Olay Total Effects Anti Ageing Cream (Moisturizer) Review

Olay Total Effects Anti Ageing Cream

Right before 2010 ended, I decided to change my skincare regimen entirely—I got a new one of everything, from my facial wash to my sunblock. When it came to choosing a new moisturizer, I selected carefully, because my dry skin was feeling even drier then, and I wanted something that would not make my acne worse. Olay Total Effects was everywhere. It was in all the stores I went to, in billboards, on TV commercials…I actually found it expensive, but when I started reading all about its supposed benefits, I thought, what the heck. It might just work.

olay total effects moisturizer

There were variants for normal, sensitive, and oily skin, plus there was one with SPF15 and another was tinted. What I was specifically looking for was a version for dry skin, but since there was none, I went with the gentle formula, because my skin, besides being dry and acne-prone, is also sensitive. I also wanted something I could use both day and night so I didn’t get the one with SPF.

olay total effects moisturizer

Olay Total Effects Anti Ageing Cream Claims

Total Effects Fragrance-Free Daily Moisturizer (Gentle variant) hydrates skin, providing the total anti aging power of moisture fused with vitamins and antioxidants.

Total Effects fights 7 signs of ageing (fine lines and wrinkles, rough texture, uneven skin tone, dullness, prominent pores, age spots and dryness) by:
• Minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
• Smoothing skin’s texture with gentle exfoliation
• Balancing colour and tone while reducing the appearance of age spots
• Fighting dullness for healthy-looking radiance
• Refining to minimize pore appearance
• Moisturizing to nourish dry skin and to help firm and subtly lift its appearance
• Protecting skin’s surface with antioxidants

Colour-Free. Fragrance-Free. Oil-Free. Fast-Absorbing. Dermatologically Tested. Non-Comedogenic (Won’t Clog Pores).

olay total effects moisturizer

I have been using this product once or twice daily everyday for about a month and a half now. I’m glad to say that I don’t regret spending my money on this. It addressed my top two concerns: it hydrated my thirsty dry skin, and just as importantly, it did not make my acne worse. Whew! Here are the other things I like about Olay Total Effects and some that I don’t…

What I like about Olay Total Effects Anti Ageing Cream

-It has a light, non-greasy consistency. It doesn’t feel sticky or heavy on my face.
-Despite its light texture, it still moisturizes my dry skin quite well. The areas that used to be flaky no longer are, and my face doesn’t feel tight anymore.
-Like it claims, my skin does feel smoother, although I don’t think this is the sole cause of that. The other skincare products I’m using might have helped too.
-As I mentioned, it doesn’t aggravate my acne. I don’t expect it to get rid of my pimples though, as it is not geared toward that purpose, but more towards anti-aging.
-The gentle version is truly fragrance-free and mild. It did not irritate my skin at all.
-It’s in an easy to use pump bottle, which I find more sanitary to use than jars.
-I hope I’m not just imagining things, but some dark spots on my face seem to have been reduced. My skin tone also seems a bit more even now. Not dramatically, but enough for me to notice.

What I don’t like about Olay Total Effects Anti Ageing Cream

-I find it expensive (around $16 for a 50g bottle) . I do so wish it were cheaper.
-Though I like the pump packaging, I wish the bottle were clear so I can see the amount of product remaining.
-I did not develop more pimples, but I get more blackheads now than I did before. But again, it might not be just this product doing that, it may even be caused entirely by another item in my skin care
-Regarding the other product claims, I don’t see any change yet in my fine lines, wrinkles, or in my huge pores.

Overall, I like Olay Total Effects a lot and would recommend it to those with dry, sensitive skin looking for a non-greasy or heavy daily facial moisturizer. I can’t speak for those with oily or normal skin since there are variants for those types and I haven’t tried them. I don’t think it’s like a miracle product, and will have to use it for much a longer period to see any additional benefits, but after a month and a half of daily use my skin is definitely more hydrated, and does seem somewhat brighter and more even. I would buy this product again despite the price, and will keep using it until I find a product that works even better.

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38 thoughts on “Olay Total Effects Anti Ageing Cream (Moisturizer) Review

  1. Nice review Ida..I too have Olay total effects..gentle one with SPF…And some german stuffs written on it, which I didn’t bother to decipher!! 😛 It costed me some 15 Euros…and I felt it to be quite expensive too. However, I have combination/oily skin and it tends to make my skin a bit oily, but it can be easily handled with compact!!..but it has not broken me out… ..he he..and anti-wrinkle claim…I guess I’d know it after using it for 10 years from now!! 😛 😛 😛

    1. Hi Cali, thank you! :)) :)) Wow, yours cost even more expensive. Glad to hear that it hasn’t broken you out, though maybe it would be better for you to get the variant for oily skin, to lessen the oiliness? ?:) :)) :heh:

  2. I have used a few months back..but didn’t like it..also used the olay moisturizer creame..that was really good..presently I am using olay anti-aging creme..it claims it wud reduce brown spots…till now no positive result… (not the total effects one)…

    1. Hi Rupa, how long in total have you been using it now? ?:) Unfortunately, I guess, products just work differently for each person. Perhaps try another prodcut sepcifically for reducing dark spots? 🙂 :))

  3. nice review ! btw can anybody tell me about sush’s makeup in the picture ! i mean what eyeshadow , blush and lipstick she is wearing????

    1. Thanks Ashna! 🙂 Sorry though, I have no idea about what the makeup she’s wearing in this picture…but she sure is gorgeous…

  4. I got one for my MIL but it didnt suit her she got rashes… :wilt: :wilt: :wilt: :wilt: :wilt: :wilt: :wilt: :wilt: :wilt: :wilt: :wilt: but she has sensitive skin…glad it workd for u IDA… :waytogo:

        1. Thanks Anks! :)) Oh yeah, definitely. I gotta save up for my next bottle. :heh: Ooh. I wanna try copying her makeup too and am glad Rati will be doing a breakdown of it. 🙂

  5. i was always skeptical abt this…. even i’ve dry but sensitive skin….. maybe this would help …. :thanks: for d review 🙂

  6. Hi Ida,

    Glad to know this worked for you 🙂 but i have used olay white wala cream, its all good ,i dont know but somehow i suspect its constituents are all safe ?:) .I have no reason as to how it came to my mind since it doesn’t break me out but its effect seems very artificial one but i discontinued.
    Be careful :silly:
    I hope no1 here felt the same ?:) but if some1 have plzz mention :secret2: … huh i really don trust any brand fully in this cosmetics industry …. :suspense:

    1. Hi Khushi, I understand the feeling. :)) This product as well as most of Olay’s other ones has a long ingredients list. I mentioned in my post that I changed my skincare regimen- prior to using this I actually used only natural and organic products on my face. I hope I don’t get any problems from this product in the future…the moment I see any signs of it I’ll definitely stop using. 🙂

  7. nice review Ida ……… actually this a review wht i was searching from last 2 weeks in this blog …i have an oily skin and after using the product i got pimples on my face …which one out of three is better for oily skin ??? confuse :stars:

  8. I noticed that its good only for people above 35 yrs. Yes 2 knowns have used it & both have diff skin. It worked really well in a months time though.

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