Aroma Magic Foot Cream Review

Foot-skin type: Dry;Crack- No

Hi girls,

I have very dry feet and I always pamper my feet in a good way. That’s why I picked a new foot cream by Aroma Magic. Let’s get into the review.

Aroma Magic Foot Cream

Price: Rs. 175/- for 50g
Product Details & Ingredients:
Aroma Magic Foot Cream description

My Experience with Aroma Magic Foot Cream:

The foot cream comes in a beautiful teal blue with floral print paper carton. It looks so beautiful and cute. All the details are nicely printed on the box. Actual cream comes in the similar printed white tube with a white screw-cap. This small cute tube is so easy to carry in my handbag. This cream won my heart by its packaging.

Aroma Magic Foot Cream packaging

Aroma Magic is a natural brand and I love to try their products. As it contains so many essential oils and also peppermint oil so the smell is almost a fresh mixture of aroma essences. I mainly feel the smell of mint which is the most relaxing smell. Overall it has a very pleasant refreshing smell which never feels overpowering.

Aroma Magic Foot Cream tube packaging

The cream comes in a light greenish colored medium to thick creamy consistency which glides smoothly on feet. I need small amount of cream to cover my feet. It never feels heavy or oily. It gets absorb very quickly and provides a non slippery and smooth finish. You can easily apply it at day and you can easily walk after applying this. It has peppermint and tea tree oil which really provides a soothing effect to my feet. After applying the cream, I can feel that cool, relaxed effect and it revives tired feel instantly. This cooling sensation makes this cream so special for me; I never forget to apply it at night.

Aroma Magic Foot Cream tube spout

I have very dry feet but I don’t have cracked feet. It gives an instant soft and healthy texture to my rough feet. My feet look so smooth and hydrated. It can repair the texture of my feet and after using it few weeks, it brings changes to the dry texture. My feet look better and healthy. It also adds a nice glow to them. It is really good for normal to dry feet as a daily foot cream. It also heals minimal cracks and helps to repair them. But the moisturisation is not enough for super dry cracked feet. It works well on my feet to provide desired hydration and make them youthful.

Aroma Magic Foot Cream tube opening

The effect also stays around 4-5 hours. I mostly use it at night and next morning I wake up with soft hydrated feet. My feet become smoother and they look so fresh. It is a good long lasting option for me. It also prevents odor and my feet smells fresh for long. Overall I really love this cute foot cream. It smells so good and works well. I love the relaxing effect of this. This is totally a worth try at this affordable price tag.

Pros of Aroma Magic Foot Cream:

• Extremely cute and travel friendly packaging.
• Affordable and little goes long.
• Refreshing peppermint aroma.
• Perfect medium creamy consistency that glides smoothly.
• Never feels heavy or oily and never makes feet slippery.
• Gets absorb nicely and settles to a lightweight texture.
• Provides cool relaxing effect that revives tired feet.
• Makes feet soft and smooth instantly.
• Provides healthy and youthful feet with regular use.
• Heals normal crack and repairs the dry rough texture.
• Feet stay soft for long.
• Prevents odor.

Aroma Magic Foot Cream swatch

Cons of Aroma Magic Foot Cream:

• Can’t totally repair heavy cracked feet.

IMBB Rating: 4.8/5
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Aroma Magic Foot Cream?
Yes for both. It is a budget friendly moisturising foot cream that works nice.

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