BaByliss Curl Secret Review

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I have naturally curly hair but have got them chemically straightened. I experience a lot of hair fall because of the chemicals and want to stop it. Also, I am missing my lovely curls. I love the beachy waves and not tight curls. My natural hair is more like tight curls. I had read the review about BaByliss and decided to buy a simple model and not a professional one. Here is my review of the product.

BaByliss Curl Secret Review

Price: INR 10,800
Product Description:
The BaByliss Curl Secret has pioneering Auto Curl technology to effortlessly create beautiful curls with long-lasting effect. Hair is automatically drawn gently into the ceramic curl chamber where it is softly held and gently heated from all directions to form a curl. Simply release the styler from the hair to reveal the perfect curl. With 2 heat settings of 210C and 230C and 3 timer settings, it creates different curl effects with longer, lasting results. For gorgeous, natural looking curls, the styler automatically alternates the curl direction each time a section of hair is drawn into the chamber.

My Experience with BaByliss Curl Secret:

I used it on properly washed hair. It is stated on the box that hair needs to be washed, dried and also combed well before use. Since my hair is poker straight I used heat protection spray. One needs to take smaller sections of hair for curling to be effective.

BaByliss Curl Secret Review Packaging

BaByliss Curl Secret Review Full cord

There is a clamp where you can place the section of hair and press the shaft. It is marked very clearly on the curler which way is up. So, there is no confusion whatsoever. The curler automatically draws the hair in a roll into the circular chamber where it will get heat from all the directions. If the hair is very thick or very long, it will not fit into the chamber and will beep. Hence, this product is not suitable for long hair.

BaByliss Curl Secret Review Clamp

There are 2 settings for temperature. 210C and 230C. I used the 210C since my hair is very thin and delicate. I did not feel my hair being pulled or tugged. I curled the hair starting from ear to the end. The curler alternated the direction of hair drawn in, to create a better effect.

BaByliss Curl Secret Review Clamp Closeup

There are 3 timer settings which are signaled by a beep. The longest time is ended by 4 beeps. I removed my hair after 4 beeps. After 4 beeps, you need to release the shaft and the curled hair rolls out. The curls are soft and retain shape beautifully. The curls last till the next wash. Using this product also reduced frizz.

BaByliss Curl Secret Review Top closeup

Since the product is light weight, one can comfortably hold it and curl the hair without hurting the arms. Also, since the curler is drawing the hair automatically, there is no need to twist the hair around the rod or so. Hence, there is no chance of burning the fingers. I feel it is very safe, quick and easy to use.

BaByliss Curl Secret Review Opposite side

It takes around 12 to 15 minutes to curl my hair completely. I am sure I can do it faster, once I get used to it. I want to use it more often after chopping off my straightened hair. I feel the ends of my hair are not getting curled properly since they have been chemically treated. The product is great. I just love it!

BaByliss Curl Secret Review Curled hair

Pros of BaByliss Curl Secret:

  • Revolutionary Auto Curl technology
  • Professional heating system for fast curl formation
  • 2 heat settings of 210C and 230C
  • 3 timer settings with audio bleep indicator for different curl effects
  • Automatic curl direction creates a natural finish
  • Ceramic curl chamber for a smooth finish
  • Ionic frizz control
  • Heat ready indicator
  • Auto shut off
  • 2.5m swivel cord
  • 3-year guarantee
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Light weight and hence arms do not feel heavy while using

Cons of BaByliss Curl Secret:

  • Not suitable for hair longer than chest
  • Pricey

IMBB Rating: 5/5
Would I Recommend BaByliss Curl Secret?: Totally! It is easy and quick to use the tool which gives great results.

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