Archies UXR Eau De Parfum Red Review

Archies UXR Eau De Parfum Red Review

Hi lovely readers,

Today I will be reviewing a perfume called uxr (red) from Archies. I have used the deodorant from the same range 5-6 years back in school time. After a long time, I sniffed this while purchasing something else on Archies gallery. I was tempted to buy this one because it reminded me of my school time memories but for some reason I did not. I told one of my dearest friends about this and to my surprise she brought it as a gift for me.

Read on to know my experience.


Overview :

If you too believe that fragrances bring to mind and heart sweet memories of somewhere, someone then this fragrance is just right for you. Spray it on and cherish memories that are stirred up by a fragrance.

Price INR 395 for 100ml

My experience with Archies UXR Eau De Parfum Red:

Firstly the name is very fascinating uxr (aksar). I found it very unique.

The perfume comes in a transparent red-colored glass bottle with a silver head. The spray nozzle is attached to it which means it has no separate cap. The bottle is quiet heavy so it is not travel friendly. Also, this has 100ml of the perfume (it comes in a smaller bottle too) which adds on to the weight.

Fragrance is a floral one. To me, the fragrance is more of a rose flower- the kind which comes in ‘ittars’. The name itself gives the ‘ittar- kind’ of feel. It is a strong perfume in terms of intensity. I mean it is a complete feminine fragrance but you cannot afford to spray more then twice at one time. I spray only once because I prefer those sensuous fragrances that are mild and linger on for long. With this one, though I like the fragrance but I have to be careful not to apply more or else people around me will think I have bathed with this perfume. 😛

The SA said that it is a unisex fragrance but according to me this is a complete feminine fragrance.

After 2-3 hours it smells of solely roses.


This stays for really long. The fragrance is a stubborn one which will never go without washing. I can smell it even after 7 days if the clothes I sprayed this on are not gone for laundry. 😉

I really like this fragrance but I just wish it was a bit mild. I do not use this perfume on a daily basis as I prefer mild fragrances more but I do use this once in a week when I am in mood of smelling like roses. 😛 Also, I wear this more when I am dressed the ethnic way, it adds on to the “naari” kind of feel for me. 😉

This fragrance comes in a mini version and a deodorant version too. At this price you can a give it a try and then buy the bigger version. College and school goers will like this more as it is a good fragrance at a pocket-friendly price. Ladies who like mature fragrance will not like this one.

Pros of Archies UXR Eau De Parfum Red:

• Nice floral fragrance-more like a rose ittar.
• Cute bottle.
• Stays for really long.
• Cheap price.
• Easily available on Archies galleries and online sites.


Cons of Archies UXR Eau De Parfum Red:

• If you spray for more than twice, it would be very over powering.
• Heavy glass bottle is prone to breakage. I was on a verge of dropping it many a times. 😛

Will I repurchase?

No, as this is not a daily wear for me and this bottle would last for long.

Recommendation: At this price you can definitely give it a try. It is a really nice perfume if sprayed less.

Imbb rating: 4/5

Take care all you beauties.

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    love d packaging,is it available in archies stores??
    den toh gr8…any other varities available?? not v fond of rose fragrance *nonono*

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