Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer Review

Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer

Claims: Say “Au revoir” to dark circles, blemishes, sun damage, broken capillaries, redness and more.
Discover the magic of Amazing Concealer.

Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer
Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer

Makeup artist’s recommendations: A very small amount of Amazing Concealer is all you need to naturally and completely erase skin imperfections.

Directions: Apply pin dot amounts of concealer (preferably with concealer brush) at the inside corner of each eye (see illustration). Three dots in the shape of a triangle is all you’ll need to erase under eye circles.

To erase other skin imperfections such as: broken capillaries, sun damage, blemishes and redness, also apply in small pin dot amounts. Remember, a little goes a long way.

Tip: Always apply AmazingConcealer on skin that has been moisturized, and blend until product is completely absorbed.

Price : Approx Rs 1400/-

Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer
Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer

My experience with Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer:

  • It does am excellent job at concealing the under eye circles and blemishes. There are 10 shades to choose from and I have it in the shade Dark Tan. Dark Tan is exactly the same shade as my NW 35 MAC Studio Finish Concealer.
  • The concealer looks quite thick if you apply it on bare skin but if you have applied in under eye cream first, it blends into your skin perfectly.
  • It’s quite an opaque and highly pigmented concealer. You barely need half a pea size amount for both your under eye area.
  • It has never creased on me. I anyway apply powder to set my makeup so I have never faced any issues.
  • The consistency is on the thinner side so it gives you ample time to blend.
  • The concealer is quite buildable. You can completely make your dark circles and blemishes disappear.
  • No animal testing.
  • It comes in a squeeze tube so it keeps the product hygienic.
Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer swatch
Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer swatch

What I don’t like about Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer.

  • It’s one of the most expensive products I have in my collection. It’s just 6 gm of product for Rs 1400/-. I am okay with spending so much but I do expect decent amount of product for this much amount. I had a free voucher , which I redeemed or else I wouldn’t have purchased it.
  • The first ingredient mentioned on the tube is mineral oil. It’s quite disgusting.
  • Since the consistency is thin, it takes good 30 seconds to dry up.
  • The 6gm tube I have is not even completely filled. I agree that little goes a long way but seriously it doesn’t do justice to the price.
  • If you apply too much, it might look cakey.

Overall I think I picked it up because of the hype and I wanted to fall in love with it. For a week or two I was all heads over heels in love with it but then I realized that the product is way too less for price tag.I would say that it’s an excellent concealer  but honestly, I think MAC does a great job with concealers. Also you get good quantity for the price you pay.

If you don’t mind paying such hefty amount for the teeny meeny tube, by all means go for it. It does an amazing  job.

Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog rating : :-* :-*:-* + 0.5


24 thoughts on “Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer Review

  1. Insiya,

    It’s quite amazing just that it’s painfully expensive. 6 ml doesn’t justify the price na..And I dont think it’s a luxury brand also.. 😕

  2. Thanks for the review Rati 🙂 I swatched dark tan in the store and it matched, but after reading the mineral oil con, I am kinda thinkin if I should get it or no…and yeah, as u say there is way too less product for the price we pay 🙁

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