7 ‘Healthy’ foods that are actually Unhealthy

Himshika Arya

You will agree with me when I say that we meet a lot more people these days that are highly health conscious and have become increasingly aware of what they put inside their body. Calorie counting is pretty much a norm these days and so is the exponential attractiveness of food items that come with ‘healthy’ labels. I would be lying if I say I am not a victim of the ‘healthy’ revolution.

Now I am not saying that this change in attitude is vile, in fact it is extremely positive and the fact that people are finally realizing that ‘health is wealth’ and think twice before putting that sugary doughnut or those greasy fries inside their mouth is an indication that we have learn to respect our bodies. But the bottom line is are we really eating healthy or are we victims of these corporate food giants who are feeding our tummies and brains with potentially dangerous food in the disguise of ‘Healthy’ foods? Let’s find out.

7 ‘Healthy’ foods that are actuallyUnhealthy

Sugar-free foods: We perennially shy away from sugar, be it in the form of refusing sweets at a Diwali party or adding Sugar-free tablets to our morning tea or looking for the caption ‘low on sugar/sugar-free’ on packaged juice. All of these so called sugar-free food items contain artificial sweeteners like aspartame, sucralose, saccharin, etc instead of sugar. Of course we know that sugar is bad for our waistlines, skin and blood sugar levels but artificial sweeteners are worse. They have been found to have very harmful effects on our body such as headaches, stomach aches, panic attacks and long term effects like kidney problems and brain tumor.

Diet Sodas: Yes they say ‘diet’ on them and no they are not healthier than regular sodas. In fact the truth is that they are actually worse for your body. Why? Exactly for the same reason mentioned above. They contain artificial sweeteners as well. Sigh.

7 ‘Healthy’ foods that are actually Unhealthy

Fat-free foods: Let me tell you first why fat is essential for our body. Natural fats which can be obtained from full fat milk, Cow Ghee, Nuts, Avocados, Fish, Olive oil, etc. are extremely essential to help keep the body full and satisfied for a longer time and hence it keeps a check on food cravings. It is also highly beneficial in keeping our metabolism high and helps our brain function better. Fat-free foods that are available in the market are highly processed and void of the good fats which our body needs. Skimmed milk is in fact very unhealthy because it is not only highly processed but also does not have the natural fat which helps our body in digesting the milk.

Meat: Meats are good sources of protein for our bodies but they can be potentially dangerous as well because not all the meat available in the market is safe for us. Most animals meant for slaughter are caged and kept in close confined quarters under very high stress conditions and ingested with antibiotics to keep them alive. Hence meat from these animals is definitely not very healthy for us. Packaged meat is even worse because it contains highly processed inedible parts (intestines, bowels and other icky stuff) of the animal which is treated with a whole lot of harmful chemicals to make it edible. I am sure this will definitely make you think twice before you pick up that frozen packaged meat next time at the supermarket.

7 ‘Healthy’ foods that areactually Unhealthy

Breakfast Cereals: Can you recall those cornflakes advertisements which claim to aid your weight loss journey and also provide you with iron and other vitamins? Well they have been fooling us. Breakfast cereals are empty calories, i.e. they do not provide us any nutrition that regular carbohydrates provide us. Instead many of them are heavily sugar coated and are made out of highly processed, GMO and synthetic products. Instead try out some healthy oats or muesli next time you are in a hurry to grab your breakfast.

Energy drinks: They are meant to be instant pick me ups and are known to recharge your body but the ugly side is they have excessive amounts of caffeine which can be toxic for our body leading to headaches, nausea, hallucinations and even cardiac arrest. Instead try Coffee, it is a much safer alternative to energy drinks.

Soya: Soya nuggets, soybeans and soya milk have become extremely popular as protein rich foods and are readily available in grocery stores. But many studies have showed that they can be potentially harmful for our body by causing hormonal imbalance, Thyroid and are not easily digestible by the body. Instead stick to natural sources of protein such as beans, pulses, eggs since they are much safer options.

This article was not meant to scare you but instead it was to share with you all what I have learnt in the last few years of me trying to be healthy and falling prey to the above fads many a times in my journey. Hope you found this article helpful. Stay healthy, Stay happy.


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