8 Awesome Ways to Take Your Look from Day to Night

Hi ladies,
It is the last month of the year. December is all about fun, frolic and lots of parties. There might be some days when you won’t even have time to go home and change and have to go straight to party from your work. For all those days, I am here to tell you how you can change up your look from day to night.

Awesome ways to take your look from day to night1

1. Wear versatile pieces
If you know that you have to attend a party after your work hours, then add some versatile pieces to your day’s outfit so that it will be easier for you to achieve a night’s look. A plain dress, a cute blazer, cigarette pants or skirt could be great option.

2. Brighten your lippie
Awesome ways to take your look from day to night2

A bright-coloured lipstick can brighten even the palest of face. No matter what you are wearing, a nice and vibrant shade adds a great pop of colour to any everyday outfit and makes you stand out.

3. Make a statement with jewellery
A statement piece is a great way to spice up any look. It adds a dimension to whatever you are wearing and adds dressy feel to overall casual look. You can also bring chunky earring with you to go with your dress.

4. Change your hairdo
Awesome ways to take your look from day to night3

Do the opposite of what you usually do. If you usually wear your hair up to work, let it down for a fun night out! It will be a nice and refreshing change to your everyday look and will help you look a little different from the usual.

5. Swap your work purse for a clutch
Do not forget to keep a cute clutch in your work bag. You definitely don’t want to be carrying that huge work purse to a party, right?

6. Swap your sensible flats for sparkly heels
Awesome ways to take your look from day to night4

You don’t want to be walking around in the shoes you went to work in all day, do you? You will also need to bring an extra pair of heels to work to change up your look from day to night.

7. Add some flair to your makeup

You have your makeup stash with you always, no matter where you are. Right? So instead of the office’s natural makeup look, add some shimmery powder, glitter and blushes to your makeup box for an instant extra glam look.

8. Add a funky jacket
Awesome ways to take your look from day to night5

If you have been wearing a shirt all day long then you can easily add a funky touch to it by wearing a statement jacket over it. It could be embellished or printed. A fitted blazer would look great over a blouse and slim trousers with shiny heels.

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