Signs That Prove You Are A True Fashionista


How are you all enjoying this engrossing season? I think I am insane about rain and that’s why I keep hashing out about rainy season. Never mind! Coming back to our today’s post, first of all I would like to ask you one thing. How do you define fashion and a fashion lover or say fashionista? According to me, fashion is all about feeling really good about yourself! Fashion is something which takes you to a world where you are independent, confident and it vivifies you internally. A fashion lover is simply an extrovert about innovations and is never afraid of experiments. You are a true fashionista if you acquire the following qualities in you, check out!

Signs That Prove You Are A True Fashionista3

Confidence Oozes Out No Matter What You Wear

Signs That Prove You Are A True Fashionista2

Confidence is the only accessory that you need the most as without confidence even an outfit worth a million dollars would go in vain. You are considered to be a true fashion lover if you know how to incorporate confidence in all sorts of outfits, looks and styles. Your dressing sense shows that you are a fashionista, but confidence on your face lets people know that you are comfortable with your look.

You Have A Habit to Grasp Inspirations

Signs That Prove You Are A True Fashionista1

Just like in makeup, look recreation is a common and most used hack to wear a benign look without any failure. In the same way, if you are not sure of doing too much or over the top experiments, then only look-inspirations are there to save you. A real style diva learns from her surroundings like style inspirations from parties, street style, or from anywhere else. But picking something informative from various styles and people is the habit of fashionistas.

You Are A Smart Shopper

Signs That Prove You Are A True Fashionista6

Mark my words here, girls! You need not be a shopaholic to be fashionable. If you admire fashion and style, you know what to shop and what not to. Besides being a smart shopper who shops calmly, you are supposed to be a wardrobe organizer if you are in a race to prove yourself a style lover. I know it is little tricky, but come on ladies! Nothing is tricky for today’s girl! (I hope it doesn’t sound filmy or like a typical bhaashan). And remember; never grab any crap for your wardrobe.

Your Mind is Full of Innovative Ideas

Signs That Prove You Are A True Fashionista

Nope! Please don’t take me wrong here because I am not suggesting you to be a fashion designer, obviously. In fact, it is a scientifically proven fact that women are much more creative compared to men. So, you are just advised to utilize this god’s gift in your sense of dressing. Fashion innovation is not just about new designs, but also about dazzling in boring outfits. And we all IMBBans know and understand it very well. Am I right, gals?

You Have A Sense of Fashion Science

Signs That Prove You Are A True Fashionista7

There is nothing like rocket science in applying fashion science because it generates within you! 😀 By the term “fashion science”, I mean that you have an idea of mixing and matching and various color contradictions as it is crucial in the world of style. A clear sense of pairing footwear with outfit, applying suitable makeup and carrying right accessories are the basic chapters of fashion which is not a big deal for a fashionista.

You Have A Knack to Make Your Surroundings Prettier

Signs That Prove You Are A True Fashionista5

Just decking up yourself or always dressing to kill are not the complete definitions of fashion and don’t make you an actual fashionista, but a true fashion lover decorates and embellish the surrounding thing along with organizing things amazingly. A drizzle effect is needed in you to make all the surrounding things and people pretty just like you.

So gals! Stay aware and happy and try to find a fashion Diva in you.

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