Is it Bad to Put Oil in your Hair Everyday?

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In Indian culture, oiling your hair on a daily basis is a norm. Certainly, many of us still swear by our grandma’s method of oiling hair daily, but is it bad to put oil in your hair everyday? If you belong to the majority of people who apply hair oil every day, please read this article carefully to know whether it does good or bad.

Is it Bad to Put Oil in your Hair Everyday

Advantages of Oiling Hair:

Oiling hair regularly is the most effective treatment towards hair problems like hair loss, split ends, frizz, dullness, thinning and greying of hair. Also, it has its own advantages and some of them are:

1. Helps to block moisture loss from hair.
2. Makes hair more resistant to breakage during styling or washing.
3. Enhances softness of hair.
4. Promotes hair growth.
5. Prevent dandruff, bacterial and fungal infections.
6. Relaxes mind and body.
7. Provides shine and lustre to hair.
8. Prevents greying, acts as a protective sheath on the surface of hair.

Is it Bad to Put Oil in your Hair Everyday?

1. Aesthetics: 
If oiling your hair makes it look greasy and makes it difficult to handle, then daily oiling may not be suitable for you. But yet, you can try oiling your hair by using as little oil as possible. There are also many weightless hair oils in the market that do make hair limp, but at the same time, leaves hair hydrated, soft and shiny. For example, OGX Keratin Oil Instant Repair Weightless Oil, Dove Elixir oils.
2. Scalp Issues
: If you have scalp issues such as dandruff or a generally sensitive scalp, then daily oiling may not suit you. Though many people might say that tea tree or neem oil might help but in general, natural oils are not suited to be applied to the scalp if it is sensitive. But, if you are able to apply a small amount of oil just to the hair ends and if it doesn’t irritate, then this is perfectly acceptable. Just avoid the scalp area.
3. Daily Exercise: If you are active and do workout daily, you may choose to wash your hair daily after sweating it out. But, oiling your hair before washing could make a huge difference to your hair. Applying hair for just half an hour is also enough. It’s been proven that it will reduce the hair damage and breakage much more than using shampoo alone.

How to Apply Oil on Hair Daily:

Now that if you have decided to oil your hair daily, then here are three main ways that you can choose to oil your hair on a daily basis:

  • You can apply a lot of oil to your hair and leave it overnight and rinse it off the next day.
  • You can apply a small amount of oil to the dry hair ends (last 3 inches or so).
  • You can apply a little amount of oil as part of a daily moisturizing routine involving water or water-based products as well.


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