How To Make Your Own Z-Palette

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Considering my love for makeup, I buy a lot of single eyeshadow pans and storing them can be a hassle. Even though readymade Z palettes are available in the market, they can run quite expensive if you were to buy many of them (and honestly, I would rather spend that money on buying more makeup :P) Therefore today, I will be showing you how to make your own Z palette with things you might see lying around the house. Total cost of this DIY will run you less than $5.


Things you will need:

  • An empty CD case.
  • Store-bought magnetic tape or magnetic sheets (You can easily buy them off Amazon or dollar store. I got mine at Daiso and they were a couple of bucks).
  • Scissors.
  • Super glue.


Optional: Decorative paper sheets/decorative stickers.

1. Pry open the CD holder from the CD This should not be difficult. You may use tweezers to loosen it if needed.


2. Cut magnetic strips or magnetic sheet or magnetic sheet (which I would prefer for a seamless look) the size of the case.

3. Stick the magnetic strip/sheet to the case. If it already has an adhesive back, you have it easy, if not use super glue.
(I was never good at arts and craft and you can see my “not so neat” handy work!)


4. At this point, you can leave it as is or cover the black strips/sheet with colorful designer paper sheets. For best results, use a thin sheet. This should not affect the hold of the magnet. And fill in your eyeshadow pan –  a standard CD case should hold around 20 Makeup Geek eyeshadows as you can tell from the picture.


5. Optional – decorate the outside clear case with decorative paper or stickers.


That’s it – you are all done!

PS: This case will not be sturdy enough for travel. The plastic may crack under weight, so it is best you use this to store your extra eyeshadow/blush pans in you vanity.

Do let me know if you like this DIY and if you will attempt this.

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4 thoughts on “How To Make Your Own Z-Palette

  1. I think you can put the color paper or sticker on both the inner sides of the CD case. That way no one would even realize that its made from one. I loved your idea. I need to hunt for the magnetic tape now in India..

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