How to Arrange your Wardrobe & Accessories

How to Arrange your Wardrobe & Accessories?

I logged on IMBB (my daily routine –morning ritual) and saw the Ask IMBB question of the day “How to Arrange your Wardrobe”. And immediately I was swarmed with various ideas that I wanted to comment down. Then I thought these ideas cannot be penned down in the comment section they need a separate article.

I have a small room, so I am hard pressed for space. Instead of cribbing I decided to make the most out of it.

I’ve decided to write about it in two sections.. This one deals only with how I keep my Accessories & Make Up  ..
The next one will be how I keep my clothes.

I bought this open shelf cupboard for 1000 Rs. from a small local furniture shop.

Makeup Arrangement
Accessories Arrangement

I was in dilemma over to buy a closed shelf or an open one. I bought an open one because not only because its pretty but also I would be forced to keep the area clean. 🙁

The cupboard has 5 sections.. So here goes the split-up

Section I

Behind the cute puppy toy lies (1.) some boxes containing pretty shoes that I wear for Special occasions. Next to it you can find (2.)One giant box, actually those are shoe boxes which I have attached together to make it a Lingerie box .. he he he. One shoe box contains Bra and the other shoebox contains panties .. ☺

Section II

Bangles, clutches arrangement
Bangles, clutches arrangement

I have my clutches containing money, ID card, etc. Next to it I have a bangle stand. In the middle I have two marble statue – two girls in chairs, behind there was a Mirror which I broke (7 yrs of bad luck ☹). Behind I have two glass jars. One glass jar contains all my lipstick, lip balms & gloss while the other glass jar contains rubber bands, scissors, tweezers etc. There’s a comb, compact and a eye shadow palette. Also a small book I maintain to use when I log on IMBB. ☺ ☺ ☺
The plastic blue jar contains some gold & silver jewelry like rings, chain and anklets. I kept a separate container for them so that I don’t loose them.

Section III

Accessories arrangement
Accessories arrangement

The third section has

  • Deodorants at the far right corner
  • Powders, Oil, Scrub next to it.
  • In the middle there is a wooden tray which contains things that I need on a day to day basis. It contains facial wipes, The Body Shop make up remover, Ever-Youth face-pack, Marks & Spencer nail and hand cream, Biotique face pack, toner, J&J cream, some lip-balms (Lotus), Toner, Elizabeth Arden Red Door perfume, Dove Body silk cream etc..
  • There’s wooden box in which I keep broken earrings, chain & beads etc. ☺
  • Upon it are 4 big plastic boxes. I keep (a) Artificial jewellery (b) Electronic gadgets like I pod, wires, blue-tooth receiver, pen-drive etc. (c) nail polishes (d) bindi’s, clips, slide-pins, safety-pins. Above it are two small plastic box which contains things I take daily to my college/office and the other plastic box contains eye shadows, blushes etc.
  • In the middle of the wooden tray I have a plastic tray in which I keep my earrings. I got this plastic tray from a chocolate box, Ferrero Rocher. I ate so many of this chocolate that I had lots of boxes left , I had an eureka moment and I decided to use them to organize my earrings. Since they are clearly visible and each earring has its own small pit I never have problems ☺ ☺
earrings arrangement
earrings arrangement

Section IV

cupboard arrangement
cupboard arrangement

This shelve contains

  • The pink bag contains facial wipes, cleansing wipes. Cotton balls, surgical gloves, etc.
  • The giant plastic box contains things that I would take out only on a week end, like curlers, body scrubs, hair wax and other stuff for which I could not find a better place.
  • The black box contains things that I don’t want people to see (read sanitary napkins and stuff)
  • The metal and cardboard boxes were gifts ☺
  • The smaller flat box I use to take things when I go out for vacation. I have taken a photo of the box. This covers everything that I might need on a vacation. It is compartmentalized so I don’t need to spend time on organizing ☺. I including some items I forgot to take photo
box arrangement
box arrangement

(R1C1 = Row 1 Column 1)
R1C1 = Night Cream, tweezers, small knife, scissors.
R1C2 = Earrings, Watches.
R1C3 = Lip-balms, nail polishes, nail colour remover.
R2C1 = Forest Essentials (Shampoo, Shower & Body gel, Body lotion, Conditioner etc).
R2C2 = Lipstick , lipstick and more lipstick.. ☺ ☺
R2C3 = Lakme Jewel Sindoor, Eyeliner, bindis etc.
R3C1 = Rubber bands, hair bands, hair clips etc.
R3C2 = Eye-shadows, compacts, mirror etc.
R3C3= Perfumes, Aromatic Oils ☺

Section V
Since my exams have come up section V is filled with books, earlier I used to keep all my bags, umbrellas, belts etc there. Till my exams get over my books will occupy this area. As soon as exams get over I will keep them neatly on my study table and let them collect dust. And the rightful owners of this section will come and occupy this place….

My first blog at IMBB ☺ ☺ I’m so excited.. and it is dedicated to all the lovely people at IMBB ☺ ☺.. If you have any suggestions to improve my organizational skills or my writing skills let me know.. A big & loud “whistle” for IMBB ladies ☺


60 thoughts on “How to Arrange your Wardrobe & Accessories

  1. Hi SuGe,

    Excellent article. Very detailed & easy to read.

    Can any one of you suggest me what kind of wadrobe shall i buy as am getting married soon. We have a small space but width is good.

  2. Oh My FREAKIN GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My first article thank you thank you thank you… !!!!!!!!!!shouting top of my lung !!!!!! THANK YOU 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    @Debasree .. Congratulations 🙂 🙂 Hope you have a fantastic & happy married life…
    For marriage I think you can buy lots of Saree & Chudidar… Buy t shirts, jeans after you get married because by that time you’ll be able to gauge whether your inlaws are okay with Jeans & T-shirts…. plus you may put on little “weight” because of all the sweets at home.. Congrats dear …

    1. Hey thanks a lot SuGe.. Thanks for your wishes. Actually I was looking for a wadrobe which can be fitted in my apartment. Anyways, your tips are great, I will keep that in mind

  3. Hey SuGe, welcome to IMBB ( I’m new here too! :silly: :giggle: ).
    you’ve done a really good job! :yes: :yes: I’m ashamed of my organizational skills. 🙁 :wilt:
    and i know exactly how you’re feeling cause thats pretty much what i’m going through! hope Rati lets me write for her blog too!! :-))
    :-* :-* awesome job again!

    1. thank u IK :)… I try to keep my space neat & clean… the key to organizational skill is to devote time to it every day.. !!! 15 min daily !! is all you need …
      And you got to write a blog here .. eagerly waiting for it 🙂

        1. lots of shoes huh… 🙂 🙂 I never get around to buy lot of shoes ~~ its always 4 slippers not one more…
          1. Ordinary slippers
          2. Black sandal
          3. Formal shoes
          4. Expensive pretty slippers…

          hmm maybe i need to buy more slippers

          1. 🙂 i’ve been a shoe girl since i was 1 & 1/2 years old. 😛 (mum claims this..) right now i have around 41/42 pairs excluding the numerous house slippers. :blush:

            1. Exactly!!!!!!! I organize my stuff only when i do not find something and decide to organize it everyday.. 😛 the enthu lasts max for two days…

              Suge.. I loved your ferrero rocher tray!!! muah muah!!!

    1. he he he.. I know some of my friends say the same.. But you know I love to clean and Organize stuff… along with makeup and skin care products.. i love products which clean and organize things at home…

  4. You’re usage of the chocolate box was simply too good…I always struggle with earrings. I have too many and I don’t know how to deal with them. Thanks for this wonderful idea 🙂

    1. thank you aparna 🙂 … i can understand before using this chocolate tray to organize my earrings I used to have so trouble finding my earrings… I’ve lost many earrings because i had no proper place to put them… Hopefully you will find my next article “how to organize closet” useful… (hoping it gets published)

  5. wow you have great organizational skills. everything i have goes in my cupboard which is overflowing by now. I cannot really get an open shelf because i have a small sibling he will definitely throw things out from the cabinet 😛
    might get a closed cabinet now seeing your post 🙂

    1. Thank you Insiya 🙂 … its tough to keep room neat when you have a younger sibling, keeping things open ~~ not only will you loose things , god forbid she/he might swallow it 🙁 .. you can invest in a lot of boxes which have child safety option.. or do what i do ~~~ Buy a box which is really tough to open !! and keep it on the topmost shelf….

    1. I am so glad that you are also into cleaning and organizing things…. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 finally someone with common interest 🙂

    1. Deborah… 3 kids and one Big Kid (your hubby )… sorry dear few things are beyond me .. ha ha ha… you have inspired me to write a article ~~~ on my cleaning and organizing routine~~~ maybe it will help someone 🙂

  6. Wow!!!!

    the world will come to an end before i become so organised… 😯 😯

    And the open wardrobe thing is clever.. 😎 but I’ll soon develop immunity against the revolted looks on my family’s face and it will still be cluttered… :silly: :silly:

    My poor would-be hubby… :pain:

    1. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Mrunmayee 🙂 🙂 🙂
      “i read your blog ” ~~~ awesome…

      when i read IMBB, and the blogs of the contributors of IMBB ~~ i’m in another WORLD

  7. Hi Suge,

    Welcome to IMBB. It’s a fantastic post. I would say that I keep my stuff clean but I am not so organized. I actually lead a very busy life so kind of cheat a lot when it comes to household work. 😛 But like Rima said, I also need to buy some chocolate boxes now he he . 😛

    1. First I need to thank you Rati 🙂 ~~~ Thank you ~~~~

      I can understand some days I skip my routine of cleaning… 🙂 🙂

      But I allot 30 min daily to myself

      15 min ~ “me” time
      15 min ~ ” room ” time

  8. 😯 😯 😯 I’m speechless.. I always arrange it neatly and I think within 2-3 days everything wud be cluttered.. I’m inspired by you that I’m gonna make an effort from now on… Awesome post

    1. Heyyy thank you… 🙂
      I know cleaning is not a big problem ~~~Maintenance IS ~~~
      🙂 15 min daily cleaning is my mantra 🙂
      plus my room is really small so if I dont keep the room clean I wouldnt have space for myself to stand in 🙂

  9. The earrings tray is such a cute idea!!! I eat FR all the time too but never thought of it…and have been searching for something to put ALL my earrings in where they are visible so I can wear them daily!

    That was some creative thinking!!! And I am going to steal your idea…and I am super excited about it! Time to get a new box of FR! 😛

    1. I am really glad that you liked my ideas 🙂 🙂 “””imitation is the best form of flattery””” so you can use whatever idea you saw here …. I will make sure that in my next article I incorporate lots of little ideas like these 🙂

  10. I really like your idea of using those trays for earrings 😀 Am sure gonna borrow this idea to arrange my beaded necklaces they are forever tangled as I just dump them in a box. Great post! 🙂

    1. Hi Neha 🙂 🙂 … just a few days back i read your post 🙂 i loved it… I hope I am able to publish more articles here and hope i dont let your “expectations” down…

  11. Woooow SuGe… are really organised….I do try n keep my things as organised as possible but the lack of space and time dont help me much 🙂

    Waiting for ur next post!!

    1. thank u HD… i feel like I know u so much just by reading ur posts n comments… i hope i can write another post soon but am caught up with personal work & exams 🙂 🙂 as soon as they get over u can expect me to write one soon!!!!

  12. Love your collection!! 🙂
    I have stored my bangles in the same way. The only problem which i have is that the silver ones tend to turn Black…if you know what im saying. I really love my silver and stone studded bangles. but as they are not covered so they turn a little dark 🙁
    Any solution to this problem?? As i can’t seem to find any bangle box anywhere

    1. never keep silver jewellery in turns black…always keep it wrapped in cotton or any air tight container or simply a polythene bag 🙂

  13. Hey SuGe…u r simply gr8.. Am such a lazy gal, who postpond room cleaning ‘process’ for ‘next’ sunday evrytime.. Juz hate it.. Uff..
    I realy likd dis ferroro rocher idea..and feeling guilty for throwing away all thos trays.. being an earings addict i developd ma own idea of keeping thm 4 daily easy access by arranging thm in a thermocol thin piece covered with velvet i always took th earings frm dat and in th evng i throw them somwer.. So i vl defntly opt dis tray idea… Thanxx… 🙂 🙂

  14. could you please tell me where you bought that open shelved cupboard. ive been looking for one for ages . cant find it .

  15. Today I was thinking for doing something good with my Wardrobe….and here i got this post.excellent article. Very detailed & easy to read

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