Avon Naturals Violet & Lychee Hand & Body Lotion Review


Avon Naturals has introduced a new range – Violet and Lychee in their product range for India from their February brochure. There is one body lotion and one shower gel from the Violet and Lychee set yet. Here I am reviewing the Avon Violet & Lychee HAND AND BODY LOTION.

Avon claims – “formulated with violet and lychee extracts, this hand and body lotion leaves skin feeling soft, supple and velvety smooth! Conditions, smoothes and moisturizes skin while leaving a floral fruity scent. Has a creamy texture, but absorbs quickly and is non greasy”. Well, I refute the claim to ‘velvety smooth’, but concede that it does make the skin soft and supple.


The formula claims to contain “VIOLET FROWER EXTRACT (known to contain vitamins A and C and for its soothing and nourishing effect on the skin)” and LYCHEE EXTRACT (known to contain anti oxidants which helps protect skin from damage)”. The lotion is very fluid and totally non-greasy. In fact, I doubt the ‘creamy texture’ part too – it is totally water base type.

The hand and body lotion is a very pale shade of mauve-ish lilac. It is so pale, that it appears almost white. The fragrance of Violet flowers is prevalent over the soft Lychee undertones, thereby making the lotion smell more floral than fruity. It creates a light cocoon of preserved wild floral fragrance on the skin that last for three to four hours.

The product profile of Violet and Lychee Hand and Body Lotion from Avon Naturals goes like this –

  • Manufactured by – Avon Beauty Products India Pvt Ltd
  • Marketed by – Avon Beauty Products India Pvt Ltd
  • Contains – Lychee and Violet Flower extracts
  • Ingredients – water, glycerin, mineral oil, stearic acid, glyceril stearate etc…
  • Net qty – 100 ml
  • Max printed price – Rs 135 when I bought it from the February brochure, but in the brochure for March, it will be Rs 120
  • Shelf life – 3 years


The pros of the Violet and Lychee Hand and Body Lotion from Avon Naturals are –

  • Totally non greasy
  • Gets easily absorbed by the skin
  • The floral smell is mild and fresh
  • Makes the skin soft and supple
  • The price is reasonable at 100 ml for Rs 135 (Rs 120)


The cons of the Violet and Lychee Hand and Body Lotion from Avon Naturals are –

  • Not adequately moisturizing for very dry skin
  • Normal skin will require frequent application to keep the skin soft and moistened
  • No mention of sunscreen content
  • Washes off in water or profuse sweating
  • Avon product = agent + waiting for delivery after ordering


There is nothing extraordinary about the lotion, but as a moderately priced, typical hand and body lotion with a mild fragrance, it serves its purpose adequately. So my response to it will lie in the medium zone on the scale. It is an ‘okay’ product.

My rating – :-* :-* :-* + 0.75

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14 thoughts on “Avon Naturals Violet & Lychee Hand & Body Lotion Review

  1. not adequately moisturizing….but it would be good for summers na….but then you told it would wear off with sweating….errr……and no Avon agent also in sight………miss miss miss for me O:) O:) O:)

  2. nice review ! i wanted to buy this lotion….. but since its just a okay product i will skip it ! btw did anyone tried boroplus moisturizing lotion ??? whenever i go for shopping i see most ladies buying it… but since it is not reviewed here in imbb i dont purchase it ! :whistle:

  3. Scarlett, violets and lychee together sounds so good. :)) I agree though, I tried a different Avon Naturals lotion and it didn’t moisturize my skin so well.

    1. Yeah, true Scarlett, my mom and sister have normal skin and pretty much any lotion works for them. :)) Me unfortunately my skin’s always been dry.

  4. reading ur review gabbar behen, i was just chking it online.. in this month’s catalog,its priced 170 for 2.. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
    i too hav dry skin.. but i think this will serve the purpose in summers.. wht do u say??? :waiting:

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