Dove Elixir Rose & Almond Oil Review

Dove Elixir Rose & Almond Oil

What Dove says about Elixir Precious Hair oil-The power of overnight oiling in just 30 minutes

Keeping beauty at the heart of all that we do, Dove brings you yet another ode to everything beautiful-Elixir; Dove’s first range of precious oils. Plucked from the gardens of time and indulged in rose, hibiscus and lavender, Dove elixir gives your hair the power of overnight oiling in just 30 minutes.

dove exilir almond oil

Rose & Almond oil-Hair Fall*Rescue
The golden drops of elixir breathe life into fragile hair that fall easily to nourish and protect hair from damage; the potion f Dove elixir-Hair fall & rescue reduces hair fall dramatically. To give you the goodness of overnight oiling in 30 minutes.


How to apply
Step I: Gently pump out a few drops of the precious Dove elixir
Step II: Indulge your tresses with the replenishing qualities of elixir 30 minutes before your hair wash.

Price & Quantity: Rs 185 for 90ml

Packaging: Dove elixir comes in a very pretty glass bottle, with a pump for easy dispensing of oil. Pump also has a transparent cap to avoid pressing of pump accidentally. But overall, it’s a very delicate bottle, you have to be careful while handling.

dove elixir almond oil bottle
My experience with Dove Elixir Rose & Almond oil
I was eyeing Dove elixir for almost 2 months now and due to such severe n harsh winter hitting Delhi, it was all the more important for me to keep my hair well nourished. I have a tendency of hair fall during weather change and coloring has made my hair quite dry also. So, I had to pick this one as soon as I saw it at a local chemist a few days back. Since then I have thoroughly enjoyed the luxury of rose n almond oil. The texture & feel of this oil is not at all oily, very silky to touch and spreads easily in my hair. Not much of quantity is required to oil my hair although I have dense hair. The fragrance is subtle and refreshing, but it’s not like rose water. I find it a little lemony also.


This oil contains dried rose petals, so the essence of real rose stays in the oil, and the dispenser avoids the flow of petals out with the oil, so no worries about petals coming to your hair. Elixir can be used before hair wash as a nourisher and after cleansing as a stay on serum, for me it has worked both ways. I just take a few drops and rub it in my palm and apply it on the ends of my hair, it gives me totally manageable, tangle free hair. It has controlled the frizz also. Let’s sum up the

dove elixir almond oil


Yays n Nays for Dove elixir Rose and almond oil:

Yays for Dove Elixir Rose & Almond oil
• Makes hair soft, manageable and tangle free.
• Controls frizz in my hair.
• Can be used as a nourisher n serum
• Comes in a pretty glass bottle with a dispenser
• Subtle fragrance
• Very nourishing
• Has controlled hair fall to an extend


Nays for Dove Elixir Rose & Almond oil
• Delicate glass bottle
• Not available everywhere


dove elixir almond oil swatch

IMBB Rating: 4.9/5
I am totally indulging in the luxury of Rose n Almond oil and would love to try other variants also from Dove elixir range. You must also give it a try, till then Stay Beautiful

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32 thoughts on “Dove Elixir Rose & Almond Oil Review

  1. I would say this is the best looking dove product so far ….looks very pretty unfortunately not available in Aus … will get it during my nest trip ….Im also pleasantly surprised that it works well

  2. I have their dryness care from this range.. I love it… I shall review it in a day or two…. I am glad it worked for you…

  3. wow i really want this, mostly for the pretty packaging 🙂
    But i havent seen it in stores till now 🙁 anyone knows any store in delhi where this is available?

  4. mineral oil is quite disturbing 🙁 i mean why include mineral oil when they’ve got coconut, sesame, almond, palm this’s not just almond oil in this, ingredients are the same in all the 3 variants with only the suspended flowers being different..that too I read in some other blog mentioning the ingredients list as lotus petals in the oil instead of lavender!

  5. ohhkkk… mineral oil…. thy hv added tht to kp it light..seems like a good serum….nice packaging..
    v cn diy at oil,ur fav oils,EO,silicone serum, dried flowers…

  6. what will those ‘natural’ minded people who keep paloozing around ‘mineral oil ‘ and ‘SLS’ is ‘bad’ will do now? this has 7 more mineral oil tahn almond oil.:-D
    Its time those ‘natural bandwagon’ stop tripping on their words and stop spreading unresearched claims through blogs against mineral oil and SLS

    1. Mineral oil, no doubt tames frizz and makes it soft. But it’s very temporary and it doesn’t allow other oils to penetrate the hair shaft or the scalp! *pigtail* And 78% mineral oil is too much of mineral oil, I think. People in the olden days always relied on coconut, almond, olive. Yet, they had great hair and didn’t have the kind of hype we have regarding hair nowadays.

  7. i will definitely get this one… my hairfall prob is permanent… hope this controls it… high hopes from dove … nice review Shilpi

  8. Nice review I see here 🙂
    I bought Lavendar-Olive for me
    used today…felt same like Shipi said…it made my harsh hair to feel feather light, smooth, silky, tidy and shiny 🙂
    bottle is gorgeous too
    till so far was using roghan badam oil and I still like it over this dove product coz of pure almond oil and no other ingredients as its box says and value of product is also fair for badam oil

    overall i have felt dove product is over-costly compared to other mineral oils as it doesnt have only olive oil and more over the oil-potion is not thick so used olive oil is also not virgin

  9. Packaging, fragrance both really lovely…but there is 78% mineral oil!!! And silicone too! Which might be good in a serum, but for a hair oil, thanks…but no thanks!

  10. I got this product even b4 it was reviewed here…so not really blamng dis review……. tried this product and i hate it to bits bcoz it has stolen the natural bounce my hair …..has weighed down my hair….initially i thot i was imagining thngs but evrytime i used it either before or after hair wash it just made my hair flat, my hair has a very nice bounce of its own (touchwood) which keeps my hair looking good even if i dont put too much effort in to styling it…. and thanks 2 this product it is all gone now…… Gosh!!!…. i wish i never got this one…. 🙁 🙁 🙁

  11. HI, I am suffering from severe hairfall. Lost a good amount of hair day by day. Can it be usefull for me? BTW, i have rough and curly hair. Plz Help!!!

  12. I was there when this product was launched in Mumbai (As an assignment during my internship with Times Of India) … And I’ve got this product there … Frankly speaking it is a waste of money and it doesn’t did any wonders on my hair.. A big No from my side …

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