Beauty Blender Liquid Blendercleanser Review

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Hope all of you are enjoying the festive season. I am also quite excited to visit various durga puja pandals and participate in their rituals. Anyway before I start dreaming about garba and dandiya, let me talk about my today’s obsession. After my not-so-good experience with Japonesque Brush Cleaner, I bought this well known Beauty Blender Cleanser in liquid version. I haven’t used the solid cleanser, but I have been using this cleanser for the past 2-3 months. Hence I can certainly claim that this liquid cleanser is definitely better than my previous brush cleaner. We do get cheaper alternatives in the market, but considering that it is gentle and effective, I feel it deserves a chance. So let’s read more about Beauty Blender Liquid Blendercleanser.

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Product Description:
What it is:
A sponge and brush cleanser that’s free of dyes and skin irritants. 

What it does:
This cleanser supports the integrity of the beautyblender® as it removes excess residue and germs for a clean makeup application. The cleanser’s soothing soy-based, low-suds formula breaks down rapidly making it earth-friendly, while the light lavender scent makes it fun to use.

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Suggested Usage:
-Wet your beautyblender® or makeup brushes.
-Apply a dime-sized amount of liquid blendercleanser® to solid areas of beautyblender.
-Work into lather, rinse, and repeat if necessary. Squeeze to remove excess water.
-Great for pre-soaking to clean stubborn stains.
-Set beautyblender or makeup brushes out to dry

$18 for 5 Oz, I bought it for $17.50 a while back

My Experience with Beauty Blender Liquid Blendercleanser:

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The liquid cleanser comes in a transparent plastic bottle packaging with a pump press-plate mechanism along with a tight fitted cap for more hygienic and mess-free handling. Its press-plate mechanism certainly works fair for sponges and brushes, but then for stubborn marks we need to soak the brushes in solution and that’s where I find this packaging tricky. Even sometimes the press plate seems jammed making it harder to press any further. It does have a weird, soapy smell which I dislike, but thankfully it does not linger on my sponges or brushes. Other than that, I find it pretty user friendly and travel friendly.

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The liquid cleanser is a translucent, pale yellow fluid with a bit runny consistency, yet it holds good enough on sponges and brushes without dripping on the floor. I don’t own a Beauty Blender sponge yet, but I do have couple of makeup buffs/sponges from various brands which need frequent washing. Hence I find that this cleanser works perfect for those sponges, usually my make up sponges are easy to clean as I rarely use face makeup but I am amazed to see that just few drops of this cleanser remove all dirt and grime off my sponges within a minute. I mean, normally I have to wait for 2-3 hours if I dip my sponges in a baby wash solution or a normal cleanser, but with this liquid cleanser, I can achieve spot treatment.

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I need not wait for hours to get my sponges clean; this is just wow! In fact it works for my makeup brushes as well, since they are rarely soiled with stubborn foundation or makeup marks, just one pump makes them squeaky clean within minutes. However for better results on older stains, I do make a solution of cleanser in water and dip my brushes for half an hour (which is good enough to remove all the stains and dirt), and my brushes look squeaky clean post rinse. However, I would have achieved these results with a baby wash too. I mean I see that it works really well for light stains and makeup remnants while there are times when I haven’t washed them for weeks and I feel the need to dip my tools for half and hour. Still it is much better than other cleansers.

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Moreover, as long as I am using it as a spot treatment, the press plate mechanism works for me. But it is difficult to pour the liquid out in a bowl while making a solution. Over all I feel that other than its press plate mechanism, I like everything about this cleanser. If you are fine with that press- plate, then you should check it out. Personally I don’t think I will need it again since 5 OZ will last me for more than a year even if I use it weekly. Moreover I might get its ‘solid’ cleanser as I love to try different products every time.

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Let’s sum up pros and cons:

Pros of Beauty Blender Liquid Blendercleanser:

• A liquid cleanser such a reputed brand
• It works really well for both sponges and brushes irrespective of the brand
• Its pump mechanism is convenient to use as a spot treatment for sponges and brushes
• Works instantly; no need to dip the tools in the solution for hours
• Removes makeup remnants effectively without much efforts
• It does not leave any residue or smell on my beauty tools
• It takes only half an hour to clean stubborn marks
• Quite user friendly & travel friendly

Cons of Beauty Blender Liquid Blendercleanser:

• It might not work instantly for stubborn, old makeup marks
• I dislike its weird, soapy smell which is nowhere close to lavender
• The press-plate often gets jammed
• It is difficult to pour the liquid in a bowl to make solution

Even though I see that its press-plate mechanism gives me hard luck at times, I cannot deny the fact that it saves so much of my time which was earlier being spent on scrubbing and rubbing the sponges and brushes. I simply need to dip my brush or sponge in the cleanser and rinse them with water.

IMBB Rating:
I will rate it 4.5/5!

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  1. Interesting product ! But the cons haan do not make it very inviting to stash it in your vanity…well reviewed as always Neetu 🙂

  2. thanks gals 🙂 this sure is great cleanser though the press plate mechanism seems trikcy for old stubborn stains which need generous dipping.. 🙂

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