Avon Frangipani Hand Gel Review

Avon Frangipani Hand Gel

Though we have been mentioning about Avon products in the comments section I think this is the first review about any Avon product in IMBB. Correct me if I am wrong. I will say Avon shampoos are the best among all the shampoos I have used so far. It really did magic and transformed dry and thick hair to straight, silky and manageable one in few months!!!! Anyway let me review them later and coming to their hand gels now….

When I was doing my post graduation in Sydney I was staying with my paternal aunt who was an Avon representative. I get to try a lot of Avon products from shampoos, lipsticks, nail enamels, moisturizers, face creams, jewellery, perfumes etc. My aunt used to get free samples as well. So my cousin and me just kept trying anything and everything we get and it used to be so much fun. Avon Peach and Frangipani Hand Gel I saw these Avon Hand gels in small pots and I couldn’t stop myself from buying it. They had more than two fragrances [I don’t remember them exactly] but I got Peach and Frangipani. I have been using this Avon Frangipani Hand Gel for the past few months and have the Peach stored for future use. The pots contain 70 ml gel for AUD 4.00 approximately, which is INR140.

Ingredients: Some of the active ingredients are Purified Water, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol (helps in moisture retention), Carbomer (Gelling Agent), Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice (nothing but aloe vera leaf juice), fragrance and other coloring agents.

What does the product claim? It is an antibacterial hand gel that kills germs without water. Leaves hands feeling soft and smooth. Perfect for busy Moms, Dads and Kids.

Directions for use: Apply a generous amount to hands and rub into skin until dry. Use any time or place, as needed (towels and water not necessary for use). Avon Frangipani Hand Gel

It is a soft gel that is cold even during hot summer. So during summer I use it just to feel the chillness on my skin. Whenever I cross my dressing table I just rub two fingers full of gel on my hands and enjoy their chillness…ssssssssssssssss… Its so nice trust me!!!!!!! I don’t really use it for the antibacterial part but whenever I feel my hand should be fresh and clean I just rub this and I need not run to the tap in my dining. This is small enough to be carried with us in our handbag. So whenever I take public transport or when I have juice / tea / coffee / chat while traveling I make sure I rub this. After using this for a while I feel I got addicted to it that if I don’t use it during travel I feel my hands are really dirty.

The pot has never let me down by spilling and ruining my handbag might be because I place it in the upright position always. Even otherwise the lid is intact and I don’t think it can spill or ooze out easily. It is non sticky and gets absorbed in seconds. I don’t find any moisturizing quality but at the same time it does not leave my skin dry. Since I already apply a moisturizer I don’t expect the hand gel to do any moisturizing job and the hand gel doesn’t disturb the moisturizer applied already in any way.

Coming to the fragrance part it exactly smells like the fragrance mentioned in the pot. Frangipani and peach smells awesome but I feel the smell is too strong especially when I apply it in my hand when I am at my work place. Everyone turns around to see who has been using a perfume / body spray. The smell stays for long and though it subsides over time few people say it causes slight headache.

What I like about Avon Frangipani Hand Gel ?

  • It is gel based and it gets absorbed easily in seconds. I like a gel based sanitizer than a liquid or cream based one.
  • It neither moisturizes nor dries out my skin.
  • Keeps my hand fresh and clean all day.
  • Easy to be carried.
  • They don’t have any expiry date mentioned and I’ve been having the peach one for more than an year now and it is still fresh and good.
  • Not very expensive.
  • I like the cute packing and it does not mess my handbag.
  • I like the fresh color of the gel that matches the fragrance mentioned.
  • This small pot even if used regularly comes for more than 3 months. You can see the amount left out after using it for nearly 3 months.
  • Anti – bacterial!!!!!

Still so much left :) What I don’t like about Avon Frangipani Hand Gel

  • Smell is too strong that if applied in generous by mistake it keeps disturbing you for a while and for few it might cause headache.
  • Avon is not available in stores around you and you have to find a sales rep. [I still could not find a sales rep in Chennai]
Avon Hand Gels
Peach is actually orangish and the other one pink

Recently they have changed the packaging into tubes and they are no longer available in pots. I haven’t tried the ones in tube yet but got similar review from my aunt saying it is equally good and given a chance I would grab even the ones available in tubes. They are available in refreshing peach, restoring cucumber, melon and nourishing vanilla

. Rating: I will give :star: :star: :star::star:

Would I buy it again? Yes, why not? I really want to try the ones in tubes.

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22 thoughts on “Avon Frangipani Hand Gel Review

  1. Nice review Arthi…
    Avon & Oriflame is only avb through reps… For seeing the catalog u can log on to their websites & see the latest available. My cousin has both oriflame & avon thankfully I do not have to worry aboutt finding their products.. I have loads of stuff from them and they really are good. Let me know I can send you things you are unable to find in Chennai 🙂

    1. Hi Pooja. Thank You 🙂 Ya I keep seeing their cataloge online.. and jus give a sigh.. thts it. Its so sweet of you.. I’ll definitely tell you when I need sum Avon/Oriflame products..:) Thanks to ur cousin too 🙂

      1. you are so welcome girl any time.. let me know & you will have them :yes: .. Seeing the queries of Avon/Oriflame I am thinking of doing a post on them at my blog. 🙂

  2. hi,
    Aarthii nice review..i have statred using AVON products recently & im too liking it……
    Rima wel said ha ha :laugh: 😀 :laugh:

  3. As a fellow Chennaiite I’ve often felt the same lack. Out of Avon and Oriflame, somehow I’ve always preferred Avon products but they’re unavailable in Chennai. Avon apparently has no office here and therefore no representatives either. I don’t know why this is so now cos I remember my mom and aunts buying Avon products 4 – 5 yrs ago. End result, of course, is that we get severe Avon deprivation syndrome 😛

    1. Hey Krithika.. As Ki suggested try in some local parlours.. else you can ask Pooja 😉 Hey Pooja.. ur cousin is likely to get a bulk order 😉

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