Oily Eyelids: Makeup Tips and Tricks

Oily Eyelids: Makeup Tips and Tricks

Don’t we hate the sight of smudge liner, creased eyeshadow, transferred eye liner on the crease, when we get back home the last thing you want to hear is that your eyes look tired and raccoon like,see some basic handy tips to use with products like loose powder and color tattoos you might already own, use them every time to make your eye makeup last longer!


Translucent Powder

Make it your best freind, choose from one of the matte-est to the shimmer ones for an extra edge, for simple eye liner application, lightly dust the powder on eyelids, prior to liner, you can do this several times a day, to keep the area around the liner matte. Choose the best HERE

chanel-pudre-universelle-libre (1)


There are good primers to choose from, nars, Urban decay and the Mac paint pots and the Maybelline color tattos work awesome, layer them on lightly blend and set them with your powder shadow, chooe a color of the paint pots that is closest to your natural color, for a natural look, apply the color, and seal it with a light shade of the same color powder shadow and apply liner and ready!


Change your liner:

You can do away with liquid liners that crack and smudge with the lightest oil, the worst are the pencil liners that transfer to the crease, use a gel liner, these barely smudge and stay all day long, use a neat thin line no need to cake it up.


Less is more:

When using the paint pots or primer, use a very thin layer, cakey primer will work in the opposite way and defeat the purpose.


Pencil liners:

Always set your pencil liner with a same color powder shadow, initially as well, apply a primer lightly or dust loose powder lightly before applying the pencil liner.

Dont use concealer/foundation as primer:

This will never work for very oily lids, these have oils in them whcih will melt away your eyeshadow and makeup, if you do have to use a concealer, set it with a loose/translucent powder before you apply shadow, but these can not be as good as primer.

Oil breaks down oil:

well any oily product layered on top of another oily one will be sure to melt away, as the oil cleanses the oil. You need a barrier between the oil and the eyeshadow, use a oil-based product and always lock it with a powder. Oil clears oil goes for the oil cleansing method for oily skin too.



Cream liner + powder shadow:

Use a cream liner above a powder shadow or powdered lids,or else use a powder shadow in coordinating color on top of your cream liner.


Use Powder Eyeshadow in Your Crease

For stopping the cream or pencil liner, use a powder shadow of a natural color in your crease.
mac 217

Use your powder shadows over cream products:

Something like already mentioned, consider using NYX jumbo pencils in coordinating colors under your powder shadow, this will seal the products and make them long lasting.

For Kohl lovers:

If you hate the sight of smudged kajal under the lids, always apply kajal in one layer..never cake it up, and always apply some light powder shadow of the same or natural color under the lids as close to the lashes as possible, this will catch all the greasy kohl sliding under the lashes through the waterline,I suggest using a translucent natural looking powder.



You cannot seal kajal on the waterline with a powder product but do so for the top lid liner or smokey eye.

Milk of Magnesia

You can get this at the chemist shop. Use a cotton ball to apply a tiny amount over your lids as your base and eye makeup will stay much longer.

Still don’t follow, listen to this gist:

  • Seal all your liners with a same powder shadow.
  • Dust loose powder under all your eye makeup.
  • Use cream products like Maybelline color tatoo or Mac paint pots under your powder shadows.
  • Keep a natural crease base+powder shadow for an everyday base to use before regular liner.
  • Use a primer for a primer..not a concealer!

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