Avon Naturals Violet & Lychee Shower Gel Review

Avon Natural Violet & Lychee Shower Gel Review

Avon Naturals has introduced a new range – Violet and Lychee in their product range for India from their February brochure. There is one body lotion and one shower gel from the Violet and Lychee set yet. Here I am reviewing the shower gel. Avon claims – “this refreshing shower gel leaves your skin touchably (the MS-Word is refusing to acknowledge ‘touchably’ as a valid dictionary word) soft, invigorated and moisturized. It creates a shower fresh feeling and helps to protect skin from drying. Cleanses and maintains skins natural moisture”. It indeed leaves behind a fresh, pampered feel.


The formula claims to contain “VIOLET FROWER EXTRACT (known to contain vitamins A and C and for its soothing and nourishing effect on the skin)” and LYCHEE EXTRACT (known to contain anti oxidants which helps protect skin from damage)”. The soothing, clean feel it leaves behind indeed gains the shower gel a few points.

The sweet smelling liquid is highly translucent and light mauve in colour. The smell of lychee is dominant over that of the subtle violets, making the shower gel fruitier than floral on the skin (delicious, I tell you)…
The product profile of Violet and Lychee Shower Gel from Avon Naturals goes like this –

  • Manufactured by – Avon Beauty Products India Pvt Ltd
  • Marketed by – Avon Beauty Products India Pvt Ltd
  • Contains – Lychee and Violet Flower extracts
  • Ingredients – Water, Sodium Laureth, Sulphate, Glycerine, Cocamide Mea, Cocamidopropyl Betaine and some more things which I cannot pronounce and typing whose spellings are going to get my nail polish chipped…
  • Net qty – 100 ml
  • Max printed price – Rs 135 when I bought it from the February brochure, but in the brochure for March, it will be Rs 120 (that means my loss of 30 Chlor Mints)
  • Shelf life – 3 years


The pros of the Avon Naturals Violet and Lychee Shower Gel are –

  • Leaves a clean, fresh feel
  • Soothing on the skin
  • Not much lather = soap content low
  • Non oily, yet not drying on the skin. So basically compatible with all skin types.
  • Not a high price product – Rs 135 (or 120) for 100 ml
  • Mouth watering smell on the skin
  • The liquid is a beautifully translucent, wonderful shade of mauve
  • The bottle is also a nice shade of violet/purple


The cons of Avon Naturals Violet and Lychee Shower Gel are –

  • Stings very much if the lather gets into the eye
  • Avon product, therefore needs to be got through an agent
  • The mandatory waiting period before you get it
  • The bottle is not suited to be hung – it is a regular flat surface model


Personally, I feel that the Rose and Peach shower gel from Avon Naturals leaves a softer feel with a more subtle smell, but this Violet and Lychee gives a fresher, cleaner feel.

This is a light, regular shower gel for everyday use that is suited for regular use and is definitely worth its (regular, + reduced) price.

My rating – :-* :-* :-* :-*

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26 thoughts on “Avon Naturals Violet & Lychee Shower Gel Review

  1. I love lychee as a fruit but find the smell of lychess in bath and body products quite bad…I am not too fond of cuh sweet smells. I wonder how a mixture of violet and lychees would smell ?:)

    Just realized ..no swatch pic? What colour is the shower gel? 🙂

  2. Scarlett.. it is fOr INR 95 only in March Brochure, :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: , meAns Loss of SoOoOooo many ChlOrmints.. :weep: :weep: . even u get Some discOunt tOo, :weep: :weep: :weep: , that mEans mOre lOss.. koi baat nahi. :violinbash: .. stiLL a GoOd revieW… :thanks: :thanks: :thanks:

  3. I’v ordered Avon Natural Violet & Lychee Shower Gel & Violet and Lychee Hand and Body Lotion both for Rs. 169/- in Feb brochure.
    I guess there was a offer – Both for Rs. 169/-. Will be getting delivery on monday from my consultant.
    Me very happy after reading review of both products, though i had ordered both before reading the reviews here.

  4. now i’m going to get it in the next mnth offer.. was chking it out when the lotion was reviewed.. i too luv lychee so me ordering bot the gel n lotion… thanx scarlettt… :yahoo: :yahoo:

  5. I am getting this one along with the grapefruit & mint shower gel. ….both together are costing Rs 170 in the march brochure……a graet bargain for summers!!!!

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