Avon Instant Nourishing Cream Review

Avon Naturals Instant Nourishing Cream Review

Hey, I got a lipstick from Avon and also the Instant Nourishing Cream I am loving. Now that winter is approaching my oily skin has taken a turn and is turning extremely dry. Although I normally stick to moisturizers this time I wanted to give a shot to a cream. Last year I had tried Pond’s. But that left me with a horrible experience. But being a brave person when it comes to skin care I still wanted to use a cream which would keep my skin soft and well moisturized for hours. I had actually ordered a lipstick. When the rep came she said that she has got certain products on high discounts and she showed me this little cute tube. I had used von Naturals Nourishing Face wash in winter and was quite happy with it. I couldn’t resist the little tube and quite gave in to the temptation. Moreover, it came so cheap. I thought if it doesn’t suit my skin I could at least keep it in my bag in winter and use it up as a hand-cream at least.
I tried this on my face several times and here is my review.

Avon Cream
Avon Cream

Price : 35 INR I got it for 25. This is the chief reason why I bought it. It came so cheap!!

Quantity: 25 gm A decent quantity for such little money.

Shelf life : 24 months.

Ingredients: not listed but it claims to have almond oil. These days all the companies are claiming the herbal composition. I don’t know how true the claim is.

What the company claims: I have taken a good snap which will show you all

Avon Cream
Avon Cream

Usage direction: refer to the pic again. You will find everything you need over there.

Texture: It comes out creamy but when blended it melts down and goes over very smooth and gets immediately soaked up into the skin. Here, how it looks

Avon Cream
Avon Cream

What I liked about Avon Instant Nourishing Cream

  • It comes soo cheap. Even without discount its only Rs 35. With such little price you do not expect too much even then it met upto my little expectation.
  • It melts down on sking and gets completely absorbed.
  • It quite moisturized my skin and did not make it oily after two hours of application.
  • The small package makes it handy to carry around in winters when my skin is extremely dry and no amount of moisturizer completely helps cure the dryness.
  • That it did not make it oily is a pro.
  • I’ve used it only twice or thrice and it has not broken me out so far. I have acne prone skin so I was skeptic on this point and kept on asking the rep over and over again if this breaks out. She couldn’t say anything definite. Still I took the chance.

What I did not like about Avon Instant Nourishing Cream :

  • It is hydrating but leaves a very very mild oily feeling in the skin. Like you have mixed a very very small drop of oil on your skin. But I can ignore it as I think it is helpful during the winters.
  • The smell: it smells just like its face-wash counterpart. A mild but unpleasant smell.
  • It has a word of caution that if any irritation/rashes occur discontinue use. I find this quite peculiar. It claims to be dermatologists tested. If this be so why is there a possibility of rashes or irritation? Is it a kind of equivocation? Otherwise I don’t find anything disagreeable. With such throwaway price do you really expect it to act like high-end brands?

My verdict: it is a good purchase. Total oily skins might not like this. But for women like me who has oly skin in summer and dry in winter (oily-combination skin type) they may quite try this.

Another point I would like to remind you. For acne prone skin you must not apply too much of moisturizer or creams at one go. Simply dot them all over face and blend. Because if you put on too much of it at one go, it might block the pores and cause a good breakout. I have noticed this in my case so I like to share this with my IMBB friends as well.

Shall I repurchase? Yes, I will definitely unless it breaks me out later.

My rating: :-* :-*:-*

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9 thoughts on “Avon Instant Nourishing Cream Review

  1. its very cheap na 😀
    good for winters…..but me have oily skin in winters too….so I prefer the other fairness range of Avon cold cream…they not as oily as this 🙂
    nice review :yes: :yes:

  2. The caution part I’m pretty sure is just a mandatory part they have to put onto every label. Even my Shiseido skincare has that on it

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