7 Tips to Apply Body Glitter

Body glitter is an amazing and very easy way to glam up yourself and make yourself feel just a little bit more magical. But one should know how to apply glitter tastefully to make an impact. Overdone look will turn you into a disco ball and underdone will go unnoticed.


Glitters are available in spray, roll-on, gel, lotion and loose powder.  A glitter spray works well for your body and hair, while loose sparkles can be dusted on the shoulders and chest. However, whatever form you take, make sure to invest in a good brand which is skin-friendly.

Tips to apply body glitter:

•Focus on your look and the kind of party you are making your presence in. This will help you to decide the type and amount of glitter required.
• Check out your skin-tone. If you have a warmer body tone then go for gold glitters. However, if you have fair complexion then silver or silver hued glitter will look best on you.
• Have a look at your makeup too. The outfit, makeup and glitter should all gel together to bring out the beauty in you.
• Before you apply body glitter, take a warm shower, and scrub your body. Now, apply moisturizer.  Wait foe atleast 10 minutes so that the moisturizer could sink into the skin. Your skin should be completely dry to allow an even spreading of glitter.
• Use small amount of glitter and spread it evenly on all the exposed parts of your body. Sprinkle it gently and apply it evenly with a powder puff, or with the help of a soft makeup brush.
• Always apply odor-free glitter otherwise it will contradict your perfume.
• Avoid using glitter on rashes or other skin problems.
So what are you waiting for just apply glitter to your face and body and get ready to hog the limelight and rock the party.

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11 thoughts on “7 Tips to Apply Body Glitter

  1. i have just used that lotus loose powder whenever I have required to. That’s it. The new lakme bronzer form the fantasy collection can pretty much be used as a body shimmer. O:) O:) O:)

  2. The faces cosmetics glitter in stackables are fantastic, very cheap, available for Rs 350, quantity is impressive too,there are 5 different colored glitters, so gorgeous, I was tempted to buy but then I dont use them ,so didnt buy!

  3. One can add the glitters in nail polish and use, I usually get bored with nail polish shade after using 2 -3 times, so adding glitter would be a good option. :thumbsup:

  4. For the body, I prefer to use a moisturiser with shimmer…its always more subtle…gives more of a glow than glittery effect and you dont really have to bother about spreading it evenly or whatever 😛

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