to slow down your weight loss process and will put you miles away from your weight loss target; same is the case with alcohol. Drink plenty of water and opt for healthier options like coconut water or even plain old glass of lassi.

Do Not Go For Fad Diets
Don’t go for any shortcuts when it comes to the matters of your wedding. Internet is full of fad diets but they show different results for different bodies. This is not the case of one size fits all. Just because a diet worked for your friend, does not mean it will work for you too. It could possibly play havoc on your skin too. So always consult a dietician before opting for extreme fad diets.

Don’t Stress

Ways To Slim Down Before Your Wedding

If probably 20-30 min of walking is not working out for you, then try running. If servings of snack aren’t helping then stop binging on them, instead eat lots of fruits and veggies. What I meant to say is if something is not working out for you, try some other things but do not stress yourself. Do not lose hope, you are anyway going to look lovely on all your wedding functions. Some pounds of fat must not stop you from enjoying the most important day in your life.

These were a little tips, if clubbed together will go a long way in making you looking nothing less than a queen or a princess on your wedding day. Incorporate them in your life and happy wedding.

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