Anti-Aging and Detoxifying Grape Mask: DIY

Winter is the time when grapes seem to be everywhere. Personally, I really love sweet grapes. But sour ones, I always wonder what to do with them which are so rich in Vitamin C. My search led me to this skin super skin softening face mask with green grapes. Not only it is an immediate skin softener, it also is an anti aging, great exfoliating mask with loads of benefits.

Grape mask

Ingredients Needed:


• Green Grapes 10 – 12
• All purpose flour / wheat flour 1 tbsp
• Baking soda ¼ tsp
• Strainer
How to make the Anti Aging and Detoxifying Grape Mask:
1. Assemble all the ingredients.
2. Put the grapes in the strainer and crush them till all their juices are released. The amount of juice to be added will depend on how thin you want the mask to be.

3. Add in the grape juice to achieve a thick batter like consistency. Mix the flour and the grape juice thoroughly.

4. Put in the baking soda and mix it well. The mask will become frothy and light.

5. Apply it on the face and neck immediately avoiding the area near the eyes. Leave it on for about 10 – 15 mins till it reaches a semi-dry state. I do not let it dry out completely in winters as it tends to dry out my skin too much. But in summers I let the mask dry completely before I wash it off.

6. Wash with luke warm water and pat to dry.
Benefits of the mask:
My skin becomes super soft after I wash this mask. I have never experienced such softness with any other mask. The mask leaves behind a definitely glowing, healthy and a brighter skin.

Grapes belong to the berry family and contains vitamins like B6, vitamin C and vitamin A. The vitamin C in grapes cleanses the skin pores and makes them free from dirt and particles Grapes contains the minerals like potassium, magnesium, selenium etc.

Baking Soda is very good for healing acne and exfoliation. It softens the skin and calms any kind of irritation or itchiness on the skin. It helps to lighten dark spots, reduces blemishes and scrubs away dead skin cells. I guess that is where the skin softness comes from.

Flour is rich in Vitamin E. It helps in exfoliation of the skin thereby removing dead cells.


You can replace the all purpose flour with chickpea flour especially in summers or if you have oily skin.

I prefer the grapes without the skin for the mask. But you can just crush the grapes in a blender and use it to make the mask. Using this mask atleast twice a week to get maximum benefits from the mask.This mask is especially beneficial for those with oily skin

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  1. I totally agree with u, n swear by grapes anti ageing effect.. *haan ji* its so cold out that i often shiver gobbling these cool pearls in mouth i will make their mask nw.. *duh* *thankyou*

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