Hair Fall Due To Chlorinated Water: Ask IMBB

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Pratibhasagar asks:

Hello to all the beauties.

Firstly, it is a beautiful website you have here. I have been a silent follower (hourly ritual) and have now my own chest of cosmetics that drives my husband crazy 😛 but when I have put them on, he goes crazy again (this time in a good way) !! 😛

Anyhooo, coming to my query, I had a fun outing in a resort which involved swimming and playing in their pool. But unfortunately, after that my hair has been damaged so badly that I feel the volume has reduced to half and the hair feels thinner (already had fine hair). You can imagine how devastated I am.

I went ahead and got some SLES free shampoos. But I am looking for tips from the experienced ladies here, how to fix this and get back the hair growth.

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Desperately waiting for your replies.



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2 thoughts on “Hair Fall Due To Chlorinated Water: Ask IMBB

  1. First of all calm down!!! IMBB hai na 🙂
    1. Firstly, know that getting your hair back to its previous health will take a bit of time… nothing overnight but may be a fortnight should get them back to bounce-y…:)
    2. Massage your scalp and let your hair (root to tips) drink some warm coconut oil mixed with say olive oil or almond oil every alternate night and wash it off the next day. If you have very long hair and this is unmanageable for you then make it every 2 days. But do it.
    3. Ensure you condition your hair. Keep them moisturized and this will avoid any split ends or further breakage to your hair.
    4. Don’t jump and buy new hair products but instead continue with the ones you were using just before. Bring them back to their previous beauty and then you can go hunting for something new. Otherwise you might not know how the new shampoo might work on your damaged hair.
    5. For some days avoid getting harsh sunlight to your hair. Wear a stylish scarf.

    Good luck!! 🙂

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