Avon Haul: Glimmersticks Diamonds Eyeliner, Ideal Shade Concealer Stick

Avon Haul: Glimmersticks Diamonds Eyeliner and Ideal Shade Concealer Stick

Hi All, this is my first article and I couldn’t think of writing about any other stuff than my Avon Glimmersticks Diamonds eyeliners and Avon Ideal Shade Concealer stick which I bought in a recent haul. Surfing through many make up blogs, I read so much about Avon glimmerstick eyeliners-people raving about their superb staying power and color payoff that I was tempted to order a couple of them. Also in some blogs (especially from UK where AVON is one of the most popular brands) I read about the AVON Glimmersticks Diamonds eyeliners and swatches which showed awesome colors richly embellished with glitters but sadly these were not available in India. So as soon as my eyes fell upon the Avon’s September catalog, I literally jumped with joy. The AVON Glimmersticks Diamonds eyeliners are here- must be because of the onset of festival fiesta at this time. Along with these I also ordered the Avon Ideal Shade Concealer. I don’t have dark circles but have deep curiosity about concealers especially ones which come in easy to apply creamy stick forms.

AVON Glimmersticks Diamonds Eyeliners

So, these are the AVON Glimmersticks Diamonds eyeliners as shown in AVON online catalog. These are priced at Rs 179 each. There was an offer of two glimmersticks for Rs. 299 for this month (that means 1 for Rs 150!! WoW! ) and the Avon representative told me that I would get one free if I bought 4 of them. However, for a trial I ordered the Black Ice and Twilight Sparkle (blue). Four shades are available currently but one of the most beautiful plum shades (saw a swatch and FOTD in some blog) is still not here.

Avon Liners
Avon Liners

These (pic below) are the pretties that I got. These are retractable pencils which glide on smoothly on the upper eyelids as well as can be used on the lower lids (which I found difficult with other long staying retractable liners like the Lakme 9 to 5). However, a word of caution: Do Not apply pressure and do not roll out more than ½ a centimeter of this product as the tips will break as happened to my Black Ice.

Avon Glimmersticks
Avon Glimmersticks

You can see the amount of product you will get with this: I guess even using every day these may last well for 6 months (Reminder : the price is only Rs 179 for single ones!!!) Now the Swatches:

Avon Glimmersticks swatches
Avon Glimmersticks swatches

AVON Glimmersticks Diamonds Eyeliners: With Flash
Twilight Sparkle (top) and Black Ice
Photo: Without Flash

As you see the shimmer payoff is really good. The blue color is excellent and I was looking exactly for this dark blue shade for a long time but every time ended up buying either a powder blue (Maybelline eyestudio) or a royal blue (Lakme Nine to 5 in Sapphire)

Pros of AVON Glimmersticks Diamonds:

  • Great shimmery finish
  • Smooth application
  • Lasting power is really good (well I haven’t off course tested these on a Kolkata July day! That’s like putting any makeup through acid test !)
  • Price!! OMG I haven’t yet found a retractable long wearing liner at this low a price!! Highly
  • go-n-grab-able!!!)

Particularly nothing but only those typical problems with all retractable liners: can’t use it in hurry as these will tend to break if you apply pressure and that ½ cm rule, rest everything is nice with it.

Overall Rating: 4+/5

AVON Ideal Shade Stick Concealer

Well this is my first concealer. I read rave reviews about this one, telling that it’s really creamy and blends like a dream. So just for trial’s sake I got this one, and such trials don’t harm much when the price is only Rs 179!!!

This is the page from Avon’s online catalog. It is available in 2 shades Medium and light. I ordered the Medium (that’s one problem with online shopping-you just have to pray that you get the right shades!).

Avon foundation
Avon foundation

Below shown are the pictures of the product and swatches. The amount of product is not much, not a problem for me because I don’t really have the dark circle problem or major blemishes and acne marks to hide. The formulation is really creamy and it’s easy to apply as well: dab on the ring finger and pat under eyes.


AVON Ideal Shade Concealer Stick in Medium


  • Creamy formula
  • Easy to blend
  • Price (Rs 179!)

Cons: It may be the wrong shade, or my lack of experience with concealers, thar after applying ,my under eyes are looking like Celina Jaitley’s (white!! That is..hehe) I think I need more of video tutorials on concealer application. The option of shades is also pretty limited.

P.S: I was thinking of using this as an eyeshadow primer, the creamy-yet-non sticky formula might work well in setting powder shadows for a long time.

Overall rating: :-* :-*:-*


44 thoughts on “Avon Haul: Glimmersticks Diamonds Eyeliner, Ideal Shade Concealer Stick

    1. Hey Radhika Thanks!!.. I hope to get the green one next..and u can place an order for these sticks @299 for 2 even this month..the offer is still on!!!

  1. are both of them blue? the twilight sparkle is very nice. confused with the black ice one though. it is supposed to be black, isnt it? but looks kinda denim blue. 😛 anyway, do u live in kolkata? if yes u could find me represntative. i wanna buy the twilight one. 😀

    1. Hey Bulbul, my AVON lady is from Tollygunge..I can mail u her name and phone number if u want..or send u through a message if u r in Facebook

  2. is black ice the color which is on the lower side?it looks like the perfect blue i was looking for!!and bulbul i think there is a boutique which sells avon stuff through representatives near the Tollygunj metro station!!

    1. sree.. the lower image if of black ice.. its nt the blackest of black bt yeah nt blue for sure.. i think coz of the lighting ,the black is also luking sumwht blue here..

      1. Yupp..actually its pretty sparkl-y so the depth of color is somewhat less for the black one..i think i also needa be careful with the camera (first timers excuse 🙂 )

    2. Hey Sree,I think the Avon store is near Rabindra Sadan Metro station..u know, u will get it if u walk in the direction of Hotel Hindustan International..but my AVON lady is from Tollygunge and she delivers my stuff at my University premises without complaint :inlove:

  3. OMG!!!When i read the heading it was like.. oye i just bought these then who is doing the review…:-P 😛 reallly anuradha.. i just bought the same 2 shades of glimmersticks say 8-10 days bak n even the concealer(light shade).. same sept mnth offer so same price.. 🙂
    i too luv both the glimmersticks.. nicely pigmented n shimmery these are.. n about the concealer, u just try to put a lil bit n blend it more so u wont get the white effect.. i tried it b4 putting on my foundation n compact n t worked fine.. just giv it a try… n BTW nice first review.. 😀

    1. Thaaannkk uuuu Nids!!! Honestly..I feel on the top of the world!!! My post is on IMBB and u guys r readin it!!! wooo..and tell ya wat..the Glimmersticks are jussst cool..esp the blue!!! I am plannin to get the green and again the black ice the offer of 2 for 299 is still on!

        1. coz i have scrapped half of it off while tryin to create a smokey eye with it and dint follow the rules i suggest above myself!!!! that 1/2 cm and no-pressure one.. 😥

  4. ohhh i was so hoping that it will turn out to be blue!!and bulbul its next to the SBI ATM and the store has an AVON signboard too.dnt remember the name of the boutique sorry!!

  5. Hey Anuradha..

    The liner shades are great..

    Concealer shades are very tricky.. but i loved your idea of using it as eye shadow primer.. I use concelaer as primer and it always works for me..

    1. Hi Mrunmayee!! Thanx! but surely this concealer fares better for over-eyes than under-eyes 😀 ..ya but gotta try out Nids’ suggestion 🙂

  6. i have d twilight sparkle one…..have got dis 4 days back…n am lovin’ dis!!
    u can team in up wid ne kinda dress….n it actually suits all skintone! also….u can wear it even under bright sunlight! its smooth, creamy n stays on for really a long time!!!! so a :yes: to this product!

  7. I got these about 3 weeks ago in all 4 shades. I am liking all of them. (I am an Avon rep myself but I love all brands of cosmetics!).

  8. Great! My glimmersticks are on the way I guess, just placed the order last week 🙂 Really happy to see good reviews on it :yes:

  9. Hi Anuradha,

    Welcome to IMBB. 🙂

    I think I have not seen any product other than avon glimmer sticks becoming such got fav among girls here. I really liked the shade you picked. 🙂

    1. :-)) :-)) :-)) I just cant wait to see the green one..but as I said there is also a wonderful shade of glittery plum..dunno y they haven’t launched it in India!!!!

  10. Oh my! I have picked up the same two shades of Glimmersticks last month along with a big haul of simply pretty nail colours. Great review..:) & totally with agreement on you on the glimmersticks 🙂

    1. Thaaaanxx!!! Hehe..I guess whoever buys stuff from AVON have surely ordered these glimmersticks in September!!! The colors and the price is irresistible!!!! :chic:

  11. dude these eyelinear just get off once u rub ur yes…rhey are jus powdery but yea even like the after effectsthe diamonds around eye area…loooks nice all in all good one :waytogo:

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