Amazing Ways to Get Strong and Beautiful Hair with Coconut Milk

Indian cuisine, especially South Indian, uses coconut milk extensively in its dishes and that’s because it adds immense flavour and taste to the most basic and simplest of curries. Each one of us is aware of the amazing benefits of using coconut oil on hair and skin, and not to forget, weight loss, but coconut milk is equally good too! Coconut milk, which is extracted from the white flesh (not to be confused with coconut water) of the fruit, is full of nutrients, vitamins, and micronutrients, hugely beneficial for skin, hair, and for overall health. Counting its abundant hair-beneficial nutrients – from vitamin C, iron, to trace minerals like selenium and magnesium. Coconut milk can make hair long, strong, and healthy because it nourishes hair, supplies ample moisture, boosts hair growth, and reduces hair fall. It’s one of nature’s best ingredients to nourish hair follicles and promote hair growth; not to forget, it makes hair soft and shiny too. In this post, we list out different ways to get strong and beautiful hair with coconut milk.

Amazing Ways to Get Strong and Beautiful Hair with Coconut Milk

Nutritional Benefits of Coconut Milk:

  • Rich in trace minerals like selenium, magnesium (rare to find from food sources).
  • High in vitamin C, which also has antioxidant properties.
  • Rich in B vitamins such as B1, B3, B5, and B6, prevents premature greying.
  • Lauric acid content has anti-bacterial properties.
  • Has healthy fat.
  • Good source of protein.
  • Rich in vitamin E.

Benefits of Using Coconut Milk on Hair:

  1. Nourishes hair thoroughly by penetrating the hair strand.
  2. Fights premature greying of hair.
  3. With its moisturizing properties, prevents hair breakage.
  4. Best solution to moisturize dry scalp.
  5. Repairs damaged hair.
  6. Promotes hair growth.
  7. Reduces hair fall.
  8. Conditions rough and damaged hair.

How to Make Coconut Milk:

No need to get canned coconut milk from your local supermarket. You can make your own coconut milk by blending one cup of coconut and mixing it with two cups of hot water. All you have to do now is to strain this mixture, and voila, coconut milk is now ready to use. You can refrigerate this coconut milk  and use it up to 5 days, after which you can make a fresh batch.

Ways to get Beautiful Hair with Coconut Milk:

1. As a Pre-shampoo treatment: If your hair tends to get extremely frizzy after shampooing, it would be a good idea to try this pre-shampoo treatment – mix 2 tbsp of coconut milk, 1 tbsp fo coconut oil, and 1 tbsp of honey. Get a smooth consistency by mixing well and apply it on the scalp and hair length. Keep for 20 minutes and rinse with a mild shampoo.

2. As a Leave-in Conditioner: Make a natural conditioner by mixing equal quantities of coconut milk and sweet almond oil, and squeeze in two vitamin E capsules. Transfer this mixture into a spray bottle and spritz all over after washing hair. You can also combine just coconut milk with equal quantity of jojoba oil and spritz all over hair.

3. As a Conditioner: Combine coconut milk in your regular conditioner, and shampoo as usual.

4. Homemade Shampoo: For people who want to shun chemical-based shampoos or people who are allergic to parabens and sulphates in shampoos, here’s an easy homemade coconut milk shampoo that you can make at home.

5. To massage dry scalp: Dry scalp is one of the main reasons for dandruff and hair fall. To nourish and moisturize dry scalp, apply coconut milk on your hair and massage it all over for 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse after one hour with a mild shampoo.

6. To treat hair loss: You can use coconut milk in two ways to treat hair fall naturally – infusing it either with rosemary or camphor. With rosemary – add 1 tbsp of rosemary leaves into one cup of coconut milk and let the rosemary seethe into the milk on low flame. Remove after 20 minutes and store this mixture in  a bottle and keep in the refrigerator for use up to one week. To make an anti-hair fall treatment with camphor – in one cup of coconut milk, add half cup of yogurt and a little camphor. Apply this pack on the scalp and leave for 20 minutes. Rinse with a mild shampoo.

7. Coconut Milk Hair Mask: The best way to use coconut milk is by whipping it up with other potent hair-beneficial natural ingredients. Here’s a coconut milk hair mask that you can prepare easily at home (Moisturizing Hair Mask for Frizzy Hair).

Moisturizing Hair Mask for Frizzy Hair
Brown Rice Hair Mask for Damage-Free and Smooth Hair


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