9 Signs that Prove You are a Die-Hard Red Lipstick Lover

Hello, gorgeous IMBBians!
Red lipstick is one of the easiest ways to revamp your look and to oomph up any monotonous outfit. I am sure most IMBBians swear by their Ruby Woo and Russian Red, and can’t resist picking up new hot red lippies. This post is dedicated to those beauties who totally rely on blood red puckers for looking glam.
9 Signs that Prove You are a Die-Hard Red Lipstick Lover

1. You are a collector by heart

You do know that there are so many different types of red. From a rich berry to a velvety crimson to a blue based bright red. Nothing escapes your attention and soon they land in your lipstick land.

2. You spend mostly on red lipsticks

best red lipsticks
A sure-shot way of finding a true red lipstick fan is to calculate the money they “invest” in finding the perfect red. From drugstore to high end, you know the red lipsticks like the back of your hand. And a significant part of your money is spent in buying your beloved lipsticks.

3. Your phone has proof

The countless selfies you took hold testimony to the fact that you look hot in bold lips. So you puff and pout your way, putting your fascination for red lipsticks on display.

4. Your confidence touches the sky

A swipe of your favorite crimson lipstick and you feel ready to take on the world. You look and feel gorgeous, your confidence levels soaring high.

5. Favorite celeb rocks red lips

celeb red lipstick
If you are truly obsessed with red lipsticks, you must be a devoted fan of iconic celebs like Marilyn Monroe and Taylor Swift who redefine hotness and glamour in their red pout.

6. You are an expert

Other girls trust your opinions for choosing the perfect red. So you accompany your besties to MAC stores to help them take their pick. The shades you wear become a topic of discussion in your girl gang.

7. Your trusted companion

beautiful red lips
You may forget your wallet or keys but you will NEVER EVER step out of your house without arming yourself with your favorite lipstick tube. Forget carrying your lipstick tube in your bag when stepping out.

8. Men find you attractive

You’re unapologetically sexy every time and always look well put together. Men can’t have enough of you and find you too hot to handle. 😉

9. You feel incomplete without red lips

red lipstick quote
Red lips have become so much intrinsic to your persona, that on days you skip wearing it (which is rarely) everyone in your immediate contact range asks you what’s wrong! You without red lips seem so incomplete! *sigh*

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  1. Me too..me tooo….i luv red…thats y each n every time I promise myself to buy a lipstick of different shade…i always come back home with a red lippie relaxing in my bag…

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