Aussie Hair Insurance Heat Protectant Shine Spray Review

Hello All Ladies with Luscious Tassels!!!

After skin the another body feature we obsess about the most is our hair but most would agree with me that hair requires more upkeep than our skin because more than wrinkles, grey brittle hair makes one look older and once hair turns grey it is almost impossible to turn it back to its original and that’s why I am so skeptic about what I apply on my hair and I don’t change hair products that often.

This is one of the hair styling products I recently purchased. Keep reading to know more about it.

Aussie Hair Insurance Heat Protectant Shine Spray

Product Description:

Enhance the look of your styled hair while protecting it from the heat with this Aussie Hair Insurance Heat Protecting Shine Spray. It helps keep the heat from your hair while providing excellent shine. This Aussie heat protecting shine spray, 8.5 fl oz, is a quick and easy way to have no-worry hair that is incredibly soft and healthy.

Aussie Hair Insurance Heat Protecting Hair Shine Spray 8.5 fl oz:

• Helps keep the heat off and lets you get your shine on.
• Leaves hair soft and healthy.
• Add some roo to your do.
• Quick and easy.
• This Aussie shine spray provides no worry hair.

Aussie Hair Insurance Heat Protectant Shine Spray review


Aussie Hair Insurance Heat Protectant Shine Spray ingredients

Price: $3.43

My Experience with Aussie Hair Insurance Heat Protectant Shine Spray:

Even though I take good care of my hair and use all natural hair care products, I just can’t leave my hair fallow after a hair wash; it does need some hair styling or it would be all over the place and the only option I’ll have is to tie it up which kills the purpose of long hair. I bought this product for my weekly hair styling.

Packaging: Product comes blue plastic bottle with spray nozzle on top. It is easy to use but not that easy to carry around because of spray mechanism and since it has no cap on top it is prone to breakage. It does not dispense product at high velocity and has to be used at close proximity.

Aussie Hair Insurance Heat Protectant Shine Spray packaging

Color and Fragrance: White color solution with faint, obviously artificial fragrance which goes away after sometime.

Application: After blow drying, spray this product on all those sections of hair that one needs to flat iron or curl and then continue with the styling process. A little steam might come off of hair but that is just product performing under a hot tool and can be ignored.

Aussie Hair Insurance Heat Protectant Shine Spray product description

Efficacy: It doesn’t make my hair brittle or coarse and keeps the hair fall to minimal but mostly I feel such products have more of a psychological purpose so that we can use all the damaging hair tools guilt free and without fear. It claims to give shine to hair but that did not happen in my case and saw no appreciable shine being added to my hair post application.

Conclusion: I like this product because it did most of what it claims to do and gives me peace of mind while I flat iron my hair.

Pros of Aussie Hair Insurance Heat Protectant Shine Spray:

• Plastic bottle with a spray nozzle – easy to use.
• Easy to apply and spread through hair.
• Makes hair soft and smooth.
• Prevents coarse and brittle hair.
• Makes hair a little shiny.
• Tames frizzy and static hair.
• Keeps hair tangle free.
• Not very expensive.
• Effect lasts till I wash my hair.
• Easily available.

Aussie Hair Insurance Heat Protectant Shine Spray swatch

Cons of Aussie Hair Insurance Heat Protectant Shine Spray:

• Does not give obvious shine to my hair.
• Not travel friendly.
• Has an artificial fragrance.

Would I Repurchase Aussie Hair Insurance Heat Protectant Shine Spray?

Yes and may be try to use it with other hair care products from this range. I recommend it to all those who are troubled by their brittle, coarse hair and are scared to use heat styling products.

IMBB Rating: 4/5

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