Top 8 Beauty and Makeup Instagrammers You Need to Follow Right Now!

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Surely all of you must be bitten by the #Insta bug, so posting selfies and showing your current love is so much easier. And I am pretty sure you do check makeup and beauty related Instagram accounts too! So I compiled some of the top Instagrammers who are big forces to reckon with in the makeup and beauty world, and who can surely give you a tip or two through their posts. Scroll down ladies.
Top Beauty and Makeup Instagrammers You Need to Follow Now!

1. Charlotte Tilbury

Makeup royalty is what defines her! There are many celebs who swear by her artistic talent, and this makeup artist surely has a fan following! Besides her cosmetic line, this makeup guru counts people like Amal Clooney and Eva Green amongst her friends. Surely reason enough to follow her.

2. Daniel Bauer

This man is the go-to person for divas like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan to Deepika Padukone. He can work magic on ladies, and you will feel enchanted by this talented person’s work. Besides, he collaborates with designers like Gaurav Gupta and Namrata Joshipura, so his Instagram account is bound to be full of captivating moments.

3. Harry Josh

josh hair
A reputed hairstylist in Hollywood, he has besties like Gisele Bundchen and Kate Bosworth. He posts selfies with stars like Ellie Goulding, and his insta account is surely a paradise worth exploring.

4. Namrata Soni

namrata soni
This desi girl is a high profile makeup artist cum stylist and is famous for her amazing strokes and finesse of work. Trust her to post pictures of her fashionista friend, Sonam Kapoor, and some hard-to-miss makeup looks. Her insta account is a treat to the eyes.

5. Scott Barnes

With clients like Jennifer Lopez to his credit, this man is one of the top celebrity makeup artists. With 217,000+ followers, his Instagram profile provides you insight into his globetrotting activities and superb makeup looks.

6. Elton J Fernandez

elton john
The Indian man with international tastes, Elton is always on the lookout for novel and creative approaches. His insta profile buzzes with updates and pictures like collaboration with MAC or with designers like Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna. Expect candid pics with divas like Parineeti Chopra.

7. Gucci Westman

The who’s who of Hollywood turn to her for transformation. You can track her countless achievements (she works for Vogue covers), her cute family pictures, backstage moments and of course stunning makeup looks of celebrities.

8. Rati Tehri Singh

rati tehri singh
And our very own Rati is a must in this list. I love her colorful and visually appealing insta feed, which captures amazing makeup looks, products, moments from her daily life and videos. If you want to be inspired or just look at beautiful things, you can spend hours on her feed. Love, love, love!

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