Avon Red Rose & Peach Shower Gel Review


Shower gels completely and irrevocably enchant me by the soft smell that cocoons the body evenly after bathing with them; and also makes the skin soft, smooth and clean simultaneously. RED ROSE AND PEACH SHOWER GEL from Avon Naturals Body is the shower fell I tried from Avon, and am quite satisfied with the product, which claims –

“This refreshing shower gel leaves the skin cleansed and conditioned. It also maintains the skin’s natural moisture. Conditions, smoothes and moisturises skin with naturally inspired pampering fragrances”.
I am happy to say that the RED ROSE AND PEACH SHOWER GEL from Avon Naturals Body more or less lives up to the claims, and conditions the skin while cleaning it gently, and leaves behind a lovely mild scent all over, that lasts about six hours before fading away completely.


The fragrance is not strong or overbearing, it does not meddle with any body spray or perfume or any other scented product that I wear, just an underlining mild rose smell that is refreshing and soothing if left just on its own.

And for the actual ‘body wash’ part, well, the lather is mild since the percentage of soap content is low, but (thankfully) it is not creamy like Dove products as well. That works wonders with dry skin, but for us oily papads, that greasy and not-totally-oil-free feeling is quite disturbing. The RED ROSE AND PEACH SHOWER GEL from Avon Naturals Body is water based, yet not very soapy, which makes it ideal for using on natural, dry and oily skins too, without any problem. Though an immediate follow-up with moisturisers will be needed for extremely dry skin I guess, and people under dermatological instructions should keep their prescriptions in mind. I myself refrain from using it on my face (only Cetaphil for me) on medical advice.
Other than that, I will whole-heartedly endorse this shower gel.


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Now let us take a look at the product profile of the RED ROSE AND PEACH SHOWER GEL from Avon Naturals Body –

  • Manufactured by – Colortek Meghalaya Pvt. Ltd. under the license to Avon’s Global Standards
  • Marketed by – Avon Beauty Products India Pvt. Ltd
  • Ingredients – water, sodium laureth sulphate, glycerine and a whole bunch of other things with difficult spellings…
  • Enriched with Red Rose Extract (“known to have a soothing, calming and refreshing effect on the skin”) and Peach Extract (“known to contain vitamins B and C, minerals, potassium and copper, and is known for its emollient, soothing, refreshing, softening, nourishing and nurturing properties”)
  • Quantity – 150 ml
  • Price – Rs. 120

Moving on to the Pros of the RED ROSE AND PEACH SHOWER GEL from Avon Naturals Body

  • It is suited for most skin types, non creamy yet not too soapy either
  • The water base helps give a clean feel on washing the skin
  • The fragrance is mild and lasting. Yet it does on overwhelm any spray or perfume you use
  • It does not require a lot of gel to bathe nicely
  • The skin indeed feels silky and smooth after the washing
  • 150 ml at Rs. 120 (and sometimes lesser if there is any offer) only is quite economic
  • The structure of the bottle with the curved end makes it easy to hang it up

Finally, the Cons of the RED ROSE AND PEACH SHOWER GEL from Avon Naturals Body –

  • It is an Avon product, so needs to be obtained through a rep
  • And subsequently there is a period of waiting till you get the product in your hands

No other negative as such…


Overall Verdict – definitely worth its price and some more…
My Rating – :-* :-* :-* :-* + 0.5

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15 thoughts on “Avon Red Rose & Peach Shower Gel Review

  1. it is in sale now……in Feb brochure…..:))
    I like the shower gels from Avon…..great review Scarlett :))
    And love ur teddy and ur nails :-*

  2. ‘Oily papads’ :lol2: Nice one Scarlett!
    Red rose and peach- the name itself sounds so tempting! If you like the smell of roses , try Yardley perfume ‘red rose’ and also ‘english rose’ .Both smell absolutely divine!

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