9 Secrets For Choosing The Right Perfume

So are you a perfume lover? If yes, you may be aware about the different changes that a perfume undergoes as the time passes by. Moreover, this is something based on personal likes and dislikes on how to choose the perfume for themselves. Earlier, it was usually said that the floral fragrance are the girl’s best made choice; it was rose or something similar smelling scents everywhere. But now if you happen to hit a skin care or perfume counter, you will know about the different type of fragrances introduced for women. You will actually get confused smelling one after the other , so here are some tips which will help you to choose the right perfume for yourself.

9 Secrets To Choose The Right Perfume

1. Plan a budget

Do you know the cost of the most expensive perfume all over the world? It is $215,000 with 16.9 ounce of perfume in it. We are individuals belonging to a middle class salary, who obviously won’t aim to own such an expensive product. So always plan your budget first, select the minimum and maximum range to buy the perfume and express it to the sales person freely, there is nothing wrong in it.

2. Friends’ suggestion

9 Secrets To Choose The Right Perfume

Don’t shell out money just because your friend has suggested you a perfume. Check out the various flavours and fragrances that the scent has and also read reviews available online. This should be taken just as a reference and should not purchase a particular fragrance just based in the reviews.

3. Know yourself
Choosing the best perfume for you depends on your taste and preference. You should know the likes and dislikes about yourself. List out the various Fragrances and brands you have loved so that you can ask about them at the counter.

4. Suites your personality

9 Secrets To Choose The Right Perfume

Some people are very clam and serene in their behaviour so choose a perfume that is mild and publicly unnoticeable. Some girls love to be cheerful and flirty, so choose the fragrance according to your personality. Few girls are more addicted to men’s perfume; there is nothing wrong in having a men’s perfume addiction, you can find the similar fragrance in women collection too.

5. Test it before purchasing

9 Secrets To Choose The Right Perfume

How much can you actually make out from the perfume strip? Many perfumes have a nature to change its smell as the time passes. There are 3 notes in a perfume;
• First note is a fragrance which you smell immediately when the sales person shows.
• Middle note is the fragrance that a perfume changes to after some time.
• Base note, you won’t even understand as the fragrance changes and becomes strong comparatively after spending 2-3 hours with it.

6. Prefer Citrus , fruity and fresh flavors

9 Secrets To Choose The Right Perfume

Everyone wants her own signature smell, and to achieve this you should know to choose the perfume correctly. Girls mostly prefer citrus, fruity and fresh flavor perfume which can be worn well in offices, colleges, party or if you have planned to attend a wedding. You may also choose oriental or spicy fragrance which includes vanilla and raisins.

7. Take skin type into account
I hope you know the correct places to spray perfume so that it lasts longer. Perfume comes in contact with the skin and if you have a dry skin, there are high chances that it gets blowed and carried away after sometime. As perfumes are a combination of various layers and notes, always choose a perfume that would last longer.

8. Smell the trip first


You should always smell the trip first, wait for 10-15 minutes and then smell it again. If you love the smell, spray it again on your skin and observe the fragrance as a confirmation. As I mentioned before, some perfume show wired behaviour on trips and skin. If this is satisfying your thirst, pick it up.

9. Do not smell in bunch
Avoid testing the perfumes one after another in a bunch, you will be confused with the fragrance and run to get the coffee bean for you. But after crossing a limit, coffee bean does not freshen you up and you may end up with bad combinations for nose. For this, first prepare a list which mentions your favorite brand and flavors.

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