Lotus Herbals Face Pack Review: Teatreeclear,Claywhite, Marinyouth

Lotus Herbals 3 Face Packs Review:

Lotus Herbals SKinCare

I have to admit I am spending a lot these days and specially on face packs, clays, muds, and masks. I love the clay packs and these days I am also loving the hydrating kind of masks which do not dry but we need to keep them on for a while for the toning effect to occur. Since I was a teenager I am into clay masks that dry out and thus absorb execss oil from skin and refine pores and there by prevent pimples and clogged pores. Indians love multani mitti which is still so affordable but now various top brands have commercialised our multani miiti and made them available in convenient packs in ready to use wet form. Most packs these days I believe have multani mitti as their base clubbed with a couple more ingredients for the desired effect suited to various skin types. Here are some effective products.

Lotus Herbals Marinyouth: Marine restructuring and anti ageing face mask:

Lotus herbals marinyouth

  • All skin types; 20 minutes to firmer skin
  • Price Rs 185 for 120 grams
  • What the pack says: Thalasso in Greek means sea. Seaweed , sea algae and sea lichen contain a vast wealth of natural minerals, salts and trace elements that act as anti ageing, firming and restructuring agents on facial skin.
  • Directions: Wash your face with mild soap and blot dry. Apply a generous amount of this mask on face and neck, avoiding eyes. Leave for 15-20 minutes. Mask will not dry. Rinse with fresh water. Follow with lotus herbals anti wrinkle gel.
  • Active ingredients: sea algae, sea lichen and seaweed

What I like about the Lotus Herbals Marinyouth Face mask:

  • The colour: a very pretty muddy blue
  • The texture: it’s like soft clay
  • The claims: skin tightening
  • The fact that it does not dry but I still feel it is mud based
  • Leaves my face fresh and clarified
  • The price: Rs 185 is decent for a quality face mask that claims anti-ageing
  • Since it stays damp it cools my skin I feel
  • Clay like smell

Lotus herbals marinyouth

Not so good factors about the Lotus Herbals Marinyouth Face mask:

  • It leaves some deposit on the face
  • It leaves some blue colour on my face if I don’t rinse it well
  • We will need a thick coat of this product to actually feel its working
  • I recommend it for ppl with oily to combi skin.
  • Rating: :-* :-*  :-*

Lotus Herbals Claywhite: Black Clay Whitening Face Pack

Lotus herbals claywhite

  • All skin types; Apply for 20 minutes
  • Price rs 185 for 120 grams
  • What the pack says: black clay: very rich in minerals and silica, helps brighten facial complexion.
  • Bearberry extract/: rich in arbutin helps lighten complexion
  • Liquorice extract: lighten facial complexion
  • Directions: Wash your face with a mild soap and blot dry. Apply a generous amount of claywhite on face and neck, leaving eyes. Relax till completely dry. Rinse with fresh water. Follow with lotus herbals fairgel
  • Active ingredients:black clay, bearberry extract, liquorice extract

Lotus herbals claywhite

What I like about Lotus Herbals Claywhite Face Pack:

  • It lightens and evens out my skin tone
  • It effectively removes tan (I am fair but tan easily so I use it after sun exposure)
  • I like that black clay color
  • The texture is smooth and spreads well
  • It delivers what it claims
  • Decently priced for the quality
  • Dries out and absorbs excess oil
  • No side effects
  • Fresh muddy minty smell
  • Liqourice that lighten tan

Not so good factors about Lotus Herbals Claywhite Face Pack:

  • It causes mild tingling on sensitive skin
  • Recommended for oily to combi skin, not for dry skin
  • May leave grey color on face if not rinsed very well
  • Rating :

Lotus Herbals Teatree Clear: Teatree Clarifying Face Pack

Lotus herbals teatree clear: teatree clarifying face pack

No more pimples, acne. Blemishes and spots; Apply for 20 mins

Price: Rs 185 for 120 grams

What the pack says: Regular use of this tea tree clarifying face pack helps get rid of pimples, acne blemishes, and spots. Clarifies facial complexion and enhances facial brightness

Directions: Wash your face with mild soap and blot dry. Apply a generous amount of tea tree clear on face and neck leaving eyes. Relax till completely dry. Rinse well with fresh water. Follow with lotus herbals tea tree gel.

Active ingredients: tea tree oil, petit grain, pine, juniper and bergamot.

Rating 4 on 5

Lotus herbals teatree clear: teatree clarifying face pack

I bought this product when I broke out long back. I used it religiously. It obviously has the benefits of oil absorption and thus reduces pimples.I have faith in this product even now and try to incorporate it once a fortnight. I would recommend it to everybody with oily skin as it mattifies skin and reduces occurrence of new pimples or clogged pores. I like its  fresh teatree smell and teatree really works for skin eruptions. For everyone with skin prone to acne. This product is not recommended for dry skin at all. Its over all a good product and brightens skin and helps fade away pimple spots and pigmentation over time. May cause mild tingling.

Lotus Herbals

PS: I recommend these face masks and Lotus Herbals totally. I have been using  lotus herbals for three years now. All these packs do lighten and brighten skin feel and help remove tan with usage over a month. You can pick up the pack according what you aim at. People with very sensitive or dry skin can avoid the tea tree and clay white though.


69 thoughts on “Lotus Herbals Face Pack Review: Teatreeclear,Claywhite, Marinyouth

    1. jomol try the clay white first if u r tan prone
      or teatree if acne prone
      but blue one did not lighten skin as much as these two
      loved teatree when i broke out long back
      now liking clay white 😛

  1. These won’t work for me as I have normal-dry skin. Does lotus herbals have other face packs? Maybe there would be something for normal skin

      1. gr8!!..will surely check that out…my himalaya fruit face pack is abt to get over…so maybe lotus herbals or fab india..waiting for Rati’s review on that

              1. oh yeah it’s the same. 😛 they sent it to me so i’ll review it anyways. 🙂 I think we’ll have a veiw about it for dry skin as well. 🙂

  2. hey neha thanks for levelly review
    i too like white clay … its my first from this range and i did re-purchased it i too have oily skin and it does suits my skin well ….

  3. Finally I know which one to buy… Does the teatree one help in getting rid of acne scar? I’m actually confused between black clay and teatree.. :-/

    1. ummm kinda but only in the long run
      it does not have exfolitaion
      its rare for face pack to treat acne sacrs
      i doubt it

  4. Neha,

    Thanks for the review. have been eying the clay pack from a very long time. It looks so chocolaty and yum! Guess would skip this now and look for the one that would suit my skin type.

    I seriously need to explore their skincare more now. Haven’t come across any rotten apple from Lotus, so far. 🙂

  5. Great review Neha, didnt know Lotus has facepacks too, will definitely pick up omething from them, right now im little confused as my skin which is normally greasy has turned dry :sidefrown:

  6. hi neha… seems u hv taken a pledge to help the oily skin ppl… he he :laugh: 😀 but really we all loved ur review….
    neha, i dont suffer from pimple any more but yes the marks still persists… i’m confussed betwn d clay & tea trea masks, which 1 do u think shud i try.. ?:-) kindly suggest.. love u :inlove:

  7. hey..i got a really dark tan on ma face and hands over the years…they are a lot darker as compared to ma chest n other body parts ..wat should i do to get rid of it ??

  8. friends,,

    my skin is so sensitive.. and am doing marketing jobs.. so my skin turns into black beacuse of sunburns…. sun eposed areas are become so dark.. u know any products in lotus for these problems. and my natural color is basic indian color little dark.. i need some complxtions too.. could any one help me…

  9. I have tried the tea tree and marine youth…liked them both..they didnt dry my skin nor did i break out after using them…like i do when ive used several others face masks/packs

  10. hello guys ,rati and all of you
    am new around here
    but love this as all of us here share the Indian brands available.am tired of talking dermalogica and estee lauder.lol
    my problem is i break out a lot.am 21 and the marks dont go away.am using cetaphil currently nd as winters approaching my skin dries out too
    yeah its both oily nd strechy!at times ?:-)
    i stopped breaking out whn i used proactive
    but that things tends to dery out my skin(wayyy expensive too) :pain:
    help help help!
    i wish to try sumthng taht will help my acne,scars and yesh HUGE HUGE PORES! :struggle:


  11. hi frnds,

    my hand is looking very dark compared to my face and i have pimples in my face, could you people suggest a cream to make my face and hand look better. thanks

    1. Please us e a good sunscreen during the day – like every single day – summers, winters or rains. I think it’s the sun that’s harming your skin.

  12. Hi rati, and everyone out there!!
    I am new to IMBB but I religiously read your reviews before I decide to buy a pdt…
    Really great reviews, they helped me a lot…

    Keep rocking!!!

  13. hey

    I bot the black clay face pack, its good so far, hope it helps clearing acne and spots. thanks for the review, will want to buy marin youth as well.

  14. hmmm i bought the tea tree one and used it today. I must say the tingling sensation sort of scared me, I have sensitive skin and i break out really easily(the reason i chose the tea tree one over others) but then thankfully nothing happened.It did make my skin more fresh and had a mattifying effect but no help with acne so far…but it’ll take more than one application i guess.How frequently should i apply this….any idea?? :-/

  15. i said i bought it but it was actually more complicated than that.The salesgirl kept trying to convince me to buy a neem face pack from shea herbals(or somethin like that) and i had to waste 5minutes arguing that i feel the this one will be better for me…oh WHY do they do that at shops!! 😐 😐 😐

  16. nice recommendations.. would love to try the clay mask which helps against tanning.. Neha, I never thought this is not ur post.. 😉 U must know the reason why?

  17. I went to have this Lotus Marinyouth and it asked in almost 5 -6 shops in the market but neither of the shops was having it. even i searched n the shop which was a complete lotus shop and he said that the company has stopped its production.

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