9 Hacks to Master the Dewy Look

Not sometimes, but many of the times makeup can make your face look powdery and dry. It looks somewhat like a cake pan fitted over the face. The best alternative to get over that dry makeup is to get a perfect dewy look. Dewy look is in the trend these days, and it makes the skin shine and also look beautiful. Dewy finish on face helps to get a sun kissed look without making it look artificial and too much powdery. It looks feminine and also makes the skin look hydrated and young. Today, I’ll share some tricks that’ll help you master the dewy look!

9 Beauty Hacks to Master the Dewy Look4

Use Lip Gloss for Cheeks

9 Beauty Hacks to Master the Dewy Look3

If you have a light tinted pink lip gloss at home, you can get the dewy look over face too. This pastel color can be rubbed on the cheeks so that it gives a gloss to the cheeks. Instead of using a foundation or blusher over cheeks and taking efforts to not to make the skin look powdery, rub the pink lip gloss over cheeks and spread it with the fingertips.

Coconut Oil as A Highlighter

Rubbing coconut oil over cheekbones and cheeks can help to make the cheeks glow. Coconut oil is extremely light in texture and also non-greasy. The smell is also bearable and the oil stays over skin for a longer period of time too.

9 Beauty Hacks to Master the Dewy Look

Exfoliate Well in Advance

Exfoliating the skin is the key. Whether you use a natural exfoliator or a cream to exfoliate, exfoliation is very essential for skin to look fresh and young. You should always try to exfoliate your skin twice a week which will make the skin look dewy in itself. Just a little of coconut oil can help to get the dewy look.

Mix (and match) Your Lipsticks

9 Beauty Hacks to Master the Dewy Look5

Always mix two lipsticks to get a better combination over lips. One lipstick should have matte finish and the other one should be glossy. Not too much matte, not too much gloss –  it should look natural over your lips. When trying to achieve a dewy look, you must concentrate on the lips more. So, even if you apply a little of gloss to the centre of your lips, you’ll look all dewy and playful.

The Multipurpose Avocado Oil

After you have applied your blush, lip gloss and foundation, dip the makeup brush in little of avocado oil and run it lightly on the face. Avocado oil is heavy in texture, and will make the foundation last longer and also give you a dewy complexion.

Moisturise with A Mask First

9 Beauty Hacks to Master the Dewy Look1

This is one of the things which ladies often forget. If you need a dewy complexion you should always opt for night creams or hydrating mask. Choose the one with brightening effects that will help to brighten the skin up naturally. You should use hydrating mask once a week.

The Good Old Vaseline

Rubbing some Vaseline on the neck and the near the ears can help to balance the dewy look. Using Vaseline is one the great tricks ever used to get the dewy complexion. Use it over hands, neck, face, lips and eyebrows with or without makeup. This can be used as an alternative to any of the oils.

Ditch Your Makeup Brushes

9 Beauty Hacks to Master the Dewy Look2

Always use fingertips to spread your foundation and eyeshadows. This one is tried and tested by many makeup gurus!

Remove Unwanted Facial Hair

The key to get a fresh dewy complexion is to remove all the facial hair a day before you experiment with this look. Threading is the best way to get rid of the facial hair, and if you have been waxing the hair, go for waxing.

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3 thoughts on “9 Hacks to Master the Dewy Look

  1. Erm , I am pretty sure lipgloss on the cheeks will break people out. How about a dewy finish serum foundation on the skin , and a hint of a cream blush / cheek tint ? I like the idea of using a hydrating masque beforehand though.

  2. Great tips Rima. I like applying my bb cream and foundations using my fingers more and also the look I acheive, but I feel that reduces the staying power of the products. Not sure how coconut oil will behave on my face.

  3. Mixing a drop of coconut oil in foundation may help to get dewy finish. I haven’t tried it myself but have heard about it. Lip gloss on cheeks will make skin appear oily, not dewy.

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