8 Bollywood Actresses who have Undergone Plastic Surgery

Plastic SurgeryHave you ever wished that your nose was a little more sharp, your chin was a little less pointy, or that you had curvy full luscious cupid bow lips and you could do nothing about it except let out a sigh when you saw people who had those features, but not anymore, India is coming of age and cosmetic surgeries have now become the order of the day. Hordes of young men/women and not-so-young men/women are lining outside cosmetic and plastic surgeons offering cosmetic surgical repair to get chiseled features. From implanting hair on our heads to making our Roman aquiline nose more appealing, these highly qualified mechanics can repair it all. Getting tailor-made features is not just limited to celebrities, rather, it has become accessible to middle class and upper middle class junta. If you think that there is anything discordant in your appearance, don’t fret, nothing is out-of-reach, all you need is a few thousand rupees and voilà, you can get yourself transformed just like Cinderella.

India is fast becoming a destination for cosmetic surgical treatment. The singular reason for such a steep rise in cosmetic surgery in India is because it has become more affordable, economical, and alluring.


Well, I am not exaggerating it over here. I have been salvaged by plastic surgery and I am glad now that I took that precise decision of going under the knife to get my very prominent bee-stung bulbous nose rectified, which needless to say was a cause of embarrassment for me. This is a decision of mine, which I not only do not regret, but I am quite happy with the outcome. I really thank my lucky stars (and my doctor) to have got what I was promised especially after seeing what a nightmare one can become if anything goes wrong.

I underwent a rhinoplasty (nose job) around 7 years ago and did a lot of research before zeroing on the cosmetic surgeon. Also, I made sure that the cosmetic surgeon was also a microvascular surgeon. I had a consultation session with him and he explained me how he would go about it and how my nose would look after the surgery. Finally, after the consultation, I was confident enough to take the plunge. I should say everything about my nose job went well. My rhinoplasty just required 40 minutes of surgery in the operation theater under general anesthesia and there were no complications. Just one day of stay in the hospital was advised, which was uneventful. The only hitch was that my nose was bandaged for around a week during which time I had to steer clear of my dog, who took a liking to my Pinocchio nose and that creature did not even miss a single opportunity to get a grab at my poor bandaged nose. All the initial swelling and inflammation did scare me, but over a short period of time, the scars faded and the result was very obvious. The swelling lasted for around 15 to 30 days and for that entire period I was put on an all-liquid (mashed fruit) diet. For me the double bonus was that in the bargain not only did I get a sharper nose, but also, I lost oodles of weight in the process. Luckily, I had the cake and ate it too!!!!


1. Breast augmentation or mammoplasty. Breast augmentation is designed to increase the size of small or underdeveloped breasts. Augmentation of the breast consists of insertion of a silicone bag (prosthesis) under the breast and chest muscle and then filling the bag with saline (salt water). This prosthesis expands the breast area to give a fuller breast (increased cup size), give a better contour, and give more cleavage.

See Before and After photos of Bollywood actresses who underwent plastic surgery

2. Rhinoplasty or nose surgery addresses a variety of cosmetic concerns and to correct structural abnormalities of the nose including a deviated septum, wide or flared nostrils, bulbous or oversized nasal tip. The nose is reshaped and restructured to make it more balanced with the other facial features.

Nose Cosmetic Surgery

3. Cheek implants. Cheek implants are an excellent way to both improve and enhance the contours of the face. Cheek implants can improve a person’s facial appearance and allows the face to become more proportional. Cheek implants give the face a fuller look, especially if the face is looking sunken in. Younger women who have flat cheekbones opt for cheek implants to give them high cheekbones.

Cosmetic Surgery - Hillary Clinton

4. Lip surgery. How many times have we all wondered how all Miss India wannabes have the same (plastic) smiles. This is because of the lip augmentation surgery that they undergo. Lip augmentation is a coffee-time procedure in which implants are placed to give you fuller, sensuous, and pouty lips.

Cosmetic Surgery - Angelina Jolie


Cosmetic surgery in the form of reconstructive surgery can treat people with cleft palate in order to give them a normal appearance and help them in leading a normal life. Cleft lip and palate is a condition when there is a cleft or a gap in the palate or lip.

Cosmetic surgery can transform an ugly duckling into an elegant swan, but then it’s all a gamble, it can also happen the other way round if something goes wrong, an elegant swan can turn into an ugly eagle too!!!!


Katrina’s lips, Preity Zinta’s dimple (controversial), Priyanka Chopra’s perfect cupid bow lips and nose, Sridevi’s straight nose, and Shilpa Shetty’s overall transformation are all thanks to cosmetic surgery. I have listed below a few success stories.

1. Shilpa Shetty’s transformation from a gawky earthling to a gorgeous diva.

Cosmetic Surgery - SHilpa Shetty

2. Katrina’s perfect lips and sculpted body.

Cosmetic Surgery - Katrina Kaif

Cosmetic Surgery - Katrina Kaif


73 thoughts on “8 Bollywood Actresses who have Undergone Plastic Surgery

  1. Very very interesting! 😀

    I’ve seen Sridevi in a few old tamil films and you right, plastic surgery improved her looks 100%! :beauty:

    But i’m not so sure if I’d ever want to do something like this. :struggle: I don’t have one feature that I hate a lot (phew) plus I saw what happened to poor Koena Mitra. :wilt: Glad to know it worked well for you. :-))

      1. From where did you get this surgery???? Is there any side effects ?

        And I also need to know what are the charges for this?

  2. OMG u went thru rhinoplasty? Did it hurt? Ur “post rhinoplasty” photo could have made the post more interesting, if you are not comfortable with the previous pics!

    Relieving post, but liked only the after pics 🙂

    Last month, Ash was caught with bulgy lips and ppl thought she ended up with botox….but it was only the next week the same ppl came to know she is back to her normal lips 🙂 credit goes to her medicines…

    with the bulgy lips…she was luking just like her wax statue 🙁 scary

    Nice article, honey…totally enjoyed every bit of it…

      1. Rati, I too found her plastic right from the start :alien: ….notice her new sharp jaw next time she is on TV…….like Divija said, most of the time, she looks like her wax statue :cyclops:

    1. Yes Divija, I had rhinoplasty and no it was not at all painful. Just tugging feeling of stitches for 15 days….not scary at all. :vampire:

  3. Jomol u had surgery!!!! glad it worked well for you.. 🙂 I too have heard many horror stories! I too do not like my nose much, but personally would never go for surgery….

    I think Aishwarya was fine to begin with ..God only knows why she needed surgery…ditto for shruthi hassan!!

    1. Smitha rhinoplasty worked well for me. Shruti hassan has an Aquiline nose if you see it sideways. She admits to her rhinoplasty openly. She said her new nose is much better. Well, aishwarya rai is getting surgeries to get more and more sharp features. Cheek implants makes one look young…notice her more prominent cheeks and sharp jaw now.

  4. Err..I meant why do people who get a surgery deny it later! I still find Aishwarya beautiful, plastic yes, but beautiful nevertheless.

  5. Even im thinking of buying myself some brows.. but then i have been thinking of it for yrs.. but now since i have gone for 3 osteotomies i guess ive got the courage and will go for it soon.. lets c if i get myself to do i t..

      1. Rati would you agree with me that in both the pics, Rakhi Sawant is looking…what should I say….horrendous :vampire:

  6. hey jomol.

    it requires gr8 guts to reveal once drwbacks ,bt u showed it. HATS OF TO U….
    Also glad to know Rhinoplasty worked well for u……… even i m not much happy about the structure of my inherited nose. could you pls let us know, how much did it cost & how many days it actually took to heel up.
    Also if possible post your snap, just Curious to c your new look


    1. Sush, the prices and a lot of other stuff is coming up in second part of this post. Jomol has worked way to hard to bring this post up. It was a very long article so I had to split it up into two parts. I would be posting the second part either tonight or tomorrow morning .

      Yes, hats off to Jomol. :yes: :yes:

    2. Thanks Sush and Rati….sush my nose was bulbous and wide at the two ends, the doctor put minute cuts to lift the nose and brought the nose together to reduce the fat and flariness…..if you are in a good doctor’s hand, it won’t be a problem at all. Healing takes around 15 days and there are absoultey “no” scars on the face. As far as my pics, I am a little skeptical about clicking my own pic post-pregnancy coz I have gained a lot of weight now and I have become conscious……..surgery did not cost me that much…….as Rati is saying the entire price list is coming up tomorrow….please watch out for that. 🙂 🙂

  7. Very very interesting article Jomol. Shilpa’s transformation is amazing. I personally think that Ash hasn’t got anything done to her face. Those pics are her without much makeup n the other full on makeup + photoshop so obviously she’ll look better. She is such a unique beauty that people want to convince themselves n everyone that she’s got work done.
    I’m glad the rhinoplasty worked wonders for u…n yeah I think plastic surgery is a boon for some (most) people


    1. Thanks Cynthia……apparently, even Aishwarya Rai has also given into the pressure Cynthia, please check her jawline carefully and also please notice that she has high cheekbones now……….. :doctor: :doctor: :doctor: :doctor:

  8. That was quite an interesting read Jomol…

    Great to hear that you had a successful surgery. Do post some pics atleast some time later..please.

    And Hema Malini’s restricted facial movements and the resultant accent 😯 …god..I thot she acquired it from her husband.. 😛

    Shilpa Shetty’s and Sridevi’s transformations are really amazing..
    I do remember Sridevi in those old Kamal-Sridevi flicks..and look at her now :beauty:

    Eagerly waiting for the second part of the article :yes:

  9. Plastic Surgery is a given in Showbiz.. People say even Kareena has got work done. God knows!

    Though I agree with Cynthia – I don’t think Ash has got anything done, that is a just a no makeup photo compared with a full make make up plus photoshop pic.. She just looks very unique – her features and all.

    Or else her surgeon is very good, coz her transformation (if there has been) is very subtle – not like Shilpa Shetty which is very obvious- good, but obvious.

    Btw I saw Shilpa the other day at Beauty Centre – and her forehead was like totally immobile – it just wouldn’t move despite the fact that she was giggling non stop – Botox maybe?

    So glad yr operation worked for you, looks play a big role in boosting our self confidence, and you are very brave to share it with all 😀

    1. Tanveer, Aishwarya is very beautiful, but since she wants to venture into Hollywood and also since she is ageing, she has given into pressure of getting even more sharp features……she is too gorgeous and I agree with you that her cosmetic surgeon :doctor: :doctor: has done a great job on her. It must be Botox :zombiekiller: :zombiekiller: ….Botox makes muscles numb…..you guessed it right.

  10. Such an interesting post! SO, you had your surgery in India? CAn you please name the surgeon and post before/after pics (of only the nose… for privacy purpose).
    I have been thinking of a nose job for a long time but bad nose jobs scare me away! 🙁

    1. Urmi, if you are in the hands of a good surgeon, then you shouldnt worry. I had my surgery here in Hyderabad by one of the best cosmetic surgeons in India, Dr. V. Sudhakar Prasad. He works in the Apollo Hospitals, Hyderguda. He is not only a cosmetic surgeon, but also a “microvascular” surgeon. He deals with emergency cases such as accidents where the patient is badly injured and he tries to save the patient’s by joining their broken small blood capillaries. Around 7 years ago, I underwent the surgery. It cost me around 30,000 to 35,000 including anesthesia, hospital stay everything. There was no antibiotics as such and the healing took just 15 to 30 days during which time an all-liquid or mashed fruit diet is prescribed. After 10 days, the stitches and dressing is removed from the nose. Swelling took around 30 days to settle down and at the end of it I got a long sharp nose. Oops, I forgot to mention that my doctor also put a little tissue under the skin of my nasal bridge and that set in beautifully. :inlove: Whereever you are Dr. Prasad, I can’t thank you enough!!!! :doctor: :doctor: :doctor: :doctor:

      1. Hi,

        I have a scars in my hand and it looks bad, can you pls suggest will this Plastic Surgeryhelps me?

        Looking forward for your suggession.

  11. Hey Jomol, your post was great….i just luved it….actually im now really confused…when i was an infant….i broke my nose….now i have a diversion in my nose bone moving towards left of the face…..and i feel really bad about it……im shy of sitting infront ov anyone or capturing my pics from front pose….im getting married in november…n too conscious about my nose….soo now i have decided to go for a sugery….m planning it in aug……..soo thats why m reading alot nowadays about rhinoplasty….i would be really glad to see your nose pictures before and after….and also wish me luck :))))

  12. hi its been a month i hv been following your blog and its really awesome…i am also thinking to get my nose corrected but dont have any idea regarding a good surgeon..luckily i found your blog…can you tell me the name of your surgeon..it would be of great help 🙂

  13. hey hiii dis is navya,
    i got so much of information from dis but i have one doubt……..among all these surgeries no one is failed …why?where these people are taking these surgeries?

  14. Madhuri Dixit definitely did something to her face. Skin Peel off is so very clear making her brown uneven patchy pimpled skin super bright white and smooth. Her teeth were also a but outwards if you watch her in Abodh and something with her bust also went on growing with her career.

  15. hi there, its nice to actors doing plastic surgey n paving their way to perfection. But beforehand i thought actresses were possessing god gifted beauty but now i realized even they r mormal human beings wid normal beauty which they have inclined towads modification. but thats nice not a taunt,………

  16. When I was small, I always suspected that sridevi’s nose did not seem natural. Same with Shilpa Shetty her nose is kind of unnatural.I don’t think Aish had any surgeries done.Hema malign, Rekha have regular botox. My friends husband is a cosmetic surgeon. He says only Aish,Madhuri Rani, kareena karishma did not have any surgeries.Priyanka chopra is his regular girl.

  17. lolz……take a close look at karishma @neelima she has got a nose job done for sure…may b some other stuff also with her face……$ aish she has definitely done some thing with her face….and not to forget priety zinta and sushmita sen…..they hv also got a breast surgery done…….. :pompom:

  18. Very interesting to know they not really perfect, Yahoo, i think i look beta naturally. then again why not have it IF YOU HAVE THE MONEY !!!!!!. o by the way i know for a fact that Kareena and Karishma had their jawline improved, even Maduri did some make over, you can see it. not sure about the others.

  19. If you ask me some actors/actresses ruined their faces with the obsession of getting a perfect face. SriDevi is a typical example who ruined her face. Out of the four pictures posted two are before the surgery and two were after the surgery. SriDevi started acting since during her late childhood/early teens and the first picture was taken during that time. The second picture the one on the top right was taken during late teens early adult hood. During this time she was the top notch Telugu and Tamil actress. Everyones opinion at the time on top of her acting skills there was a charm about her which got people to watch her which she lost after the surgery which is the picture on the bottom left. The bottom right picture is nothing but the after effects of the surgery after age factor kicks in. Shilpa Shetty in a way improved and also ruined her looks. She shouldn’t of went to that extent in her plastic surgery . She also had a charm to her looks which she lost after surgery. From what I see eyebrow job would of been enough for her. The pictures also seem like they are flipped for Shilpa Shetty. The first one is her late teen early adult picture while the second one is her late childhood early teen picture.

  20. Everyone know about the success stories of plastic surgery…have anyone heard of the Failure stories..Jocelyn Wildenstein is been popular as the “cat woman” and the “Bride of Wildenstein”. Jocelyn Wildenstein is a wealthy socialite who is famous for her overly extensive Plastic Surgery..
    Jocelyn Wildenstein is the woman who has spent thousands of dollars in Plastic Surgery transforming her face to look like a cat originally from France. She is been recently named the world’s scariest celebrity.She is still not satisfied and improving her looks. “The Cat Woman”, has spent more than 4 million dollars on Plastic Surgery to look like this! Her eyes have even been pulled up and back, several silicone injections given to the lips, cheek, and chin along with a face lift to appear more cats like.
    Jocelyn Wildenstein, 67, was married with the billionaire art dealer Alec Wildenstein in the late 70s. The couple was famous for spending money – it is said that they spent as much as $1 million per month. But she was granted a divorce in 1999 when she found her husband in bed with a 19-year-old Russian model.
    It is been said that, to save her marriage she had Plastic Surgery to keep herself young and beautiful but the Plastic Surgery had Gone Wrong and she suffered from Bad Plastic Surgery. So she told her plastic surgeons that she wanted to look like a cat because she loves cats so much.
    Just search for her in google..U can read a lot of stories about her scariest plastic surgery…………….

  21. hi everybody, well that was an intresting post. when i was small i thought that ash, sushmita sen and all where really beautiful and later i came to know that priety zinta and ash had a plastic surgery, even i heard from my friends that priety zinta had all her parts surgeried. well i personally think that there is no need of any plastic surgery things. v normally do this to impress boys, well acters do it for their financial management and carrier. girls wanted to be loved by smeone and she ends up in all this stuff. well if a man is loving u bcz of ur beauty then honestly it is not a true love, if he is loving ur personality then it is well and fine. god is giving us beauty. just think about people who dont have eyes, legs totally handicaped. my parents always says look who is below ur status dont look who is above ur status. we’ll slowly deevelop greed and try to be like them. so let u to be u. well i needed to know about plastic surgery, now i knew very well. i personally think we’re prettier than the actresses.

  22. Hey…m anchal n too much interested in nose n lip job so please guide me. I am from chandigarh, India
    Please let me know good doctors and procedures.

  23. Hi,

    Hey I have been thinking of nose job from quite some time, but scared if it goes wrong. You have given all the information but just wanted to personally write to you and take your feedback before I take the consultation.

    This seems to be quite an old post but I came across it now and thought of dropping a note. Please reply back.


    1. Hi Shilpa, I had a Nose job 15days back in Delhi, I did lot of research and consultation before I chose this doctor in Delhi, I paid 80k for the surgery but the results are not at all pleasing, far from what I had expected. I hope whatever it is now, it just somehow looks better than before.

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