9 Must Have Accessories For Fall

9 Must Have Accessories For Fall

Summer’s slowly leaving and giving way to cooler weather, warmer preferences and luxurious colours. New York Fashion Week just ended and we will soon be privy to the latest trends for Fall/Winter 2013 as all the major fashion capitals round up fashion week. Here’s the top pick of the must-have accessories for this fall, so you can stock up your wardrobe!

1. Ankle Boots in Neutral Shades:  Ankle boots add instant chic to any outfit during the fall. Pair it with your favourite skinny jeans, or with a short dress and leggings and you have got your statement made! Plus, if you are petite, it makes your legs look longer and adds elegance to your frame. It’s always great to own a few pairs in black, tan or grey.


2. Beanie Caps:  One great thing about winter or fall is you don’t have to worry way too much about your hair because you can always top it up with a hat or cap! A beanie cap is a cute way of adding an element of interest to your outfit, plus it keeps you warm too!

3. Large Tote Bags:  A large tote bag is perfect for stocking up your umbrella, your gloves or a scarf in addition to all your makeup and other knick-knacks. There are tons of choices when it comes to big bags this season, so take your pick and carry your world in one!

Colourful tote bag

4. Metal-capped Flats:  Metal capped flats were a hit across major runways this season, so make sure you invest in a pair. It’s a great way to complete your overall look and the dual tonality of these types of shoes makes for a good investment!

Metal Cap shoes

5. Small Handbag:  Sometimes, you just want to travel light and only carry the barest essentials, so investing in a small handbag is a good idea. You can get colourful bags in various shades, studded and spiked and in all kinds of shapes so that you can carry just the right amount of stuff in addition to looking great while going about your day!

Blue bag

6. Knee-High Boots:  Knee-high boots are a fall essential and they continue to be hot for this fall too. Wear them with your favourite jeans and boot socks and you could pull off a look that’s casual while being classy at the same time! Pair it with any outfit for that off-duty model look.

Victoria Beckham Knee High Boots

7. Charm Bracelets:  A charm bracelet can look cute with any outfit, and can be stacked with other bracelets to make for great arm candy! Choose from all kinds of adorable chain-linked or beaded charm bracelets for your outfit.

Charm bracelet

8. Floral Headbands:  Headbands are a fun and elegant hair accessory, a la Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl. Floral headbands, either made of plastic flowers or with floral motifs can make the worst hair day vanish! Try from different styles including cloth floral headbands, or a plastic headband with a floral topping on it.


9. Statement Rings:  Mustache rings, cocktail rings, stone rings, quirky rings, you can choose from a plethora of different styles and sizes for rings for that little something extra to add to your outfit. A statement ring paired with an interesting clutch can do wonders.

I hope this helped you plan your fall wardrobe, so you can sail through the coming season in style! Lots more fall inspiration articles coming up from me 🙂

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