Aussie Hair Insurance Split End Protector Review

Aussie Hair Insurance Split End Protector Review


Product Description:

Do some damage control!  Split-End Protector smoothes the cuticle and helps prevent damage to help you kiss split ends goodbye.

Directions For Use:

Place dime-sized drop in palm and massage through wet hair. No need to rinse—just style and go.


3-4 USD for 150 ml (5 fl. oz).



My Take on Aussie Hair Insurance Split End Protector:

First things first: I was not looking for this product. What it claims to do doesn’t sound like something my hair would absolutely love. I mean, I would obviously much rather opt for a product that claims to add shine or volume or smoothness to my hair, rather than opting for a product that claims to prevent split-ends.

Aussie products aren’t available in India, but I had used some of their leave-in conditioner sprays previously and had quite liked the results. Since my cousin was about to visit me this month, I asked her to find me any leave-in conditioner spray by Aussie and bring it with her. However, when she went to the store, this product was the closest she could find to anything that was “leave-in.” I really like leave-in conditioners because they are so convenient! I hate standing in the shower and taking so much longer to apply conditioner to my long, thick hair. Leave-in conditioners are such godsends, especially in the winter months!

split end protector

This product is available only in the US (it doesn’t seem to be designed for the UK market, somehow). Thus far, I have used it a couple of times. I have used it a few times after having skipped my conditioner routine in the shower. I use it while my hair is still mostly wet. Even for my long, thick hair, I don’t need too much of the product. The product is creamy but not very thick in consistency, which allows it to be smoothed over the hair quite easily.

About an hour after massaging it into my hair (I don’t massage this into my scalp. I don’t think that that is recommended), I see a noticeable difference in the texture of my hair. It feels about twice as smooth and considerably softer. There is no added shine, however. Do remember that the primary purpose of this product is to protect your hair from further damage that often results in split ends. The softness and smoothness are perhaps only incidental. While this is not my ideal leave-in conditioner spray, I suppose I can use this until I find that. It’s a bad product at all. It’s just not what I was looking for. If, however, you are someone who is prone to having your hair break into split-ends, then I do suggest that you try this out. Aussie products are generally inexpensive and effective.

Hair Protector

This product is conveniently packaged and is travel-friendly. The pump locks and unlocks with a simple twist.

My Verdict on Aussie Hair Insurance Split-End Protector:

All in all, this product is not bad. It does allow me to skip my in-shower conditioner. It is probably doing a good job of protecting my hair from further damage. Most importantly, it makes my hair feel considerably softer and smoother within an hour of using it and the effects last for at least two days.

IMBB Rating:


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    1. Thanks sahiba 🙂 I haven’t seen aussie products being sold online in India. But in the US and UK I think you can buy them online.

  1. Richa,… it is such a pity Aussie products arent available in Australia…. ;/ I have heard a lot of good reviews about them especially the conditioners

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