9 Almonds Health and Beauty Benefits

The heath and beauty benefits of almonds are numerous and varied. A super food that it is, you can rely on almonds to keep many an ailment at bay while serving your daily beauty needs. It is very delicious and multi-dimensional when it comes to taking care of your all-round health. That is why, you should always try including almonds in your daily diet.

Health Benefits Of Almonds:
For human brain: Almond is good for your brain. Chew a couple of almonds soaked in water to ensure proper development of brain. This is going to be of help to growing children in particular.
For human heart: Almond is very good for heart. Almonds have proteins, mono-saturated fats and potassium which keep heart in good condition. Almonds also contain Vitamin E and make almonds one of the best anti-oxidants to keep heart ailments away. There is magnesium in almonds and this helps to steer clear of heart attacks. Almonds also help prevent build up of fatty deposits in arteries.
For blood pressure: The potassium contained in almonds is helpful in regulating blood pressure. Moreover, the sodium content in almonds is low; this too is instrumental in controlling blood pressure.
Almonds and diabetes: Almonds can lower the insulin and sugar level from your blood and thus, offer protection from diabetes.
Almonds and cholesterol regulation: A survey was conducted among three groups of people who were having oil-based diet, almond-based diet and dairy-based diet respectively. It was found that the group having almond-based diet had reduced levels of cholesterol.
For weight loss: Almonds, especially almond milk that has not been artificially sweetened, is known to be wonderful for reducing weight. Actually, almonds have mono-saturated fats that satisfy appetite and help you to control over-eating.
Almonds and constipation: Almond is fiber-rich and thus, helps to combat problems of constipation. Water intake must be increased along with almond eating.
In pregnancy: Almond is good for pregnant women as almond has folic acid that reduces the chances of complications during pregnancy and delivery.

Beauty Benefits Of Almonds:
The benefits of almonds can not be simply restricted to health; it is an excellent way to fulfill your daily beauty needs as well. However, the application of almonds in the world of beauty is seen mainly in the form of almond oil. Keep a bottle of almond oil handy to treat your skin and hair in the easiest possible way. Apart from almond oil, almond milk is also beneficial for your beauty needs.

For hair: Almond oil is an outstanding massage oil for your hair. Just apply the oil on your hair and scalp in gentle circular motions to get beautiful hair. Are you wondering why is almond good for your hair? Here are the reasons:
• It adds luster to your hair.
• It promotes growth of hair.
•It is helpful in protecting your hair from breaking.
• It nourishes hair from within.
• It makes the texture of hair silky by making the hair cuticles smooth.

Almonds for skin:
Almonds work great for your skin as well. Chewing a few almonds everyday and the right application of almond and almond oil on your skin improves the texture and keeps many a skin problem away. Here is what almonds can do for your skin:

• Almonds nourish your skin from within and make it smooth.
• Almonds help in improving your complexion.
• Almonds impart a youthful glow to your skin.
• Almonds moisturize your skin and help to delay the process of aging.
• Almonds help to relive dry skin conditions and irritations.
• Almonds soothe inflammations and chapped skin.

Easiest Beauty Tips with Almonds:
Body scrub: Add a cup of finely ground almonds to half-a-cup honey and two spoons of lemon. Mix the ingredients and use it as a scrub all over your body to get rid of dead cells and get a smooth complexion and soft skin.
Face scrub: Crush almonds that you have soaked for a few hours and make a paste. Add milk to it and use it on your face as a natural exfoliant to remove dirt, dead cells and other impurities. Your facial skin becomes clean, soft and radiant.
Almond milk as astringent: Use almond milk on your face to control excess oil production on your skin.
Almond oil mask for face: Mix honey, almond oil and lemon juice. Use it as a moisturizing facial mask once every week to reduce fine-lines, flaky skin and crow’s feet.
Hair conditioner: Mix almond oil with olive oil and massage on your hair and scalp. This would deep condition your hair and make hair healthy.


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  1. Super article Somreeta!! :thanks:
    I loveeeee almonds. And yes using sweet almond oil made my hair really soft… :pigtail:

    Btw I tried the oil cleansing method twice, i love it!! :preen: :preen: :preen: skin become so soft soft… thanks to you…. :-*

    1. Hie Aditi..thanx so much dear 🙂 so sweet of u to actually lemme know abt the oil cleansing method :puchhi:

    1. Hi Rati 🙂 u r welcome 🙂
      ya..im better..performed the last rituals today….somwhr deep in my heart, gained a satisfaction!

  2. Nice tips somreeta..coincidentally I am having almonds right now :toothygrin: usually include them in between meals :)) I would lovce to try the mask but would it suit oily skin? ?:)

    1. The mask is mainly for dry skin Parita… u may however add more of lemon juice and less oil comparatively for oily skin..

  3. Somreeta, me always have almonds everyday after I read an article regarding its benefits from LOLO ( Karisma kapoor) from reader;s digest, and I love it !! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

  4. hey Somreeta,
    Thats very nice post, very informative. :victory2:
    Mum gives me almondsevry mrng soaked in water evry nite, aprt from their benefits they r YUMMY :jiggy1: love them btw do they [revent hairfall kyaa :snicker:

    1. Yesss Supriya , Almonds are very good for hair.The oil nourishes the hair follicles and and intake of almonds is extremely good as its rich in essential fatty acids and minerals that strenghtens the roots of hair !

      1. o..dats great Supriya! and thank uuuu….. u can use it for hairfall by combining castor oil with it.. :pigtail:

        Taps…..! how have u been dear?

  5. thanks madam. i read this article i like it plz tell me can i use almond face scrub daily becasue i have dry & sensitive skin .

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